The Double Chin Reduction Injection Treatment

Double Chin Injection Treatments:  Injections that Dissolve Fat Cells in the under-chin area to give you a stronger looking chin and jawline

A new treatment was approved early in 2017 in Australia for reducing under chin fat (what is described by Clinicians as “submental fullness” but is more commonly known as a “double-chin”).  The cosmetic double chin treatment involves a series of targeted cosmetic injection treatments to the under chin area of the face.  These injections help reduce under chin fullness by destroying the fat cells under the chin area to help restore a more defined appearance to the chin and frontal jawline.

Synopsis of the Double Chin Injections Treatment for reducing Submental Fullness

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A distinguishable jawline is a rarity after a certain age, or if genetics or weight changes have left you with what’s commonly called a “double chin” (submental fullness or submental ‘under chin fat’ accumulation).  Many people have stated this double chin appearance leaves their jawline and chin and neck area looking ‘soft’ and ‘undefined’ rather than firm and youthful.  It can even leave people looking heavier than they actually are.

So it’s not surprising that people are very interested in finding out more about the double chin reduction treatment using fat-dissolving under chin injections with an approved substance.

How under chin injections work to reduce the “double chin” look for some patients



  • The area is outlined and injected per the treatment specifications.
  • Targeted fat cells are destroyed by the treatment and are removed from the body over time through the body’s own elimination systems.
  • The results are often visible in a few weeks to a few months after each treatment.
  • Repeat treatments are required for most patients with an average of 3 injecting sessions required (sometimes more), which are scheduled every 5 to 6 weeks on average
  • This information is general in nature and you are advised to ask your Injecting Physician for a treatment plan.
  • Photo courtesy of Allergan/supplier (not an actual patient of Coco Ruby).

What does submental fullness mean and how does it impact your appearance?

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Submental fullness is the medical term for a ‘double chin’ appearance, often caused by fat accumulation in the area beneath the chin and near the jawline or the chin/upper neckline/jawline junctions. Injections are a minimally invasive treatment option that might be an alternative to a neck lift for some individuals who are bothered by the appearance of a double chin.

  • It’s a minimally invasive treatment involving a series of approximately 3 injections to the under chin area
  • The injectable medication has been used for several years in the USA with FDA approval, but is offered under a different name and label in Australia
  • Treatments and results can vary significantly from patient to patient and not everyone is a suitable candidate
  • In general, however, good candidates for the injections may need approximately 3 or more treatments spread about 2 months apart (minimum of 5 to 6 weeks apart is recommended)
  • Some patients may need slightly fewer injection treatment sessions, and some may need slightly more injection treatment sessions, to get the under-chin submental fat reduction effects they’re seeking with cosmetic injections
  • The procedure usually involves a grid transferred to the area
  • Ice can be used to minimise pain and the procedure is not comfortable
  • Swelling and redness are a common occurrence after treatment

Injecting Physicians and Dermatologists affirm that patients concerned about under-chin fat and its impact on their facial appearance find the solution effective for improving their appearance in that area of the face and that results are long-lasting

  • Five year follow up studies sponsored by the suppliers report that the under chin fullness does not return at the five year mark and the reduction is thus considered very long term or permanent in nature
  • Again, however, individual results can vary from patient to patient and the treatment is not stated as tightening skin, so if loose skin, visible platysma bands and submental fullness would be a concern, then a facelift or necklift combined with facial rejuvenation may be the better solution for some patients

How Double Chin Submental Fullness Reduction Injection Treatments Work

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This Cosmetic Injections Treatment combats submental fat stores under the chin area.  Fullness under the chin area is often reported as giving patients an aged or overly-plump looking chin area which leaves them looking heavier than they actually are (or older than their biological age or more advanced in age than they would like to appear).  People of many ages may have submental fullness, which sometimes indicates weight changes or genetic tendencies to store fat under the chin; other times it is simply a factor of time and ageing and how it impacts facial fat and neck fat distribution.

  • Uses an approved injectable substance that dissolves fat from the local area
  • Injections are strategically placed using a GRID to help target under chin fat and reduce submental fullness
  • The treatment is considered minimally invasive in that it uses cosmetic injections rather than a surgical approach to reducing under chin fat; however, it is a cosmetic medical procedure
  • Be sure you understand the benefits as well as the risks before consenting to a treatment
  • Ask our Injecting Physician if you are a good candidate for the treatment and keep your expectations reasonable, including the repeated treatment series requirements to get a good result, the downtime, and the variability of results

You might be a GOOD candidate for these Under Chin Injection Treatments to reduce Submental Fullness or ‘double chin’ area fat if:

  • Excess fat along your jawline and below the chin area (often resulting in a sloping angle to the contours of the jawline/neck)
  • Good health and a dedicated non-smoker
  • Realistic expectations
  • Tolerance of discomfort and expected downtime
  • Understanding variability of outcomes and time needed before swelling resolves after treatment
  • Willingness and ability to follow post-treatment instructions

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