Kybella Injections for DoubleChin Reduction: The latest non-surgical cosmetic treatment for fat reduction approved for use in Australia.

A popular treatment that has been available overseas for facial rejuvenation, specifically the reduction of submental fat and resolution of the appearance of a “double chin” – has been approved for use in Australia as of early 2017.  Our leading Injecting Physician, Dr Prav Kumar, now offers this rejuvenating cosmetic injection treatment for suitable candidates with mild to moderate submental fat under the chin area.  Patients who have more substantial fat under the chin and jawline and around the upper neck area, or who have very lax skin, may be best served by exploring the surgical alternatives to Kybella injections for facial rejuvenation.  The surgical alternatives are fully customised by top Facial Rejuvenation specialist in Melbourne, including Dr Geoff Barnett, Dr Richard Maxwell and Dr Douglas McManamny, all Specialist Plastic Surgeons who work with Facelift and Necklift patients in Melbourne.   But for individuals who’s main facial appearance concern is a fatty or slightly sagging jawling or neckline (known as a ‘double chin’), where the chin contours seem a bit ‘lost’ to the fat around the upper neck and below the jawline, then KYBELLA injections may be a great solution.

Kybella Before & After Photos

What under jawline improvements can you get to reduce a sagging double chin appearance when you get Injection Solutions Injections? The image below shows the Kybella Before & After images of an ideally suited patient for this procedure. Note how the Kybella injections reduced submental fat and gave the jaw and chin area a more youthful, aesthetically attractive appearance.


double chin

Summary of the Kybella Injection treatment series for reduction of submental fat to reduce appearance of a double chin or sagging, ageing neck line.

  • Patients are assessed for suitability for Kybella injection treatments.
  • Mild to moderate submental fat under the chin and jawline, along with good skin resiliency and collagen levels, may indicate a good Kybella Injection treatment candidate.
  • Patient is informed of treatment requirements and potential risks.
  • Patient consents to treatment and has at least 3 Kybella treatments approximately 6 weeks apart.
  • The treatment involves a series of injections into the submental fat cells under the jawline or chin area and/or upper neck area.
  • Cool packs and topical numbing agents may help reduce discomfort of the injection treatments with Kybella.
  • Post-treatment protocols must be followed carefully by the Patient, including staying well hydrated.
  • Swelling, redness and a sensation of ‘stiff’ or ‘firmer’ neck skin may be present for several weeks after each Kybella injection treatment.
  • Over time, the fat cells are reduced and the jawline looks smoother and more youthfully contoured due to less submental fat stores in the under chin area (the Kybella-targeted fat cells are eliminated from the body through natural elimination systems).

Kybella Injection Treatment in Photos (Double Chin Reduction Injections)

Before proceeding with a double chin reduction treatment using cosmetic injections, the patient undergoes a screening and assessment for suitability for the treatment. The patient is advised of the number of treatments that may be required, the duration between injections (typically 6 weeks between sessions), the costs of the Kybella injection treatment sessions and payment options (cash, card or bank transfer in advance of the treatment), and the potential side effects or complications related to the procedure.  After informed consent is attained, the patient is prepared for the under chin injection treatment.

How long does Kybella last? (Injection Solutions injections and long lasting reduction of under chin fat stores).

Kybella researchers show that results of under-chin injections are considered long-lasting and potentially permanent at the five year follow up period, because the submental fat reduced by Kybella injections (Injection Solutions solutions in Australia) had not returned. Results, of course, may vary from patient to patient, and to get good results the patient must meet certain criteria including having good skin collagen and not too much excess submental fat.  Best results may be attained by patients who seek to reduce mild to moderate submental (under chin or under the jawline) fat that detracts from the neck and jawline appearance.

Reducing a Double Chin with Injections (Kybella/USA and imported by Allergan under a different brand name in Melbourne).

The area of concern is treated with topical numbing agents and the patient may also use cool packs or ice packs for comfort BEFORE or DURING the Kybella injection treatments to the under-chin and upper neck area.

double chin injections

How Kybella Injections Work

The treatment area for Kybella Injections is carefully marked with a grid, and the area is assessed by the Injecting Physician.

The patient is advised of the number of injections per treatment ‘row’ in each session.

In the photo below, Dr Prav Kumar, Aesthetic Physician and Cosmetic Injecting Physician, is shown holding the grid transfer prior to treating a patient for an ageing neck line and ‘double chin’ appearance.

double chin


The treating Physician then injects the designated treatment areas (the untreated areas and related ‘grid dots’ are erased from the neck area before the treatment proceeds).  The patient may use ice blocks or cooling packs between injections or between the grid rows that are being injected with Kybella.

jawline injections, cosmetic chin enhancement surgery or injections

They Kybella syringes are then carefully prepared in a sterile manner.

The patient is then injected in the designated treatment areas.

fillers for chin and jaw injections

Kybella Swelling: Will there be swelling? Yes.

Swelling of the underchin or under-jawline area is an expected outcome of Kybella treatments in the initial stages of injection treatments. Kybella swelling can last for up to to several weeks or longer.  For healthy patients, the swelling subsides over a period of days but the skin may feel “different” in that area for some time (usually that area will feel a bit numb in the weeks after treatment).

Patient Care and Kybella

The patient is monitored and then given post-treatment care options for best results, including advice to stay very well hydrated.

The patient may notice swelling, minor bruising, redness, numbness or other impacts of the treatment (information on what to expect and what to contact the Injecting Physician in relation to post-treatment side effects or concerns is given to each patient before OR after treatment with Kybella Injections).

The patient is followed up and treated at 6 week intervals or as the Physician deems appropriate.

When will I see results if I get Kybella Injections for my double chin or under jawline ‘neck’ fat?

Reductions in submental fat are sometimes noticeable in a few days to a few weeks time, although best results tend to occur over time after the 3rd treatment (sometimes more treatments might be required for some patients).  Submental fat is the fat that accumulates under the chin or jawline, typically with ageing or weight gain; it appears to be on the upper neck when there is mild to moderate excess submental fat and some people describe this as a “double chin” appearance and others describe it as a “fatty looking neck.”

How much does Kybella cost?

Every patient is different, and your under chin area may not need as many injections as another patients jawline.  The best way to assess how much your Kybella double-chin reduction injection treatments will cost is to visit with Dr Prav, who will assess your suitability for Kybella injections and give you an estimate.  This occurs during a NO-obligation consultation.  You will also be given information on the following about Kybella:

  1. What do Kybella Before & After Photos show in terms of results in reducing a double chin?

  2. How long does Kybella last (How long does Injection Solutions injections for submental fat removal last)?

  3. What are Injection Solutions (Kybella) side effects?

  4. How severe is Kybella swelling?

For information, phone Michelle on (03) 8849 1444 and ask about Kybella injections by Dr Prav.

Want to reduce your double chin or neck fat and rejuvenate the jawline area without Surgery? Find out if KYBELLA is the best solution for you in relation to other alternatives such as a neck lift, face lift or laser treatment.

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We look forward to helping you better understand what Kybella Injections can – or cannot – accomplish for you in terms of neck, jawline and facial rejuvenation.