Thinking about getting lip fillers?

What are Lip Fillers?

Lip Fillers are Dermal fillers used by talented Doctors and Nurses to help plump your lip area, even out your smile or fill-in thin or uneven lips. They are usually acid-based gel-like fillers and are usually the same dermal fillers or “volumisers” that are used in other areas of the face to increase facial volume, restore lost volume and help fill in or reduce deep lines or skin creases.

In other words, these gel-like volumisers consist of a thick hydrating fluid that is naturally found in the connective tissues of your body. Dermal fillers are temporary, which makes them an effective, attractive and safer choice for lip plumping than some other permanent products or surgeries.  They are non-animal, scientifically stabilised products that also contain a local anaesthetic, to reduce discomfort and inflammation during the injecting process.

Most new injecting patients are surprised that injections are not uncomfortable to get – because of the effects of the local anaesthetic AND because our top team at Coco Ruby know all the tricks and secrets of injecting in the least uncomfortable way.  Ask YOUR injector how they suggest minimising discomfort during a procedure – and you’ll likely find out that having good injecting skills for dermal filler is part of having a more comfortable injecting session. A highly skilled injector can also do a lot to prevent tenderness and bruising after fillers, although every patient IS different and you may have some of these transitional side effects, especially if you are prone to bruising or have sensitive skin.  It’s important you know what to do to prepare for your injections session and for AFTER care once you’ve had dermal fillers including lip injections, so be sure to ask for details.  Some patients even find rapid recovery products, like arnica, or even zinc, may be valuable – ask your Nutritionist or Injector for details about what patient’s say about good injection preparation strategies.

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What do lip fillers or lip plumping injections actually do to your lips?

Lip fillers plump the lips, increasing them in size (volume) or even changing their shape by selectively placed volumisation fillers.  Lip fillers, done by an experienced Clinician, can also help to correct smile asymmetry, define the lip border, and differentiate the size and shape of the top and bottom lips.

Using Dermal Fillers and Cosmetic Injections for Lips: The patient in the photo already had good lip volume, so only needed a nice enhancement for a good result.

Cosmetic injections to lips using good strategies may give you a lovely pout-enhancing or smile-balancing effect – which has an impact on your overall facial appearance.

  • Lip fillers can actually improve your overall facial appearance by giving it a more youthful look and more balance between the different areas of your face.
  • This varies from person to person but if a high-quality product is used, you should only need your lips injected once a year.

In the image below, a patient with thin lips and visible signs of ageing (lip lines above lips) gets a fuller yet natural lip enhancement look from Senior Injector Sandra Wallace (Hawthorn).

With slightly plumper lips, the fine lines above and around the lips start to become less apparent. This is yet another reason lip enhancements have a facial rejuvenation effect – they leave your lips and the area around your lips looking just a bit younger in a subtle way that actually helps to improve your entire facial appearance.

Muscle Relaxants for Lips: Lip Injections using Wrinkle or Muscle Relaxing Injecting Products

A small injection of muscle relaxant injections along your upper lip can also help stop the upper lip from curling under when you smile.

This is an alternative to lip fillers for patients who have substantial lip volume and shape, but their top lip disappears when they smile.

An example of this lip injection strategy is shown in the image below.


Is there such a thing as over-filled lips?

Yes, learn how to avoid going overboard with lip filler!

  • Thin lips are not as alluring as fuller lips, but you don’t want to go too far either.
  • That’s why our Injectors take such great care in the planning of your lip volumisation injections – to be sure they suit your current lip shape, facial shape and overall appearance without looking ‘overdone.’


How long do lip fillers last?

Every patient varies. In general, your results from getting lip plumping injections should last between approximately 9-12 months. Sometimes its a bit less and sometimes a bit longer. It can readily vary depending on what injection brand is used as well as the injecting strategy for lip plumping.

A good injector will get you a subtle but aesthetically pleasing enhancement and will avoid having you look like your lips have been over-filled or over-injected. Note the natural-looking enhancements in the sample before and after lip plumping injections photos, below, using a quality dermal filler injected by Senior Injecting RN, Sandra Wallace (Hawthorn).


What makes for a quality injectable experience and a natural-looking outcome that means you’ll love the look of your new lips?

There are some things you should and shouldn’t do in preparation for a dermal filler injection, including for lip enhancements using temporary dermal fillers.

Being treated by a highly experienced lip injector ensures your existing lip contour is taken into account, which should result in a subtly fuller, natural-looking pout.

Our Injecting Team includes some of the most talented facial volumisers in Melbourne, Australia.  These include Cosmetic Physician Dr Tina Purdon and our Senior Nurse Injector, Sandra Wallace who has 5 to 20 years of experience in working with cosmetic injecting.

This includes extensive experience administering anti-wrinkle injections or dermal fillers for lips, cheeks, chins, jawlines, noses, temples, and eyelid areas (tear trough area).

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