Dr Tina Purdon GP – Cosmetic Physician at Coco Ruby Skin Clinic Melbourne


Dr Tina Purdon is a Female GP for Women’s Health and Cosmetic Medicine in Melbourne. You’ll find Dr Tina Purdon to be a gentle and highly skilled Cosmetic Physician offering natural-looking cosmetic injections, facial skin enhancement strategies and women’s vaginal laser treatments.

  • In our Melbourne Clinic, Dr Purdon focuses on Cosmetic Injections such as Anti- Wrinkle Injections and Dermal Fillers
  • She offers feature augmentation (lips, cheeks, jawline, temples, brows), facial re-balancing, re-volumisation and advanced lip shaping/lip augmentation
  • Her injecting expertise can help reduce your wrinkles on your forehead, marionette lines, smoker’s lines, above lip lines and crow’s feet/eyelid area wrinkles and lines

A caring and highly respected female GP, Dr Purdon also offers the latest Vaginal Laser Rejuvenation Treatments to help combat mild urinary incontinence, Vaginal Dryness, Laxity or Dyspareunia, all common symptoms after pregnancy or menopause.

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Why choose Dr Tina Purdon – our Female GP and Cosmetic Physician?

  • Dr Tina Purdon has a warm, caring manner
  • She also has a keen eye for detail and senior-level injecting expertise
  • She helps people of all genders achieve natural looking facial enhancements, wrinkle reductions and long-lasting cosmetic injection results
  • At Coco Ruby, Tina has access to a variety of filler brands and consistencies and top-respected wrinkle-relaxing solutions, so you know you’ll be getting injected with QUALITY brands and CUSTOMISED consistencies to meet your needs – definitely NOT the one-solution fits all faces approach

Availability of our female Cosmetic Physician and Cosmetic Injector (Dr Tina Purdon, GP).

  • Dr Tina Purdon currently works two days each week at our Hawthorn East Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing Clinic
  • This is very conveniently located near Melbourne’s inner eastern suburbs (Toorak, Richmond, Camberwell, Auburn, Glen Iris, Malvern, South Yarra and Melbourne CBD) – public transport is nearby and plenty of free on-street parking is available for your appointment
  • She works alongside our Plastic Surgeons, Eyelid Surgery expert and Dermal Clinicians to offer you the FULL range of cosmetic solutions for women and men who care about their appearance and skin health
  • She also offers consultations for Vaginal Laser Rejuvenation Treatments for women including Mona Lisa Touch Vaginal Laser treatment plans, an effective vaginal laser treatment that helps women who suffer from post-pregnancy or post-menopausal vaginal concerns or/or dyspareunia (painful intercourse)

List of Cosmetic Medicine and Injecting Services

  • Dr Tina Purdon focuses on advanced cosmetic injecting techniques and sterile injecting protocols
  • She performs patient-screening and suitability assessments for cosmetic injections
  • FULLY customised injecting experiences – Dr Tina’s expertise means you’ll gain helpful recommendations about different types of cosmetic treatments rather than just be given the ‘same treatment’ or ‘injections’ as the person who came before you
  • You’ll appreciate her deep scientific understanding of anatomy and the skin damaging effects of time, skin ageing and sun damage
  • Plus, she’ll help you ameliorate your facial ageing, thin lips, marionette lines/smoker’s lines or feature-imbalance concerns with strategic dermal filler injections and wrinkle relaxers, including lip augmentation/lip filler and anti-wrinkle solutions around the eyes, mouth, nose and forehead.

Make an appointment or meet Dr Tina Purdon at one of our Events – ask us which events she’ll be attending or book an appointment by phoning us on 03 8849 1444.

What Experience, Qualifications and Skills does Cosmetic Physician, Dr Tina Purdon, offer patients?

  • Dr Tina has also worked in general medicine as a popular female GP at various Healthcare and Cosmetic Medicine Clinic locations around Melbourne including in Banyule.
  • Her background also includes emergency medicine and General Practice for over ten years, prior to training in Aesthetic Medicine including cosmetic injections, facial rejuvenation procedures and vaginal laser treatment protocols.
  • She emphasises patient education, proper selection of the right types/densities and amounts of dermal fillers to be injected, strategic injecting techniques to suit your goals and your budget, and best-practice treatment protocols including patient-safety measures such as sterilisation protocols and patient-assessments.

Dr Tina Purdon’s signature treatments: expert knowledge of the full range of cosmetic injecting and skin rejuvenation techniques means custom sculpting of the features, lines or wrinkles you want to change.

  • Her signature cosmetic treatment services are fully customised to suit each patient
  • Her patient cosmetic treatments help clients attain an elegant enhancement or facial feature augmentation result that still appears balanced and natural-looking

Cosmetic injecting options and specific facial ‘sculpting’ injecting treatment interests include:

  • muscle relaxing solutions (anti-wrinkle injections),
  • quality non-permanent dermal fillers for facial sculpting and augmentation
  • non-surgical fat reduction techniques such as under-chin “double-chin” fat reduction injections
  • post-pregnancy and post-menopausal vaginal laser treatments

Her ongoing education, advanced cosmetic injecting training and commitment to sterility protocols allows Cosmetic Physician Dr Tina Purdon to assist her patients in having the most advanced cosmetic injecting and laser treatments in a controlled and comfortable environment.

Phone (03) 8849 1444 to book a no-obligation assessment to review your suitability for Melbourne’s most popular cosmetic injection options and other non-surgical cosmetic treatments or laser treatments and aesthetic procedures.

Need more rejuvenation than dermal filler injections or anti-wrinkle injections can provide?


Dr Purdon works alongside some of Australia’s top Plastic Surgeons in Melbourne.

Visit Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery or read one of the world’s best Plastic Surgery blogs  to find out what specific surgical treatments – or combined surgical and non-surgical options – might be worth exploring.

Want more information before you schedule a consult at Coco Ruby?

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Want a seasoned professional to help you with your Cosmetic Injecting needs? Schedule an appointment with Cosmetic Physician, Dr Tina Purdon.


Our team at Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing are very experienced injectors who focus on patient safety-protocols and the latest advanced cosmetic injecting techniques.

Our Coco Ruby Cosmetic Injectors work diligently and strategically to get you subtle, natural looking yet powerful enhancements of your overall facial appearance by:

  • improving facial harmony or feature balance
  • correcting for asymmetries
  • improving your lip area and smile
  • reducing ‘smokers lines’
  • reducing lines and relaxing wrinkles
  • evening out scars or other imperfections through booster treatments or lasers and other skin care options

Phone today on (03) 8849 1444 to get an appointment with our top Injectors in Melbourne or to request information on facial rejuvenation treatments with our Dermal Clinicians, Cosmetic Injectors or affiliated Specialist Plastic Surgeons.  You can also email us by sending in an enquiry form.

Please note that cosmetic injections and vaginal laser treatments may not suit all patients, and results can vary from patient to patient. Ask us for more details including a price quote or cost quote for cosmetic injections, a Mona Lisa Touch vaginal laser treatment series or other non-surgical cosmetic treatments.