The Future of Manscaping: Facials for Men

the-future-of-manscaping - men's facials and cosmetic injections for men (male beauty)

Advice for men who want to look BETTER than their friends and colleagues of the same age

Men’s grooming routines have changed rapidly over the past 3 years. There are more options for men than ever before, including skin needling, light-therapy facials for men, eye bag surgery, acne treatments, skin resurfacing and cosmetic injections.

Find out what the FUTURE of Manscaping holds – and why more men are ‘going under the needle’ or laser equipment to get a better look!

Skin care for men who want to look BETTER than others their age

Put your hands up if you’re a male and you wash your face, moisturise and apply sun protection (SPF) during the day……. Odds are that maybe 1 out of 10 men would put their hands up.

Unfortunately, there’s been a certain stigma attached to being MALE and looking after your skin.

But I’ll let you in on a secret…..ladies (and men) LOVE a man who looks good for their age.

  • Between the ages of 30-40, men seem to age quite significantly
  • There are many factors that contribute to accelerated skin ageing in men….let me enlighten you.

Why most men look OLDER than women when they reach the same age | Key Factors

  • Men tend to be exposed to MORE sun exposure over their life than women of the same age
    • Although changing in recent decades, many men played more sports (surfing, golf, sailing, skiing, cricket, soccer, hockey and tennis, fishing and camping) that led to ongoing sun exposure and skin damage
    • They also tended to work in more outside jobs (think TRADIES, TRUCK DRIVERS and CONSTRUCTION WORKERS)
    • And, in Australia, they love sitting in a beer garden and drinking alcohol!
    • The list goes on and on
  • Hence, men often look older because MORE men are exposed to MORE skin-damaging elements – including pollution, smoke and sun exposure – than most women; and/or they don’t protect themselves properly
  • Worse yet, they justify the extrinsic damage by highlighting they “are just your typical Australian bloke

That is – until his face starts overly-resembling his father’s or grand-dad’s face.


But when a man SUDDENLY finds he’s:

  • LOST his facial MOJO
  • IMPACTED by unattractive SUN SPOTS or “liver spots” (face, arms, legs, hands)
  • Noticing more WRINKLES and EYE BAGS (sagging eyelids) OR a growing double chin 


  • he’s not getting as much attention as he used to
  • AND/OR he wants to try attracting a younger woman OR
  • not look so much OLDER than his current partner

He suddenly starts paying a bit more attention to the mirror.

That means, doing something about it – or risking falling BEHIND his peers in AGE appearance.

And let’s face it – no man wants to look older than his peers or younger siblings!



So…now that I’ve got your attention…

Here are some simple steps that can assist in keeping your skin looking and feeling young – basics of skin care for men

1.    Wash your face – every day!!!

  • Seriously, how many men work outside and get gritty and sweaty?
  • Washing your face helps you get rid of the dirt and grime from the day – revealing a fresher looking face.
  • Recommendation: Try Medik8 Surface Radiance cleanser ($44 AUD).
  • This product has some mild acids to help gently exfoliate the skin when you wash, leaving it smoother looking and cleansed

2.   Protect your skin

  • Applying an antioxidant serum during the day will help fight pollution, sun damage and hydrate your skin.
  • Try Skin Better Science Alto Defense serum $191 this serum boosts your skin’s environmental defense.

3.   Apply sun protection with an adequate SPF

  • Simply applying a moisturiser that includes a sunscreen, daily (or a more potent product when you’re being active outside), helps you shield your skin from further sun damage and ageing.
  • Try PCA Weightless hydration protection $76

4.   Apply a Retinol-based serum at night

  • Retinol-based serums will aid to stimulate collagen, balance out oil production and keep your skin cells turning over so that you can remain looking young and fresh!
  • Try Skin Better Science Alpha Ret overnight cream $165 this product will rejuvenate, hydrate and reveal a more youthful appearance.

5. Consider a men’s facial treatment, skin needling treatment or INJECTIONS to enhance your LOOKS

  • Does your skin look DULL or tired?
  • Are your eyelids saggy-looking or puffy?
  • Do you have a double-chin?
  • Is your chin weak looking or uninspiring?

The latest cosmetic treatments or surgeries for men can REDUCE your eye bags, minimise your sun spots and skin discolourations, reduce old acne scars and and give you a much FRESHER, younger look.

Plus, you can now reduce the double-chin with either chin-fat reduction injections OR with a chin implant and neck lift!

Visit these pages:

Skin Needling information   Fraxel Laser Treatments  Healite Facials  Men’s Skin care


So to all the men out there, don’t neglect your skin.

Make the effort because your skin – and your partners will thank you!

  • Plus, too much sun damage is dangerous.
  • It leads to melanoma, which means you could end up with skin needing to be cut away from your nose, face, ears and arms or body – or worse yet, a fatal medical condition!

Take home message: It pays to take care of your skin!

For more on men’s cosmetic surgery procedures, visit Plastic and locate the MEN’s surgery menu listing.

For more on skin care options or facials for men, phone us on 0388491444 OR send an enquiry form to schedule a confidential consultation with our skin care and injecting experts.

Recently, Dr Craig Rubinstein FRACS (Specialist Plastic Surgeon) had a facial for men. Follow him on Facebook or Instagram to find out what he thought!

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