Top 10 Best Beauty Blogs for May 2017 – Part 2


Continued from Part 1 of the Best Beauty Blogs and Videos for May 2017 (includes April blogs).

So you want a quick and easy glance at the latest BEAUTY BLOG trends and the BEST BLOGS and VIDEOS for tips on looking and feeling your best?  Below are the top 6 to 10 blogs of our TOP 10 Selections for May 2017.

(Read after Part 1 blog for “Top 10 Best Beauty Blogs or Videos for May 2017 )

6: 14 Third-Day Hair Tutorials We Found on Pinterest

7: Can you grow back overplucked eye brows?

Krissy Turner, MARCH 2017 and reposted May 2017.

10:  Who do YOU think should be in our TOP 10 for MAY 2017?  PLEASE SEND US YOUR SELECTION by submitting an enquiry form and asking them to send it to Maven.

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