Anti Wrinkle Injectables Before and After Photos

Before and After Photos of patients of Coco Ruby Skin Clinic

Treatment of Forehead Wrinkles

Injections to Masseters

Forehead Injections Before and After

Anti-wrinkle injections to reduce forehead lines or worry lines between the brows are commonly requested by BRIDES as well as grooms, parents of the brides and bridal party members.

Photo of reduction in forehead lines and smoother forehead created by anti-wrinkle injections – note the natural appearance in the AFTER Photo on the right.


Lip Flip via Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Brow Furrow Injections Before and After

treated with anti-wrinkle solutions


Frown Lines Before and After Photos

Frown Lines around the chin and lips  – treated with anti-wrinkle solutions


Crows Feet Eye Area Wrinkles and Under Eye Bags Before and After Photos

Before and After Photos of Cosmetic Injection Treatment for Under Eye Bags and Crows Feet

Other parts of the face that can be treated with cosmetic injections include:

  • Marionette lines (nasolabial lines between corners of the mouth and nose)
  • Lips (Lip Augmentation) – reduce a gummy smile, correct a lopsided smile, augment thin lips and reduce small fines around lips by volumising the lips with strategically placed lip filler injections
  • Cheeks (cheek augmentation) – add some oomph to your cheek profile with dermal filler in the cheek apex area
  • Chins and jawline for women (for a more defined jawline or chin, or to give a heart-shaped appearance to a masculine-looking face).
  • Chin and jawline for men (strategically placed dermal filler can strengthen a jawline or chin area for a mildly recessed chin or sagging-looking jawline)
  • Noses (solutions for reducing small bumps or for augmenting the nasal bridge on a botch nose job where too much of the nasal bridge was removed during a Rhinoplasty – not all patients are suitable)