Interestingly, most of us would change our noses if we could – some just a little and some quite a bit.  So what’s a possible solution? Enter the recently popular procedure, the liquid rhinoplasty (a “liquid” nose job using dermal filler solutions via cosmetic injections).


Why the popularity of the so-called “Nose Job” for nose reshaping?

While the beauty of a nose is certainly influenced by cultural ideals, many of us prefer a nose that matches the rest of our face AND that we feel looks attractive from all angles. Or at the very least, a nose which is not overly distracting.

  • This often means that the size, shape or straightness of our nose, as well as our nostrils or nose tip, are in balance with the rest of our face.

For some of us, they are, and our noses suit us and the rest of our facial anatomy – even our personality.

But that’s not true for everyone.



For the rest of us, our noses aren’t exactly what we’d have personally chosen.

And sometimes the shape of our nose – it’s size or lack of straightness – is distressing to us when we see it in the mirror or in photos.

It’s important that you have good self esteem before you consider any kind of nose reshaping; and check with several professionals to be sure your concerns are grounded – and your goals achievable – rather than influenced by an unrealistic ideal.

  • Some of us might not be happy with a nose that is bumpy, crooked, overly large or hook-like (pointing downwards).
  • Some of us might feel very self-conscious about our noses and seek to change or enhance them.
  • Some of us might be sensitive about getting teased or tormented by other’s insensitive comments about our nose shape, size or appearance, and aim to make our noses less the focus of unwanted comments and attention.


Whether by birth or by accident, our noses may not always be our favourite feature.

This leads to some of us exploring how to go about changing our noses via rhinoplasty surgery or other means, such as dermal filler injections.

Nose Surgery vs the Liquid Rhinoplasty

What are the PROS and CONS of a liquid nose job vs Rhinoplasty?

  • Each procedure carries risks but they are slightly different in terms of potential outcomes.
  • There is a chance of blindness or an embolism for liquid nose injections, although these complications are rare when a skilled injector is chosen (avoid beauty shops and new injectors – go for someone with over 10 to 20 years experience and with expertise in this procedure)
  • Liquid rhinoplasty performed properly has a high patient satisfaction rate of 95% but patient selection is crucial.
  • Rhinoplasty surgery has a less high satisfaction rate for primary surgery and revisions are sometimes requested; but many people find nose surgery to be life changing and a positive outcome – it’s the SIXTH most requested plastic surgery procedure in the world.

Why do people want to change their noses?

The nose is also a key facial feature that can impact the entire facial appearance.

  • It can either enhance your other features or detract from them.
  • Some of us explore nose surgery because of our appearance ideals or unpleasant social experiences. Occasionally, some of us need plastic surgery of the nose to enable us to breath more freely or to reduce mild apnea (snoring).

But for the most part, nose reshaping motivations relate to our concepts of balance, beauty or attractiveness.

And although reshaping options come with risks, many of us would like to change our nose shape, size, or tip proportions.

  • No wonder surgical Rhinoplasty nose reshaping remains a frequently sought cosmetic procedure by men and women in Australia and around the globe.
  • But lately, more people are asking about liquid rhinoplasty options using dermal filler injections.
  • This procedure has risks due to the anatomy of the eye area and nose area – be sure you read and understand ALL risks, and discuss these with your Cosmetic Injecting Clinician, before proceeding.

Here’s what might be helpful to understand before your consult.

Phone us on (03) 8849 1444 to request a liquid rhinoplasty consult or a surgical consult.

Or if you want to look into a Surgical Rhinoplasty rather than a Liquid Rhinoplasty (nose job using dermal filler injections), download one of the Plastic Surgery Guides to Rhinoplasty.

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Liquid Rhinoplasty vs Traditional Surgical Rhinoplasty: Is it worth it?

The factor determining what’s best – a liquid rhinoplasty or a surgical one – will come down to what you’re starting with and what you’re wanting.

  • Firstly, is what you’re wanting possible to be achieved with dermal filler in the nose area (a liquid nose job)?
  • And secondly, what’s the best option to get a good result if you choose to have a nose reshaping procedure?

Another factor to consider is time and effectiveness – how long will your liquid nose job results last?

  • Surgery tends to have far long-lasting results in comparison to dermal fillers, which eventually ‘dissolve’ or are eliminated over time.
  • For some, that makes surgery a better option; but others might enjoy the transitional effect of a non-committal liquid rhinoplasty that is likely to ‘wear off’ within 12 months or longer.
  • On average, consider that the liquid nose job MIGHT last between 4 and 10 months, up to 12, but that individual results can vary significantly.
  • Be sure you follow your injecting clinician’s instructions, also, right after you get the filler inserted into the skin tissues around your nose.


Another aspect to consider in evaluating a liquid Rhinoplasty vs Surgical Rhinoplasty is the complexity of the procedures, and what is – or isn’t – possible with Nose Reshaping using Injections.

Rhinoplasty nose surgery is complex. So is a liquid rhinoplasty, using dermal filler injections, but for different reasons to surgical changes. Here’s why.

Nose reshaping surgery, known as Rhinoplasty, is complex because of two key reasons:

(1) the functional aspects of the nose in relation to sinuses, breathing and our olfactory senses (sense of smell/taste) and

(2) the many structures that form the nose and nasal cavity, nostrils and nose bridge.

Plus, because of the central location of the nose on the face, there can be a lot of swelling, bruising and down time after surgery.

  • Healing depends partially on the patient’s responses to surgery but also partially on the degree and complexity of the nose surgery required.
  • Whilst all cosmetic plastic surgery has down time, swelling from nose surgery can take a year or longer to fully resolve before your results become apparent – this requires patience.
  • And as with any cosmetic procedure, surgical or otherwise, there are risks vs benefits to consider before consenting.


In Summary, if a surgical Rhinoplasty is so complex, is a temporary liquid rhinoplasty any better?

  • Liquid Rhinoplasty may work for some adjustments, but typically only for small ones OR for particular nose changes.
  • Not every patient will be suited and there are some serious risks to be aware of when injecting around the nose or eye area; but if you’re curious, phone us and ask us for a consult to assess your nose reshaping options.
  • Be sure you understand the benefits vs risks, and what can and can’t be accomplished, before consenting. Phone (03) 8849 1444 today or send an enquiry form in, below.

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Liquid rhinoplasty for nose reshaping is often a far less involved procedure than surgery. It doesn’t require going under general anaesthesia; plus, bruising and swelling are usually less noticeable OR more transient.


In some ways, surgical Rhinoplasty is actually up to 20 or more micro-procedures – all interdependent and requiring the utmost of skill from your Plastic Surgeon.

  • Because of the importance of the functionality of the nose are, Surgeons need to ensure your nose structures are carefully adjusted to get a pleasing result
  • They also need to protect your nasal functions and ensure nose surgery doesn’t impede breathing

Rhinoplasty thus requires extensive planning as well as precision surgical skills, and even then, some results take a long time to assess and may be somewhat unpredictable.


  • Nose surgery, like other facial surgeries, has a relatively longer healing time than several other plastic surgery procedures.

But a liquid rhinoplasty using filler injections MAY or MAY NOT be the better solution above surgical Rhinoplasty. Here’s why.

Liquid Rhinoplasty solutions tend to involve less downtime than surgery. But they are not suited for everyone. They can only adjust some aspects of the nose, not all, in terms of shape, size or bridge height. Plus, you need to know the risks.


  • Reasons for wanting nose reshaping vary – is it size, shape, straightness or the bridge or tip you’re wanting changed?
  • Remember, every one’s unique. This includes variances in vascularity around the nose and eye area, which impact your procedure risks.
  • There will always be noticeable variability in surgical down time and facial swelling after surgery; but there is ALSO variability in risks and outcomes when a liquid rhinoplasty or nasal bridge rhinoplasty is performed using dermal filler injections.

Be sure you understand the risks before consenting – just because it’s non-surgical doesn’t mean it doesn’t have risks, most minor but some quite serious in nature.


  • Be sure you choose a highly qualified cosmetic injector with medical training and extensive experience in liquid rhinoplasty to optimise your safety.
  • Avoid cheap ‘back room’ shopping centres injection centres and unknown injectors when you’re getting a liquid nose job – choose quality and safety minded clinics, ideally one run by a FRACS Surgeon, with a good reputation in the community.


If you’re only needing a minor enhancement, you could explore your options for a Liquid Rhinoplasty (a non-surgical dermal filler nose shaping treatment offered by some cosmetic injectors).

A Liquid Rhinoplasty must be carefully performed. Everyone’s vascularity is unique, and because the nose is near the eye area, a liquid rhinoplasty also carries a greater complication risk than some of the other dermal filler treatments for facial rejuvenation or feature enhancement. To find out more, ask to see one of our Cosmetic Injecting Team members or – if surgery is likely to be needed to get the results you’re wanting – phone Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery.

Read the blog about the 7 aspects of a non-surgical Rhinoplasty or phone us on (03) 8849 1444 and ask to see one of our Medical Injectors for an assessment.

The team at Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery also offers surgical Rhinoplasty options, including 3D imaging for planning purposes.   We look forward to helping you assess your nose reshaping options.