Summer Sun Protection 101: Best Sunscreens


How to protect your SKIN from sun damage or premature ageing this summer.

So Melbourne has FINALLY gotten warmer; with one of the hottest Novembers ever on record. As typical with Melbourne weather, we go from wearing winter woollies to sweltering by the pool in a matter of hours (or needing flood boots). Particularly in Australia, being in the sun not only increases your risks of developing skin cancer, it ages your skin rapidly. In this blog, we talk about Summer Sun Protection 101: Best Sunscreens for sun protection – to help you keep your skin looking younger and even-toned for longer.

Why you need Sunscreen:

  • The more sun over time, cumulatively, the more your skin will age. If you want to look your best for longer, AVOID the sun.
  • The more sun burns you get, the higher your skin cancer risks (but even ONE serious sun burn increases your chances).
  • You often get sun when and where you least expect it – driving to work, for example, or sitting by a window at your office.


Summer Sun Protection 1o1: Best Sunscreens

You know you want your skin to look great throughout your life. So how do you make sure you keep the sun’s rays from doing harm?

Sun exposure is thought by many to lead to 80 to 90% of the differences in:

  • a person’s VISIBLE age versus their biological age 
  • the appearance differences between an individual and others their age (peers)
  • the appearance differences in twins or siblings who did NOT get too much sun (and smoking also makes skin ageing rapidly accelerate)


How do you know this is true?

Look at the decolletage of anyone who’s seen a lot of sun and is over the age of 30.  Their face might not show the damage, because some makeups offered some protection – but few individuals are as protective of their upper chest as they are of their face and shoulders.  Even younger individuals can visibly see sun damage if they get a skin assessment using a Woods lamp or imaging such as the Canfield Reveal system.

We recommend: Medik8 Hydr8™  Day 360 SPF 30 Sunscreen:


Lightweight and versatile, the Medik8 Hydr8 Day sun protectant offers an SPF of 30 – it’s a perfect on-the-go sunscreen. It is an all-in-one shield to protect & fight against environmental factors that age the skin. Plus, it’s non-irritating as well as rich in antioxidants that block both UBA and UVA sun rays for ultimate sun protection.

Why you’ll love Medik8 Hydr8 Day Sunscreen:

  • It’s high tech sun protection with moisturising capacities.
  • Protection AND rejuvenating – It can help protect  your skin from sun damage this summer AND may help reduce signs of ageing by minimising the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.
  • Feels great to wear and is petroleum free – A great ‘two-in-one’ product, formulated free of petroleum-based oils to gently nourish skin without clogging pores.  For more on what sunscreens and skin care products are great for your skin, read our best beauty tips blog BEST SKIN CARE PRODUCTS FOR ALL SKIN TYPES AND AGES.


Awareness is crucial – stay vigilant about your exposure to the sun.

  • Be aware that you’re getting sun FAR more than you probably recognise
  • Work to actually LIMIT your exposure – all year round
  • Wear high-protection shades as sun exposure can also damage vision over time – as well as prematurely age your skin!



You may burn readily or tan readily, but even skin that tans easily is still prone to ageing and skin cancer (perhaps not as quickly but even so, you’re definitely NOT risk free and may even be prone to major pigmentation problems like ‘liver spots,’ ‘sun spots’ and Melasma).

  • Know your skin type (perhaps investigate the Fitzpatrick skin tone scale) and what your key risks are in terms of premature ageing
  • Remember that certain products AND medications make your skin more vulnerable to sun damage
  • Check the labels of everything you ingest AND use on your skin to be sure you understand your sun exposure risks at any given time


  • Ask our Dermal Clinicians about the best sunscreens for summer – we have some NEW products that are medical-grade sun protection (cosmeceuticals) including some that are physical blocks.


Remember your skin is your largest organ – and there’s a lot of it to cover.

  • Be sure you use high quality sunscreen on your ears, feet and other areas you may forget – including HANDS and DECOLLETAGE
  • Make sure you read the ingredients on sun blocks and sunscreens before you purchase – some of the best sunscreens include “physical blocks” to prevent sun damage (zinc, for example) – ask your Dermal Clinician for more information

best sunscreens for your skin this summer; sun protection products

Tips for Being Sun Savvy:

  • Find UV protective shelters and check the UV protection rating on EVERYTHING you gear up with over summer.
  • Slip, slop slap. But don’t let following that advice give you a false security about being in the sun. Too much sun exposure is TOO MUCH sun exposure, even if you’re reapplying some of the best sunscreen available.
  • Employ thick sun blocking curtains and shades at home, and use car window shading with UV protection
  • Wearing a high SPF physical-block sunscreen product may be your best option – even in winter when you’re driving.
  • Check out the tinted versions that don’t look gluggy and ask a DERMAL CLINICIAN which ones are less prone to flare up any underlying skin conditions (such as acne).

We have several new UV protection products in stock. Book a skin care assessment ($50) to see what’s really happening with your skin and which products will suit your skin best this summer. Coco Ruby Dermal Clinicians (Hayley, Sarah and Julia) will help you sort out which are the best sunscreens for YOUR lifestyle and skin type – to help you prevent premature ageing, sunburn and sun spots!


And remember:

  • Not all swimwear or sun protection products are equal – do your homework and/or ask a qualified skin care professional at a Clinic.
  • A hat won’t help if it’s not broad rimmed AND the right UV protective fabric.
  • Same for umbrellas – how much sun is actually getting in?

Read our blog on Scary and Sad Sun Statistics.

Or send an enquiry for a skin assessment and to find out which sun protection products are best for YOUR skin this summer.




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