Melasma – The ‘pregnancy mask’ – symptoms and treatments in Melbourne

Are you looking for an effective Melasma Treatment to reduce pigmentation?

Melasma is a hyperpigmentation condition of the skin. It is commonly referred to as “the pregnancy mask” and can occur near or after times of pregnancy.  However, men, as well as women, get Melasma.

  • Melasma is the discolouration of the skin across certain parts of the face.
  • It results in a non-consistent skin tone or hyper-pigmentation that may be more pronounced over the forehead, around the eye area, upper cheeks and around the nose or sides of the face.
  • Most occurrences of Melasma are also NOT linked to times of pregnancy and males as well as females get Melasma.

But some women DO develop Melasma during or after pregnancy, as hormonal changes due to pregnancy can bring about pigmentation changes in the skin AND/OR reveal sun exposure/cellular skin damage from lifelong sun exposure.

  • Sun exposure and skin vulnerability, such as from changing hormones, are the suspected culprits for a person developing Melasma.
  • In the past, there were limited treatments for Melasma that were effective – but this changed with DERMAMALEN mask treatments.

But because skin pigmentation concerns can be lifelong, or worsen with further sun exposure or hormonal changes, follow-up treatment and sun protection MAY be required for better longer-term Melasma treatment results.

  • But the greaDermamalen Mask: Effective Melasma Treatments are now available in Melbourne at Coco Ruby Skin and Anti-Ageing Clinic – from qualified Dermal Therapists.t news for patients with Melasma is that it MAY be effectively treated with a special treatment using Dermamalen.
  • The treatment has a bit of downtime (but not too much), and you’ll need to wear the mask for several hours throughout the day and then wash it off at night.
  • You will likely peel and flake as the skin renews itself after the mask treatment for Melasma, and your skin may also appear red or flushed for a few days/weeks (you definitely need to wear sun protection and avoid sun exposure after treatment for best results/sun-protection measures).
  • And if you’re a suitable candidate, you will likely see the results of the Melasma treatment in just a few months time.

The condition of Melasma often leads to discolouration of the face in a common pattern, although this varies from patient to patient.

During, Before and After Dermamalen Masque and Skin Peel for Melasma Treatment

As seen in the photo below, the pigmentation from Melasma is primarily seen across the cheeks and forehead. Melasma Dermamalen treatment with the right clinical and at-home skincare has been very effective for our patients.

Part of the treatment requires wearing a mask for an extended period of time (approximately 8 hours). On the left is the pigmentation distribution of Melasma, on Patient Care Coordinator Michelle.


Melasma Treatments: Dermamalen Masque Treatment Before and After

In the image above, the treatment photo is on the left; the BEFORE image is shown in the middle and the AFTER photo on the right. The AFTER photo was taken 2 months after one treatment in our Clinic.  The patient also followed the recommended home care system and quality grade sun protection.


Melasma Masque Treatment: Dermamalen

  • Melasma often leaves a mask-like appearance of skin hyper-pigmentation (darker looking skin) on the face, typically across the cheek area, forehead and upper face, as well as along the lower cheek area.
  • Discolouration of the facial skin, along with uneven skin tones or sun spots and other pigmentation issues, has been shown in studies to increase the perceived age of a patient.
  • Hence, to reduce the aged appearance of the face, a skin peel to even out the complexion can be very helpful.

Melasma is quite common in Australia and other countries, but effective Melasma Treatments are available from our Top Dermal Clinicians in Melbourne.

Is there really an effective treatment for pigmentation distribution known as Melasma, the pregnancy mask?

Yes, there is an effective treatment that can help most women and men who have Melasma.

Dermamalen is a highly intensive treatment mask that is used in a special protocol by our Dermal Clinicians, to help patients overcome pigmentation patterns of Melasma or the pregnancy mask.

  • Many people believe that Melasma is resistant to most pigmentation treatments. So it can be persistent, however, Dermamalen treatments at Coco Ruby have proven to be an excellent solution for selected patients.
  • Whilst Melasma can be difficult to treat for most practitioners, our Top Dermal Clinicians are experts at treating Melasma.
  • They use a special treatment protocol and Dermamalen mask to help you refresh and even out your skin tone, reducing pigmentation issues and leaving you looking refreshed.
  • You can schedule a facial assessment consultation for this effective treatment at Coco Ruby.

We have seen our Coco Ruby Dermamalen treatment regime help patients get excellent results in reducing Melasma.

Did you know that we treat Melasma with an effective masque-based facial treatment called Dermamalen?

  • There are several steps to the procedure and it should be done in Clinic by a Dermal Clinician.
  • Good candidates will undergo a skincare assessment to pre-assess the likelihood of treatment effectiveness.
  • Pigmentation caused by sun exposure, genetics or hormonal changes and sun exposure during pregnancy can be remedied with this exciting treatment.
  • You will need to wear the mask for an extended period of time and you can see results in approximately 2 to 3 months (sometimes longer) as the skin renews itself after treatment.
  • Pigmentation patterns known by Melasma are thereby reduced and your skin will look younger and fresher as well as more evenly toned.


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Cost of Dermamalen peel to treat Melasma and other types of pigmentation or sun damage

An intense chemical peel that focuses on Melasma, a hormone-induced pigmentation condition is $1500

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