Chronic Tension Headaches Treatments

tension headaches treatments

Nearly everyone experiences headaches in some form, every now and then. However some people experience them alot more frequently and intensely than others. While headaches are defined as pain ‘in any region of the head,’ the intensity of the pain, cause, duration and effects can vary drastically, depending on the type of headache.

10 Different Types of Headaches.

  1. allergy or sinus headaches
  2. hormone headaches
  3. tension headaches
  4. migraine headaches
  5. cluster headaches
  6. caffeine headaches
  7. exertion headaches
  8. hypertension headaches
  9. rebound headaches
  10. post-traumatic headaches

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Headaches can be an indication of a more serious health condition/s. Over the counter medicine and home rememies may only mask the problem. If you are having frequent headaches it is important to advise your GP and have them make sure there is not a more serious underlying problem.

Chronic Tension Headache: 15 Days a Month

If you suffer regular headaches and are constantly taking pain killers to ease the pain(either sharp or dull aches) you are aware of how debilitating it can be. Suffering from regular headaches can seriously affect your life. If you have a headache for at least 15 days per month, the medical profession considers this to be a Chronic Tension Headache. The good news is that there’s a possibility that you can get great results on relieving these headaches with injections.

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The injection treatments work on two fronts: reducing tension and minimising the bio-chemical responses that indicate PAIN to your brain and sensory systems.

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For more information about injectables treatments for headaches, please send us an enquiry or phone our office during Clinic Hours (03) 8849 1400.


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