Your Upper Lids: Eyelid Lift Surgery 101


Eyelid Lift Surgery 101: When is it time to get a Blepharoplasty or Eyelid Reduction Surgery?

Upper eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) can help restore a more youthful, fresher appearance to the eye area – an improvement that will typically help rejuvenate the entire facial appearance.  Why is an upper eyelid lift surgery so powerful in rejuvenating the face?  “Because eyes are the windows to the soul,” as the saying goes. But more than that, they are often the primary area of the face we look at – when we first meet someone, when we are making assessments about someone’s character, and when we are assessing someone’s age.  The eyes and eyelid area are also some of the first areas of the face to show the signs of ageing as well as less than healthy lifestyle habits (not enough sleep, too much sun, repeated squinting, laughing and smiling, or simply staring at your computer or your smart phone for far too long).

But what’s so great about getting upper eyelid surgery (Upper Blepharoplasty – the upper eyelid lift or upper eyelid skin reduction)?

Women and Men who seek eyelid lift surgery are typically inspired by two key reasons: ptosis that impedes on vision and/or ptosis that detracts from their appearance.

Reasons people get an eyelid lift/eyelid reduction procedure:

  1. Their vision is being impacted by drooping eyelids or puffy upper eyelid skin
  2. They feel they look tired, angry or aged due to drooping upper eyelids (which can easily make a face look far older than a person’s actual biological age).

Eyelid Lift Surgery 101: Benefits of an Upper Blepharoplasty

The benefits of a Blepharoplasty are long lasting, and even though you can’t stop your skin or face from ageing, the results of eyelid lift surgery will typically allow you to stay looking fresher, and younger, for a longer period of time, from the point of your surgery forward.  You’ll have ‘brighter looking eyes’ or less heavy-looking eyelids for many years to come, although it should be kept in mind that every individual is unique.  Each person ages differently, and your genetics, skin care regime, beauty treatments (such as cosmetic injectables or under eye area tear trough filler injections) all have an impact on the appearance of your eyelid area.


But the results of an upper eyelid lift – whist looking natural when performed by an expert Eyelid Surgeon such as our Specialist Plastic Surgeons – can leave you looking younger than your similar aged colleagues, siblings or peers – for many years to come.

The primary aim of upper eyelid reduction surgery (the “Upper Blepharoplasty”) is to correct or restore your eyelid skin appearance to where it was before your eyes aged or before the heaviness of the eyelids compromised your eye appearance or your vision.

  • A youthful looking eye area usually has a nice, visible eyelid crease (eyelid fold) above the eye
  • The best results after eyelid surgery have resulted in the right amount of skin remaining above the eye to allow for a natural look when the eye is either open or closed
  • It’s important to choose an expert such as a Specialist Plastic Surgeon because if a Surgeon takes too much skin, your eyelid may not function properly (if a Surgeon is over-zealous you can result in a condition where you can’t fully close your eyes).

Eyelid Lift Surgery 101

  • During Eyelid Surgery, the surgeon is carefully reduces excess skin and fat above the eye, using surgical techniques that leave the eyelid looking aesthetically pleasing (or as they looked prior to an illness, injury, botched eyelid surgery or ptotic condition).

In the image below, the patient has obvious severe ptosis (droopyness) in the upper eyelid area, which also impacted on his vision.


  • Small, “skinny” incisions made during an Upper Blepharoplasty are typically mostly concealed in the eyelid crease itself.
  • These incisions may end up undetectable within several months to a year (even when your eyes are closed) although a trained eye can spot them, and everyone heals differently (so you will have a scar, it is usually just minor or nearly hidden).
  • Many patients find the scars in the eyelid crease, resulting from an Upper Blepharoplasty, are relatively unnoticeable to most people (but results DO vary from patient to patient).

If you want additional information on natural-looking Upper Eyelid Surgery or Lower Eyelid Surgery to refresh and rejuvenate the appearance of your eyes and often, your entire face – send an enquiry form or phone us on (03) 8849 1444 today.

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