Skin Assessments using the Canfield REVEAL Imaging System

What is the purpose of using the Canfield REVEAL system during a skin assessment?

The more your Dermal Clinician knows about your skin, the greater your Clinician’s opportunity to provide you with specific treatment recommendations that may help you resolve your skin concerns.  One of the ways your Dermal Clinician can assist you in better understanding YOUR skin is by using the Canfield REVEAL skin imaging system.

The Canfield Reveal system is a powerful visual consultation tool that can help both you and your Clinician better understand the current condition of your skin, including pigmentation, vascularity or sun damage.

The Canfield Reveal equipment and imaging software is NOT a diagnostic tool for skin cancers or suspicious lesions. Rather, it only helps you and your Dermal Clinician to visualise the overall condition of your skin in terms of pigmentation and areas of vascularity or inflammation, such as may be common with acne or Rosacea.  It can also help depict where your skin is showing the most prominent signs of ageing, such as wrinkles and lines.

What does a Canfield REVEAL imaging Skin Assessment look like?

Step  One: Your skin must be cleansed and free of make-up.

If you arrive at your Skin Assessment wearing makeup, your Dermal Clinician can assist you with a facial cleanse prior to using the Canfield Reveal imaging system.

Step Two:  Place Your Chin in the Chin Holder for Alignment; then Your Photographs Will be Taken by your Dermal Clinician (Please note your eyes must remain closed)

You’ll be asked to place your chin on a facial alignment stand and CLOSE YOUR EYES whilst your Dermal Clinician takes photographs of your face, often from various angles.  That’s helpful as capturing photographs of the skin over your eyelids is as important as capturing the images of your skin on other areas of your face.

The Canfield REVEAL equipment often takes two quick-succession photographs for each angle that your Dermal Clinician requires.  The first image is the normal, everyday skin appearance, and the second image is taken through a special crossed-polarizing filter. This filter helps reduce skin surface reflections and allows the Reveal imaging technology to “see beneath the skin’s outer surface.”


Getting your photographs taken using Canfield REVEAL equipment is quick and painless.

Using the REVEAL system is painless. There will be no discomfort and zero downtime to your skin when your Clinician uses the REVEAL imaging system. It’s simply a highly effective imaging tool for helping your Clinician assess the condition of your skin, including pigmentation and sun damage, moisture level differences, inflammation areas and other attributes of your skin.

Brown or Red Spots in Reveal images

Reveal may show BROWN-looking spots (which indicate increased melanin and/or sun damage) or RED areas, which can help your Clinician better understand skin conditions such as acne, rosacea or ‘spider veins.’

However, the Canfield REVEAL system is NOT intended as a diagnostic instrument for skin cancers or other problems.

If you have a suspicious or questionable skin lesion or notice ANY changes to your skin texture, mole(s) or skin lesion(s), be sure you arrange to see your GP or a skin cancer physician immediately. 

Step Three: Discuss your images with your Dermal Clinician including their recommended treatment plans

Once your photographs are in the REVEAL system, the Canfield software system (using Reveal RBX software) then processes the photographs into images containing RED or BROWN.

  • These ‘skin insight’ images reveal more information about your skin’s appearance AND skin conditions than standard photograph(s).
  • This allows your Clinician greater insight into the overall skin health and pigmentation issues, which helps your Clinician to provide more targeted treatment recommendations.

In the REVEAL image examples below, the reflection-free ‘normal’ facial image is on the left.

You can easily see the vascularity or spider-veins in the middle image (e.g., on the cheeks and nose).

Pigmentation and/or sun damage in shown the REVEAL image on the far right.


Canfield Reveal facial imaging


How to see how much sun damage has occurred to your Skin

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