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Cheek Fillers in Melbourne:  Using Dermal Fillers to help reduce the visible impacts of Facial Ageing and Atrophy

Is your face looking tired, angry or saggy? Chances are, if you’re over the age of 40, you’ll have noticed your facial skin has started to sag or droop in appearance.  The skin can start to look dull, sunken or hallowed; and you may even have a “heavy” looking appearance in your lower face or along your jawline.

Volume loss in the face occurs through ageing, and the cheek area is one of the areas that bone loss and fat pad reduction shows the most.  That’s why Dermal Fillers to the cheek area (Cheek Filler Injections) are so popular for non-surgical, liquid face-lifts. For more on Dermal Fillers and what they can accomplish, click here.

Why Dermal Fillers and Cheek Fillers are so popular for anti-ageing:

  • Restoring facial volume to reduce sagging can be achieved through cheek filler injections, for suitable candidates.

How this works is for a Cosmetic Physician or Injecting Nurse to add filler volume to the cheek and/or under-cheek area, strategically, to restore volume and reduce skin sagging.

The restored facial volume through cheek filler injections

  • technically LIFTS the skin
  • elevates/lifts the dropped fat pads
  • gives a subtle improvement in the sagging appearance

Benefits of Cheek Fillers – Replacing lost volume gives a:

  • fresher
  • prettier
  • more youthful
  • less tired
  • less saggy
  • less hallowing under the cheeks

Are you a Candidate for Cheek Fillers?

  • heavy looking lower face
  • indents just under where the cheek bones sit (looks like depressions/hallows)
  • heavy looking nasal folds