Skin Booster Injections in Melbourne

Want Healthier Looking Skin? How Skin Booster Injections can Help Revitalise Your Skin

  • Want your skin to have a healthier glow?
  • Tired of having dull-looking, crepey looking skin?

Skin Booster Injections, a cosmetic injection treatment by our Cosmetic Physician, Dr Tina Purdon, involves using dermal filler injections to revitalise the facial appearance or reduce crepey-looking skin. . To book a consultation with Cosmetic Physician, Dr Tina Purdon, for dermal filler injections or skin boosters, phone us on (03) 8849 1444.

Find out what SKIN BOOSTER INJECTION TREATMENTS using Dermal Fillers can do to restore your skin’s luminosity and improve its firmness.


Dermal Fillers are the main forte of a Skin Booster Injection Session.

Most people know the benefits of dermal fillers to augment lips, cheeks, temples or other facial features.

But not everyone understands the firming, plumping, moisturising and restorative actions that Dermal Fillers can have on your dermal layers (skin layers).

In a Skin Booster Sessions, Dermal Fillers are used to plump up the skin, draw in moisture and improve the skin surface by stimulating collagen production.

  • Instead of being used to augment a feature or reduce asymmetry, targeting a specific area, most Skin Booster Injection Sessions stimulate the skin over a broader area of the face.
  • This helps restore more active cellular renewal activities to your facial skin; which in turn helps restore a a ‘luminous glow’ to your skin.
  • Perfect for all nearly all age groups over 18, gets the skin a natural-looking result and ‘refreshed’ appearance.
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Dermal fillers, skin needling and/or muscle relaxing solutions can even be used on other parts of your body.

  • Most common areas for SKIN BOOSTERS and Dermal Filler Injections are the face and decolletage.
  • Skin Needling and/or Skin Boosters may also sometimes be used on the hands or under eye bags.
  • Specific treatment recommendations can vary from person to person.
  • The first step to see if you’re a good candidate for skin booster injections is to book an assessment with Dr Tina Purdon at Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing.
  • Best results from Skin Boosters typically require a series of 3 treatments spread between 2 to 4 weeks apart.
  • Visible results and improvements are most noticeable a few weeks, to a few months, after your treatment(s).

Most patients over the age of 40 see skin texture and cellular renewal improvements after a Skin Booster series using quality dermal fillers.

Boost your facial skin with a series of three (3) Skin Booster treatments – get back your GLOW.

  • Skin can start to look crepey, dull or “tired” as you reach your 40s, 50s and 60s.
  • Cosmetic Injections as well as skin needling – along with facial peels to treat uneven skin tone – can do amazing things to revitalise your appearance and refresh your look.
  • And one of the most popular revitalisation treatments available today is the Skin Booster Injection Series at Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing in Melbourne’s inner east.
  • These treatments use the properties of dermal fillers to stimulate cellular functions that improve the skin’s underlying structures AND help restore a ‘glow’ to the outer surface of the skin; with tightening and firming effects for skin that is mildly sagging or crepey-looking in appearance.
  • They can be used all over the face OR as a spot-treatment under the eyes to reduce crepey-looking skin under eyes.


Dermal Fillers Techniques  – Micro-Penetration for Skin Booster Cosmetic Injection treatments

Dermal Fillers are most widely used to augment a feature or reduce a line or wrinkle in select areas of the face.

Dermal Fillers are also used as Skin Booster Injection Treatments to refresh your skin and stimulate increased circulation and collagen, leading to better-looking skin texture in just a few months’ time.

Skin Booster Cosmetic Injections are a popular alternative to harnessing the benefits of quality dermal fillers and micro-penetration techniques.

  • If your skin has acne scarring or is looking a bit dull or aged, your skin may benefit from one of the latest “skin boosters” treatment using cosmetic injectables (micro amounts of dermal filler).
  • Micro-injections of dermal filler solutions help revitalise or rejuvenate your skin’s appearance.
  • Whilst other cellular renewal treatments, such as facial peels, Dermapen skin micro-needling, DOT Therapy and Fraxel, can also improve the appearance of your skin, these Skin Booster Injections are a true winner for revitalising your skin and improving the skin’s appearance – because they usually have little to no downtime.
  • They are prescribed cosmetic treatment, however, and there are risks to consider; find out more during a consultation where you can find out if they’re the right treatment for your skin concerns OR if there’s a better option for what you’re trying to consider.
  • Ask any and all questions you have before consenting to a skin booster treatment.
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The Skin Booster Injections Treatment


Over winter is an ideal time to explore ways to help you feel even better about yourself. Skin boosters can help.

  • The change of year is often a time of valuable self-reflection — even a time to consider how you can enjoy living in the skin you’re in, even as the years start to mount.
  • Winter is also a good time to indulge in facials, peels, laser treatments or Booster Sessions as you are less prone to unwanted sun exposure after having a treatment.
  • So both new year, and winter, are ideal times to look at different ways to subtly reduce those growing lines and wrinkles – or to investigate removing the tired look around your eyes – either via skin booster injections, cheek augmentation or lip augmentation, OR through a surgical Blepharoplasty with a leading eye Surgeon.

Looking and Feeling Healthy Doesn’t always come from within – subtle enhancements can make a huge difference and skin boosters are a fantastic option for revitalising your skin!

  • Do you wish your winter skin, or your post-holiday skin, looked healthier and vibrant?
  • Staying at home and giving yourself a facial treatment with a quality skin-care mask can also be a lovely way to spend a quite day after any holidays or mid-year school break times are over (think Easter, Mother’s Day, Winter School Break).
  • Our Dermal Clinicians can help you know which products are best to use at home.

Skin Boosters are the latest treatment for combating skin dryness – they can even help treat acne scars over time.

  • One of the latest strategies to combat ageing related skin concerns – including dullness and laxity – is the “Skin Booster Injectables” option.
  • Using an approved filler solution acid, an amino acid (a substance that is also created by the body), ultra-fine injections are delivered by a highly-trained Nurse or Physician.
  • These draw water to the cells and help to restore moisture to the skin, and they also have a skin cell stimulating effect that helps boost the skin’s cellular renewal processes.

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Results can vary from patient to patient, but we hear from our clients that they LOVE the way these booster sessions leave their skin feeling and looking more radiant.

Top 5 Benefits of Skin Booster Injections and Dermal Filler Booster Treatments include:

  1. It can be used in a variety of locations – face, neck, under eyes, decolletage and even hands.
  2. It essentially helps to “plump up” and revitalise your skin, potentially improving the texture or appearance of the skin and reducing the visibility of fine lines.
  3. Skin Booster Injections may also help reduce the visibility of old acne scars.
  4. You’ll notice benefits quickly, just a few weeks after your treatment and cumulatively for several months afterwards.
  5. Top up (maintenance) treatments are usually only required at about the six month to 12 month mark but this can vary from patient to patient.

Additional Benefits of a Skin Booster Injection Treatment – acne scar reduction, skin hydration and fine line reduction.

Not only does a booster session leave your skin with a healthier glow, they have additional benefits:

  • Hydrates skin to restore a healthy glow
  • Assists skin to maintain its moisture levels (prevents deeper lines and reduces dryness/flaky skin)
  • Accelerates the skin’s repair cycle (helps with repair or renewal of the skin)
  • Minimises fine lines and reduces wrinkle visibility as the skin is plumped up
  • Helps skin fight acne or recover from blemishes; can even reduce prior acne scars

Multiple booster sessions may be needed if you’re working on scar reduction; but otherwise, a skin booster session may only need to be repeated about every six months (varies from patient to patient).


How do Skin Boosters work? Techniques

Recommended reading:  SKIN BOOSTERS & DERMAL FILLERS (INJECTION TECHNIQUES) with tips by Cosmetic Physician/Cosmetic Injector, Dr Tina Purdon, in Melbourne.

Cosmetic Injections/Face Injections

Please note that cosmetic injections are a medical and pharmaceutical treatment and that there are risks involved; and that results can vary. Read the information at the consultation or ask us for a FREE GUIDE to cosmetic injections.


How do I know if I would benefit from a skin booster injection treatment?

The best way to find out if your skin will benefit from a booster session is to have an assessment at our Clinic in Hawthorn East (ask for Sandra).

  • If you have a good home care system, have gotten laser rejuvenation or skin peels, and are fanatical about wearing the right sunscreens, you’ll probably be keeping those lines and wrinkles a bit at bay.
  • But even so, time, repeated facial expressions and hormonal changes that occur with ageing, lead to wrinkles.

So perhaps your facial wrinkles, forehead lines or crow’s feet are becoming more noticeable AND you’d like just a bit of help to ease them into being less prominent on your brow, cheeks or forehead.

That’s when a skin booster treatment can help.  It actually helps revitalise AND strengthen your skin structures.

Smooth skin refinement addresses lines and wrinkles

Here’s the TECHNIQUE description for Skin Booster Injections using Dermal Fillers.

There are a few options for skin booster sessions.

  • There’s a traditional skin booster session, that uses dermal filler only.
  • There’s another option that uses dermal fillers combined with other “nutritional” or moisturising substances.
    • amino acids
    • anti-oxidants
    • vitamin(s) such as B6
    • other solutions
  • This makes the Skin Booster Injections a combination of an injectable dermal filler WITH the added benefits of mesotherapy (skin needling with skin serums).

Each patient may be best off with a specific skin booster approach, and this is why you need an assessment with a Cosmetic Doctor before proceeding.

  • Not everyone will benefit from the same type of treatments.
  • But across age ranges and skin concerns, Skin Booster Injections can refresh the skin and reduce crepey-looking skin or dull skin.

Skin Boosters Techniques: Injecting Dermal Fillers across the face, decolletage, hands or under eyes

For more information on the procedure and techniques used, send us an enquiry form today.

Or phone us on (03) 8849 1444 to request an assessment for your suitability for Skin Booster Injections at our Melbourne based Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing Clinic.

Synopsis of a Technique for Skin Booster Injecting Sessions by Dr Tina Purdon, Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing

The treatment is performed using an injector ‘gun’ – in which micro-droplets of the solution are distributed EVENLY over the skin.

  • Gives a natural result.
  • Perfect option for nearly all age groups over 18.
  • Requires 3 appointments spaced 2-4 weeks apart for best results.

Helps improve:

  • skin hydration
  • complexion/skin texture
  • fine lines


  • Mild Skin Redness
  • Possible Bruising
  • Small raised bumps (looks like mosquito bites) appear immediately after treatment, these are the micro-droplets of the product, and these tend to settle in 24 hours.

Then wait a few weeks and see the results of more luminous skin!

Facial Rejuvenation Guide Download

Find out more by phoning us today!

Subtle enhancements are now available – Skin Boosters for treating Ageing or Dry Skin

  • You may not feel it, but looking healthier and younger is typically only a few simple, subtle enhancements away.
  • Talking to a skilled, highly-experienced skin rejuvenation professional, who understands facial ageing, anatomy, injecting strategies and a variety of filler products – is like talking with an artist of rejuvenation.
  • And the best part is, if it’s done by a skilled, experienced professional — avoiding the over-filled syndrome and replacing lost moisture –  then no one would ever know!



How soon do Skin Booster Injections start to work?

  • As with most cosmetic injections, you’ll usually see results a few weeks after treatment – and after any redness or swelling resolves.  (Not all clients experience redness, or swelling, but some do – ask your Clinician about what to expect).
  • You should begin to notice smoother, plumper looking skin in approximately a few weeks’ time.
  • What’s making this happen is that the injected dermal filler solution treatment is working with your natural healing responses to help improve your collagen levels, as well as moisture retention and other normal skin functions.

Try a booster session when you’re getting your next LIP FILLER top up at Coco Ruby in Melbourne (conveniently accessible from Melbourne’s CBD, Hawthorn East, near Auburn, Balywn, Camberwell, Richmond, Toorak and Kew).  Plenty of FREE parking nearby, too!

Facial Rejuvenation Guide Download

Phone our Cosmetic Injectors and Acne Experts on (03) 8849 1444 and request a skin care or cosmetic injection assessment if you suffer from dry, ageing skin or from Rosacea, Melasma, acne, acne scars or very oily skin.

More information about Cosmetic Injections including Skin Boosters, phone (03) 8849 1444 or send an enquiry form today.

Ready to BOOST your skin with dermal filler injections?

  • Wouldn’t it be nice to see a healthy, vivacious appearance staring back at you from the mirror?
  • And how great will it feel to hear compliments about how refreshed your skin is looking, after the school break (or holiday period) – instead of people asking if you’re tired or angry – simply because forehead wrinkles have become ingrained?  
  • Get a booster treatment and anti-wrinkle treatment package – ask your Clinician for details.

** Note – the skin booster cosmetic injections treatment can be done at ANY time, so long as you’re a suitable candidate and have no immediate contraindications.


  • For most suitable treatment candidates, boosters typically have limited downtime.
  • Although some sensitive skin types may have a period of redness or minor swelling for a few days after treatment. This should pass within a few days to up to 2 weeks (maximum for most patients).
  • Your Clinician will advise you on what cover-up makeup, if any, can be worn, and when you can start (but cover up makeup is often NOT needed).
  • If you have recurring acne, see one of our Dermal Clinicians for treatment options.

Ask your clinician for a detailed list about recovery and risks of skin booster treatments before you proceed, but beware cheap injecting clinics who may not have the right range of injectables or who may take shortcuts – these can be dangerous as seen recently in Sydney.

Read the article about BOTCHED lip injections, here.

So choose your cosmetic injector carefully!

That’s why here at Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing, we only offer injections from our very skilled Cosmetic Injectors who have decades of experience. They work alongside some of Melbourne’s most respected Plastic Surgeons.

Ask for Sandra by phoning (03) 8849 1444.

As many patients have discovered, subtle changes using Skin Boosters and other Cosmetic Injectable strategies can make the world of difference.

In the example of a patient, shown below, who was treated at Coco Ruby (at our other location last year), you can see the difference in appearance that these treatments can accomplish.

Phone (03) 8849 1444 and find out what we can do to help YOU have better-looking skin.

In addition to skin booster injections for skin texture and tone improvements, muscle relaxing injections and dermal fillers can greatly reduce the aged appearance of a face.

  • A 49-year-old patient had one injectables treatment (25 units) to reduce forehead wrinkles that were very visible when she frowned or engaged in other facial expressions.
  • Two weeks later, the wrinkles are significantly reduced – the anti-ageing effects are expected to last for up to three to six months.
  • Note the patient is attempting the same facial expression(s), but cannot wrinkle her forehead or recreate the deep lines whilst the treatment is in effect.
  • Then the time is now.

Send an enquiry form or phone and ask for an appointment with a Senior Nurse Injector or Cosmetic Physician at our Hawthorn East office on (03) 8849 1444.

Please note that you will need to be assessed for suitability of cosmetic injection treatments.

So if this is your FIRST time with our Clinic, even if you’ve had facial skin injections before, let your Cosmetic Injector, Skin Care or Dermal Clinician Consultant know when you call to schedule an appointment.


Try our SKIN BOOSTER injections – you’ll love how it helps your skin look more radiant over time!

We look forward to getting you natural-looking enhancements that are subtle yet effective in improving your looks. Phone (03) 8849 1444 (new patients) or (03) 8849 1400 (existing patients) to schedule an appointment.


So after the school holiday’s or around Mother’s Day is a great time to look into new ways to improve your skin and restore your healthy glow.

Bring back your healthy-looking, vibrant skin….with just a bit of help.

  • Isn’t it time to let yourself look your best?

Skin Boosters Technique – Dermal Fillers Injections for Rejuvenation and Revitalisation of the Face, Decolletage and Hands

Skin Boosters:  This treatment can be effective for restoring a more luminous glow to dull-looking skin; and it’s a great cosmetic injecting option for winter.

But not all patients will be good candidates for skin booster sessions.

You’ll need an assessment to find out which is better for you – skin booster injections, dermal filler injections for feature augmentation and volume restoration, or skin needling and pigmentation peels.

Phone (03) 8849 1444 to find out which type of consultation you’ll likely want to start with – e.g., a Dermal Clinician for facial peels and skin laser treatments; or a Cosmetic Physician for cosmetic injections or skin booster sessions (or a combination of both).

We have two talented Cosmetic Injectors at Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing; Cosmetic Physician Dr Tina Purdon and Senior Nurse Injector Sandra Wallace.

Skilled Cosmetic Injectors in Melbourne: Dr Tina Purdon is our  Cosmetic Injector at Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing in Melbourne

Meet Dr Tina Purdon and phone (03) 8849 1444 to schedule your cosmetic injections assessment or repeat treatments.

In the hands of adept injectors, the results of facial enhancements using dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxers should appear natural looking. They should also be relatively long-lasting – although they will need to be refreshed or topped up every 4 to 12 months, depending on what you’ve had done, and how your skin responds.

But botched cosmetic injecting jobs are not uncommon in Australia.

  • Avoid going to a cheap clinic where you’re uncertain of the qualifications – and experience – of the person injecting you.
  • Also, be sure you find out EXACTLY what they are using – ask to see the box.
  • And there’s also a chance you may NOT be a suitable candidate – be sure you are honest about your medical history, whether or not you smoke, and whether or not you have a healthy lifestyle that includes proper nutrition and good sleep – because this DOES impact your skin AND your healing capacity.

These are pharmaceuticals and fake fillers have penetrated the Melbourne market – so be cautious when you think you are searching for discount cosmetic injections – you could end up in trouble!

So be sure you choose your Cosmetic Injector wisely. (Read our best beauty and skin care blogs on injectables including how to avoid common injecting treatment mistakes, such as ‘puffer pout mouth’ or ‘filler face’).

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