Laser Genesis is a collagen stimulating and anti-ageing laser treatment.

One of our most popular skin treatments at Coco Ruby is the Laser Genesis series.

This treatment works to help tighten the skin and is effective for treating some fine lines and facial wrinkles.

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Laser Genesis treatments are also indicated for redness and Rosacea.

There is very little downtime with this treatment; in fact, it is known as a ‘lunch time’ procedure for both the face and neck. You will need to not wear makeup right afterwards, however, and you’ll need to follow other recommended protocols that your Dermal Clinician will recommend.

What can Laser Genesis do for your skin?

Laser Genesis can help you achieve a youthful appearance by treating premature signs of aging, sun damage, excessive redness, large pores, uneven texture, and fine lines and wrinkles.

It has other uses as well, and if you’re keen to explore what it can do for your skin, dall and schedule your facial assessment and potential treatment today on (03) 8849 1444.

Laser Genesis Skin Treatments

Laser Genesis skin therapy is an innovative, technologically advanced way to promote vibrant and healthy looking skin in men and women.

Laser Genesis is a very popular treatment that gets excellent rejuvenation and skin smoothing results – some of which are noticeable after just one treatment. That noted, the real benefits of Laser Genesis treatments occur for your face or neck or decolletage AFTER you have had a series of approximately 4 to 6 treatments. This permits the skin to have undergone it’s renewal process (usually visible after 8 to 12 weeks post-treatment).

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Now you can have a more youthful appearance by treating skin conditions that are typically associated with premature signs of ageing or sun damage.

Substantial scientific research has shown the Laser Genesis to produce new collagen and help improve the tone, texture and appearance of the treated skin.

This includes treating excessive redness, large pores, uneven texture, and fine lines and wrinkles.

How does Laser Genesis work?

By gently heating up the upper dermis well below your skin’s surface, Laser Genesis improves the appearance of wrinkles through collagen stimulation. Additional heat is generated in dilated capillaries to reduce redness.

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What areas can be treated with Laser Genesis?

Laser Genesis patients report excellent results over their faces and necks – even the decolletage area can be treated effectively by this modality – just let your Dermal Clinician know what areas of your skin you are concerned about and want treated.

If Laser Genesis is not the best treatment for your particular skin condition, your Dermal Clinician will let you know which treatment will be best for you.

Additionally, practitioners may suggest this therapy to help diminish recent scars or pigmentation issues on other parts of the body.

What is diffuse redness?

Diffuse redness is a general appearance of facial redness, such as rosy cheeks. This condition is often caused by dilated capillaries, which results in an appearance of general redness, without well-defined vessels or with capillaries that look ‘spidery’ on the skin.

  • The most commonly affected areas for facial redness are the nose, forehead and cheeks.
  • Diffuse redness is often associated with a condition called Rosacea and it can be hereditary.

Laser Genesis will help your appearance by gently treating and reducing this condition.

What does a Laser Genesis treatment feel like? Is it painful?

Laser Genesis is one of the more relaxing treatments we offer at Coco Ruby Skin & Anti Ageing.

Patients often describe the treatment as relaxing and therapeutic.

What to expect during your treatment:

You will experience a gentle warming of your skin’s surface during the procedure as the laser handpiece is moved back and forth about 1/2 inch above your skin.

You can immediately return to normal activities, utilising approved sunscreen (but no makeup) if participating in outdoor activities.

What can I expect before the treatment?

You will not need gel, anaesthetic cream or numbing of any sort prior to Laser Genesis treatment.

Before the actual Laser Genesis treatment, you will be asked to remove your makeup or moisturisers (or your Dermal Clinician will cleanse and prepare your face).  In some situations, you may be asked to shave the area that is being treated (such as for Men’s facial treatments).

Your clinician will review and assist with all the pre-treatment requirements.

How many treatments will I need? Four to Six are Common. One is rarely enough on it’s own but will tend to show some improvement.

Every patient’s condition and skin treatment needs varies.

For more information about what results you can expect or the number of treatments that are necessary to treat your skin concern, consult with your Dermal Clinician.


  • The treatment results from Laser Genesis are often subtle but still noticeable and refreshing.
  • That noted, you will likely require from four to six treatments (or more) to achieve optimal treatment results.
  • You’ll start seeing results as the skin renews itself and increases its collagen production from the Laser Genesis stimulation.
  • Search our BLOG for stories of Laser Genesis experiences.

What are the possible side effects?

Although most patients report few if any side effects, the most common side effect from Laser Genesis treatments is a slight pinkness or redness in the skin tone; it typically disappears within a few hours of your treatment.

But if you have any lifestyle factors, medications, genetic, medical or health conditions that impact your skin’s health (or render this treatment an unsuitable option for your skin), please be sure to discuss this in detail with your Dermal Clinician during a Skin Care Assessment and Skin Treatment planning session.

Send an enquiry form for further information about scheduling a treatment (or register to attend an Event and meet our top Dermal Clinicians).

What kind of textural improvements can you expect with Laser Genesis skin therapy?

  • Over a course of four to five treatments spread about 4 to 5 weeks apart, you’ll note that the Laser Genesis treatments have helped to restore your skin’s glow
  • Some treatment results are noticeable earlier (pore minimisation or fresher looking skin) – but most show up over the course of a series of treatments (more even skin tone and firmer skin due to collagen stimulation)
  • The skin will look smoother as the uneven textures caused by ageing, sun damage or minor acne scarring will become minimised; leaving your skin looking fresher, brighter and more even in skin tone.

If you want a healthier-looking complexion, try Laser Genesis if recommended by your Dermal Clinician.

Your pores will look smaller and your skin tone imperfections will be diminished – giving your skin a fresher, more even tone and texture – and overall, a healthier glow!

Summary:  A popular favorite due to limited downtime,  the results of individual treatments with Laser Genesis are subtle by nature and give a natural looking skin enhancement.  However, the overall skin appearance effects of multiple Laser Genesis treatments spread out over several months – in the hands of a great Dermal Clinician – can be quite dramatic and pleasingly noticeable.  Your skin will look smoother (fine lines will be reduced) and your makeup will glide on better – making it a great treatment to get leading up to your wedding or other big event!