Beating the Bulges: How to reduce fat via new Radio Frequency methods, Liposuction or Double Chin Injections

Four Types of Fat Reduction (Some are NEW to Melbourne)

DO you have areas of stubborn fat or flab? Do you find certain parts of your body simply don’t respond well enough to dieting, exercising or drinking a lot of water? If fat won’t shift for you despite maintaining a healthy weight, stable Body Mass Index (BMI) and healthy lifestyle, then it might be time to look into the latest bulge-busting options such as EnCurve RF, Liposuction, Double Chin Injections or Dr Arun Dhir’s Weight Change program?  If the best-selling books on dieting and exercising are any indication, you’re certainly not alone.  But sometimes exercise and eating right doesn’t actually WORK to reduce fat bulges in certain areas of the body, face or limbs.

xeomin Male-specific facelift candidate including breast reduction

The ubiquitous “problem areas” where excess fat accumulates can even be dangerous if it is linked with health risks (such as a large gut being linked with higher rates of diabetes or cardiovascular issues).

You may want to find out the best forms of fat reduction for your belly area, or along your upper arms, back, breasts or hips and thighs.  Or perhaps you want to MOVE fat using Autologous Fat Transfer (AFT), which allows for minor bra cup size increases for breast enlargement (but may not suit all individuals).

four types of fat reduction

Read more about the FOUR types of fat removal that are currently popular for men and women who want to gain smoother, firmer and better looking body or jawline contours.

These include plastic surgery and non-surgical options for body fat reduction to attain long-lasting fat cell reductions and sculpt your body, thighs, buttocks, arms, back or breasts; as well as improve your facial or jawline contours and eliminate under eyelid puffiness and the below-chin fat that can give you the appearance of a double chin.

There’s even surgery to reduce stubborn fat after weight loss OR reduce redundant skin folds and smooth the body contours again after weight loss or bariatric surgery to treat obesity, including lap band surgery or gastric bypass procedures.

So how DO you shift fat & reduce body bulges in modern times?


Live healthily and maintain a stable body weight and healthy Body Mass Index (BMI) to reduce bulges and excess fat

The obvious answer for fat reduction and body shaping – and the one most medical practitioners recommend – is the trilogy of health:

  • exercise regularly
  • eat healthily
  • get enough sleep and staying active

The fourth KEY factor is to reduce stress AND stress-related, emotionally reactive eating patterns (this is easier to accomplish if you eat right, sleep well and exercise regularly).

 Yet what if good Lifestyle Habits Don’t Get you the Body Shape you want?

Are your bulges get the best of you?

  • Even living well and exercising regularly won’t always shift your body fat, body mass index or muscle-to-fat ratio.
  • Some people are left with either stubborn fat bulges OR with bulges AND excess, redundant skin folds.
  • Some genetic traits and hormonal changes can leave your body more heavy in certain areas (with fat accumulating in areas where other people don’t have bulges).
  • This is part of being human and it’s best if you learn to love your body as it comes; but you can still strive for a better figure or flatter belly if you’re keen to have a fitter, flatter look to the abdomen – or slimmer hips, arms and thighs,  or smaller breasts.

The Problem of Skin Folds

  • Skin folds or stubborn fat bulges are not only uncomfortable, they can impinge on your metabolism or ability to continue with your exercise routines.
  • Skin folds in particular can lead to skin infections and ‘flapping’ sounds when you walk, or even chaffing and bra strap ‘dig ins’ to the shoulder area.
  • And awkwardly distributed fat stores or heavier than normal breasts can cause chronic back, neck and shoulder pain and impede your posture.


All of which can impact your health – and your body image – in a less than optimal way.

It’s true that people can readily feel dismayed when their body doesn’t cooperate with their fitness efforts.  But sometimes it simply doesn’t yield. Lumpy, flabby areas of the body may be related to following the wrong eating plan or not strengthening the proper group of muscles, to a torn abdominal area after pregnancy (diastasis recti), or to hormonal imbalances. But sometimes it seems that no matter what you seem to do – you simply won’t lose weight in the areas you’re wanting to achieve a smoother or fitter looking contour.

There are numerous types of treatments for losing weight or fighting fat.  Here in this blog we discuss FOUR methods for body contouring and fat reduction of the body, breasts, arms or face:

  • Non-surgical methods such as Injection Solutions injections for double-chin neck area fat (known as Kybella in the USA)
  • Non-surgical no-skin-touching technology known as enCurve RF body contouring treatments for ‘reduction of fat cells by heating the adipose cells for elimination)
  • Surgical methods such as Breast Reduction, Arm Reduction and Thigh Reduction Surgery or a Tummy Tuck procedure with Liposuction
  • Surgical methods such as Tumescent Liposuction as either a stand-alone procedure or a combined procedure with other types of body contouring surgery, or Liposuction combined with Autologous Fat Transfer or Fat Grafting – in other words, using fat removed via liposuction from your butt or thighs and repositioned to your face or your breasts to restore lost facial volume or slightly enhance your breast size or cleavage projection.


What makes us fatter than we want to be in certain places of our bodies or faces?  How does time change our body fat cells?

Body fat cells are often relatively stable through much of our lives, in terms of how many cells we have. However, fat cells can change in size AND even in number at different times of our lives.  There is, however, some scientific debate about what happens to fat cells over time and research continues into the latest fat reduction and body contouring treatments.   Fat cell reduction through liposuction, for example, is considered a permanent reduction in cells and even enCurve RF, the new non-surgical fat reduction treatment that ‘heats and melts’ and eliminates fat cells over time, is thought to be a long-term solution.

Getting fat as we get older is often the case – it become harder to shift fat and restore a healthier BMI or muscle-to-fat-ratio

Some people get thinner as they age, and certainly the facial tissues can look gaunt on some individuals who’s facial volume and skeletal system has atrophied over time and with age.  But most people living in abundant, developed countries get FATTER, not thinner, over time.

Why is it that we look lumpier, frumpier and fatter as we age?

Our hormones and our lifestyles are partially responsible for middle-age spread and weight gain.  So is pregnancy, hormonal shifts over time, certain medications and less lean muscle mass (a higher BMI means a higher FAT-TO-MUSCLE ratio as well as more volume from body).

Encurve Radiofrequency fat blast fat melt

  • Body fat stores are rarely even and smooth after the age of our mid-twenties, if not before,
  • Additionally, having children, making repeated facial expressions or undergoing yo-yo dieting and weight changes can wreak havoc on your once-smooth and firm physique or facial features.
  • Throw in hormonal changes such as readily occur during pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, andropause (“male menopause” or testosterone deficiency) and chronic illnesses requiring weight-gaining side-effects and medications, and you may  end up with a physique you no longer feel comfortable with.

Body fat accumulation can get worse as we age, go through menopause or androgen/testosterone deficiency.

Body fat accumulation as we go through our thirties, forties, fifties and sixties is often called “the middle age spread.”  For men it can mean a ‘beer gut’ and ‘man boobs’ (Gynaecomastia, which Male Breast Reduction Surgery can remedy) for women it may mean drooping breasts or heavier breasts and a sagging tummy or having hips broader than we’d like.


Studies often indicate that our bodies DO become LESS efficient at burning fat and calories as we age.

Fortunately, there are new methods for reducing excess body fat and for body contouring – including non-surgical methods as well as traditional Tummy Tuck surgery or Breast Reduction Surgery.

What makes us fat and why is Liposuction, Encurve or Tummy Tuck Surgery so popular?

We gain excess fat due to numerous factors that interact or reinforce a sedentary, calorie-rich lifestyle, these include:

  • Having sedentary jobs over long periods of time
  • Raising children and eating fast foods or leftovers
  • Over-catering at events
  • Being food-focused thanks to reality TV shows like “My Kitchen Rules” and “Master Chef”
  • Post-pregnancy weight gain
  • The metabolic slowing down effects of not getting adequate sleep each night – or over-eating to compensate for being thirsty or tired
  • Post-Menopausal weight gain
  • Androgen and Testosterone deficiency
  • The Australian culture of high alcohol intake and high sugar intake (hidden sugars)

vaginal laser for incontinence

It DOES often get harder to stay fitter as we age, and partially as our fat stores increase and our muscle strength decreases, leaving us with a less healthy Body Mass Index (BMI) and a poor muscle-to-fat ratio.

Poor Body Mass Index measurements often indicates we have too LITTLE muscle and too MUCH body fat.  That means our metabolism is slower than it used to be.  Part of these outcomes relate to natural ageing and slower regeneration and digestion processes of our bodies.  Part of it is a vicious cycle of eating and feeling uncomfortable exercising due to having a heavier body weight.

It’s a vicious cycle for some of us, meaning the more weight we gain, the less active we tend to be. And the less active we are, the more we might find ourselves tempted by unhealthy foods. 

gastric band surgery

There are new ways to manage fat reduction without surgery – but for best results over the longer term, you’ll need to live healthily and maintain a stable, healthy weight and BMI

Surgical and new non surgical body contouring treatments ARE now available for people who want to shift or reduce body fat in certain places.

Fat Fighting Technology also DOES seem to get better every decade – and sometimes Exercise or Dieting is simply NOT enough – especially if your abdominal muscles are separated and in need of surgical repair after having children. 

These fat-fighting technologies and body-fat shifting surgical methods are NOT, however, a substitute for good nutrition and regular exercise to maintain a good physique.  Any Specialist Plastic Surgeon or Liposuction Surgeon will tell you that you need to eat well, exercise regularly and maintain a stable weight and healthy BMI to continue to sustain a great result.

scale weight change

Where exercise fails, however, surgery such as Liposuction OR non-surgical fat reduction (fat cell elimination using high-tech equipment such as EnCurve RF treatments) can be a good option for suitable candidates.   These days, even double chin fat can be reduced with Kybella injections (known in Australia and Melbourne by a different brand name, but offered at Coco Ruby by Dr Prav Kumar).  There’s even FAT TRANSFER from butt to breasts (or removing fat from the thighs, hips or abdomen area and injecting it into the breast or face areas to improve contours in more than one place).

What’s new in fat reduction and body contouring options?  EnCurve RF is a NON-SURGICAL option with no downtime.  For patients who are not quite needing Liposuction or a Tummy Tuck, or who need to avoid any downtime – it may help shift small volumes of fat and smooth out body bulges.


The EnCurve RF option for non-surgical body contouring – NO down time

For some people, it is body fat distributed evenly over the entire body that they want to shift – and this requires dieting and exercising. But if you have gotten your body to a desirable BMI or body weight, and still find you have more fat than you feel comfortable with – you can reshape your physique with non-surgical methods such as enCurve RF or with liposuction surgery.  If you also have redundant skin (or would end up with loose skin folds after surgery), then you may be best off with a Tummy Tuck/Abominoplasty or a surgical option.

Lutronic EnCurve RF is a newly available non-surgical fat reduction treatment for body contouring. The enCurve treatments help reduce fat cells on the abdomen, thighs, legs and upper arms using radio-frequency (27.12 MHz) which selectively targets & heats Adipocytes to the optimal temperature for denaturation of fat cells with no down time. Patients require 3 or more treatments about 4 weeks apart.

Surgical Skin Reduction and Fat Reduction vs Reducing Fat Cells using Non-Surgical Methods (EnCurve RF)

For some of us, you may not feel that body contouring surgery or liposuction surgery is a viable option – either in terms of downtime or costs, or both.

Or maybe you’re just afraid of having Tummy Tuck or Liposuction surgery even when it’s primarily proven to be safe for suitable candidates who are good at following pre-op and post-op recovery instructions.

That’s where the latest fat reduction enCurve RF treatments come into play.

EnCurve RF for fat reduction or body contouring – how does it work to reduce fat and contour the body with no downtime?

You may want a non-surgical option for a flatter tummy or you may be concerned, for example, about undergoing an operation that requires general (‘going under’) Anaesthetic in a hospital. Or you might not be able to take enough time out at the moment, from work, childcare or parent minding to undergo a surgery procedure with a few week’s of down time. 

Read more on our ENCURVE page.

Kybella Injections – Injection Solutions Injections for Reducing a Double Chin


(Double Chin Injection Photo courtesy of Allergan – not a Coco Ruby Patient).

Up to 67% of patients are concerned about excess submental fat in their chin & neck area.

For patients wanting to reduce the appearance of a ‘double chin,’ a TGA approved solution administered by strategically placed injections, is the latest non-surgical option to refine the appearance of the chin and jawline.

Best results require 3 or more injection sessions at 6 week intervals to reduce Submental Fat and help redefine and improve the clarity of the jawline contours.


Read more about Injection Solutions Injections (Double Chin Injections) on our Submental Fat Reduction Injections treatment page.


Tumescent Liposuction remains one of the most popular surgeries for body contouring and reducing fat from areas of the body. Suitable candidates have reached a stable weight and have good skin collagen. Common areas for excess fat removal using LIPOSUCTION include the abdomen, thighs/flanks, upper arms or buttocks. Dr Prav Kumar is our Team’s Liposuction Surgeon. Liposuction is also used to harvest body fat for fat grafting to the breast or face (Fat Grafting).

Dr Prav Kumar

Dr Prav Kumar is our Coco Ruby Liposuction Surgeon.

Tumescent liposuction is a good option for suitable patients who have good, healthy skin and are in good health, but simply want to reduce fat bulges in certain areas.  Liposuction is a surgery and hence has more risks than the non-surgical alternatives, but it can reduce fat or help sculpt the body more noticeably than enCurve RF can accomplish (or in a slightly quicker time period). Recovery time is lengthier (and lipo surgery requires General Anaesthesia), so there IS downtime with liposuction.

But Liposuction remains a gold standard for surgical fat reduction and body contouring.

Tummy Tuck or Fat Transfer from Butt or Thighs to the Breasts for Breast Enlargement without Breast Implants

Then there are the surgical alternatives for body contouring, such as the Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck), a body lift, thigh reduction/thigh lift, buttocks lift, brachioplasty (arm reduction of the upper arms or ‘bingo wings’), and breast reduction.  Many of these procedures use liposuction as an aid to help reshape the body or breasts, or even the neck, and to help reduce bulges or curves to leave a smoother, more balanced physique or appearance.


Read more about surgery options on our Plastic Surgery pages (Browse the body section or send us an enquiry for information on what you hope to change about your body contours) – or REGISTER to attend one of our FREE monthly patient events.

Less fat cells, less fat and tighter skin mean your body can help your body look it’s best!

Find out how it works by sending us an enquiry form or coming in for a consultation on Liposuction, Double Chin Reduction or enCurve RF treatments at Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing or, if you think you may need surgery to repair torn abdominal muscles or reduce excess skin, or investigate Fat Transfer using Liposuction (Dr Wyten) – ask to meet with one of our Specialist Melbourne Plastic Surgeons.

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