Jessie Anderson – Cosmetic Injector (RN) and Dermal Therapist at Coco Ruby Skin Clinic in Melbourne

Jessie is a Division 1 Registered Nurse and holds a current AHPRA registration.  She has 12 years of aesthetic and cosmetic experience and 4 years of industry experience in injecting. Jessie adopts a patient-first approach boasting a large following, Jess is extremely passionate and enthusiastic within the cosmetic aesthetics industry. Her strong belief in a holistic approach to patient care means she can empathize and understand clients’ needs, giving natural-looking results for a rejuvenated and refreshed look. She has outstanding knowledge in analyzing a variety of skin concerns to enable the best possible in-clinic treatment plans and home-care advice for each individual client. Jessie attends regular conferences, seminars, and off-site training programs to ensure her skills and knowledge are expanded to the best of her ability.

Jessie is available for consultations, cosmetic injectables, skin care treatments, laser treatments, light-based rejuvenation and skin pigmentation management at our Hawthorn East Coco Ruby Skin and Anti-Ageing location.

To schedule an appointment with Jessie at our Hawthorn East Location in Melbourne, please phone (03) 8849 1400.

What you’ll love about visiting with Cosmetic Injector and Dermal Therapist Jessie Anderson

  • 12 years aesthetic and cosmetic experience dermal experience
  • 4 years injecting experience and training
  • Jessie favors natural results for a rejuvenated and refreshed look
  • Honest approach to results and patient expectations
  • Strong belief in a holistic approach, including injectables, skin treatments and supporting home-care products to provide optimal results
  • Thorough consultations and facial assessments to devise individualized treatment plans
  • Friendly, warm and approachable