Anti-Wrinkle Injections in Melbourne – Hawthorn/Camberwell/Kew Area

Cosmetic Treatments including Muscle Relaxing, Anti-Wrinkle Injections: Benefits of Cosmetic Injectables

  • Nearly everyone has heard of anti-wrinkle injection treatments, using muscle relaxing injectable solutions. 
  • Many of us over the age of 40 have made use of their restorative and rejuvenating effects.
  • Some women and men are even using cosmetic injections and wrinkle treatments as a wrinkle prevention measure.
  • Whilst not all patients are suitable for injections, for the right candidate, they can effectively reduce lines or wrinkles, refresh the appearance or enhance a feature.
  • The primary use of anti-wrinkle injections is to relax muscles that lead to deep lines or wrinkles, or for reducing unevenness in brows, lips/smiles or other areas of the face.

Whether called by their formal brand names or better known as wrinkle relaxing muscle-relaxing injections, cosmetic injections are powerful tools that can help us keep our faces looking fresher, younger and more rested. But like all cosmetic treatments that involve skin penetration, there ARE risks and every patient’s results will vary. Read the information before you consent to treatments and please – choose your injector and facility carefully. Read our TOP cosmetic treatment blog for the latest non-surgical treatment and cosmetic industry news.

What Are Anti Wrinkle (Muscle Relaxant) Injections?

Anti-wrinkle injections are used to combat lines and wrinkles in the skin and on the face.

The Coco Ruby team uses a range of special muscle relaxant injectables which essentially disable particular muscles which are causing the wrinkles and creases.

Anti wrinkle injections is a prescription-only medicine so the treatment is performed by a qualified medical professional.

Best TGA approved muscle relaxant solution injector in Melbourne

We have a number of Cosmetic Injecting Clinicians that can assist with anti-wrinkle injections and offer a facial consult prior to treatment.

  • Muscle relaxant injections last for around 3-6 months.
  • Muscle relaxants can also be used to treat hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating), teeth grinding and to prevent lips from curling under.

How do Anti Wrinkle Injections work?

  • Anti wrinkle injections work on relaxing the dynamic muscles that are responsible for wrinkle formation.
  • A purified natural protein is injected in to the area which binds to parts of the muscle that normally receive signals from nerve endings.
  • This allows the muscle to relax, reducing the skin creases or wrinkles that is normally produced by the persistent contraction of these muscles.
  • The active ingredient is a carefully processed-form of a bacteria-derived toxin, made in sterile laboratory conditions in much the same way as penicillin is manufactured from mold.

Small amounts are injected in to the skin and this results in relaxation of the muscle movement. This can help to reduce unwanted wrinkles including:

  • Frown lines
  • Crow’s feet (lines around the eyes)
  • Horizontal forehead lines and eyebrow lifting
  • Lines above the lip and gummy smile
  • Dimples on chin
  • Hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating)

The effect should be noticeable within a few days, giving a fresh and rejuvenated appearance.

TGA approved muscle relaxant solution before and after

Am I a Candidate for Anti-Wrinkle Injectable Treatments?

  • Is your skin looking as youthful as you would like?
  • Do your facial wrinkles leave you looking older than how you feel?
  • Do you have facial lines, crows feet or deep wrinkle troughs?
  • Are you wanting to reduce the lines on your forehead?

If your family or friends suggest that you look worried or tired, our Coco Ruby Team can help you smooth out the appearance of deep lines and forehead wrinkles to help you regain a more youthful complexion using high quality anti-wrinkle injections and experienced injection approaches:

  • Looking tired? You may need tear trough filler
  • Look sad?  You may need Anti Wrinkle injections or fillers or a treatment to upturn the corners of your mouth if they are in a ‘permanent’ frown
  • Look gaunt? You may need filler to cheeks/jaw to re-inflate
  • Look angry/mean? You may need Anti Wrinkle injections

As your face lengthens with age and loses volume, your skin tends to sag, wrinkle and thin over time.


Natural ageing processes and sun damage causes volume loss of facial muscle, fat and tissue and the sagging & wrinkling of your overlying skin.

As your skin becomes lax and sags, lines and wrinkles form or deepen, and bone atrophy also creates a more ‘downward’ look to the entire face – somewhat of a reverse triangle that is common when you’re very young.

There are wrinkles, and then there are wrinkles!

  • Static wrinkles are those that occur as consequence of ageing of the skin.
  • Sleep wrinkles are caused by lying on the side of the face in bed. These form oblique lines across the cheeks.
  • Dynamic wrinkles are those caused by the repeated use of the muscles of facial expression.

There are many types of wrinkles including horizontal forehead wrinkles, the vertical wrinkles above the nose between the eyebrows, the horizontal wrinkles across the bridge of the nose and down the sides of the upper part of the nose, the so-called ‘crows feet’ at the corners of the eye, the wrinkles of the lower eyelid.

  • The upper face (eyes, forehead) is often the most frequent area of complaint in relation to ageing facial skin, followed by the lines or wrinkles around the mouth or sagging jawline skin.
  • The eyes and forehead age faster for most people because they are used to blink and to make facial expressions.
  • Anti-Wrinkle Injections can be used as a treatment or earlier in life in a preventative manner to reduce lines and wrinkles and leave the face looking more rested and youthful.

One notable exception to the eye area and forehead area being the facial location that often shows deeper wrinkles first, is the down-sloping grooves at each corner of the mouth.

  • This is due to over action or repeated action of muscles that depress the corners of the mouth in a downward direction.
  • Drinking, eating, chewing and smoking can also make these lines appear deeper and more prominent.


Are Anti Wrinkle Injections painful?

  • Some patients prefer local anaesthesia to numb the area being injected to maximise comfort during treatment.
  • There can be a slight sting with the injection however the vast majority of patients find treatment very comfortable.
  • The small about of pain you feel can be significantly reduced by finding an injector with a gentle touch and choosing an injector that how knows to avoid the many facial nerves.

Anti-wrinkle injections are for reducing lines and wrinkles – and can be used across most areas of the face.

cosmetic injections hawthorn camberwell kew - Best Botox Xeomin Dysport INjections

Areas where anti-wrinkle injections (cosmetic injectables) are most frequently used:

  • Between the brow (concentration lines)
  • Upper forehead lines
  • Crow’s feet around the eyes
  • Frown lines around the mouth
  • Vertical lip lines (but these can sometimes be helped by lip augmentation, which expands the lip volume slightly and may help reduce fine lines above the lip).

Anti-Wrinkle Injections/Cosmetic Injections have many uses – but they are a prescription cosmetic medical treatment and you need to be sure you understand the process, post-treatment care and injecting risks. Ask your Clinician for details by booking an assessment to see if you’re a good candidate for cosmetic injectables treatments – phone (03) 8849 1444 or send an enquiry form, below.

Dermal Filler Injections page – click here to find out where dermal fillers are used.

Cosmetic Injections: Not just for anti-ageing

Some individuals use anti-wrinkle injectables and cosmetic injections to help correct a gummy looking smile (helping to drop the upper lip into place above the teeth when too much gum area is showing).

Anti-wrinkle injections (muscle relaxing injections) have been used to:

(a) reduce or remove unwanted lines and wrinkles (temporarily)

(b) treat hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating)

(c) correct a gummy smile

(d) reduce frequent headaches or TMJ that is linked with facial tension and jaw clenching]

Facial Rejuvenation Guide Download

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Choose from a  popular range of mineral makeup such as GloMinerals makeup, effective sunscreens from Obagi, PCA and DNA Renewal, Medik8 and Obagi and other top-rated cosmeceutical skin care products.

Most of all, skillfully applied cosmetic facial injections can help your skin look more radiant and rested, with minimal treatment time and less risks than facial surgery.

  • Injections are also more affordable than face surgery, although may be combined with a facelift or other rejuvenating facial surgery procedure for optimal results.
  • For example, some people choose a Liquid Rhinoplasty (temporary) instead of a surgical Rhinoplasty.

Ask us about a Liquid Rhinoplasty (non-surgical rhinoplasty) which may involve a combination of dermal filler injections and/or anti-wrinkle injections, depending on what you’re aiming to accomplish.

Are cosmetic injections and wrinkle relaxing injections considered low risk?

  • There are risks involved with injections, which is why you need to read the consent form carefully AND understand how to care for your skin before and after injections.
  • Injections in the hands of a skilled Clinician with a solid knowledge of facial anatomy and vascularity differences in faces, have minimal risks for suitable patients; but they are not, however, risk free.

Be sure to explore the benefits and injecting risks before consenting to a cosmetic injection procedure.

Also, be sure you follow your Injecting Clinician’s instructions precisely to minimise complication risks after getting injections (don’t fly for at least 2 weeks after facial fillers).

  • Know that results can vary from patient to patient and there can be some variability in how long the injections last.
  • Anti-wrinkle injections need to be done at least 2 weeks before a big event (such as a wedding) and results take a few weeks to become visible, as the injected solution relaxes the muscles over time.
  • Repeat treatments are often needed (top up injections) – but the skill of your injector – and your skin’s reaction – may allow you to go a lot longer between sessions (make sure they are using a real vs fake cosmetic injection solution, and are not over diluting it).

Not all candidates are suitable for cosmetic injections – and you’ll need a health/medical assessment before proceeding.

What do anti-wrinkle injections DO for men and women?

anti-wrinkle injections and cosmetic injections camberwell hawthorn melbourne

Anti-Wrinkle treatments with Muscle Relaxing Injections can help reduce unwanted wrinkles and soften facial lines including:

Other uses of muscle relaxing injections have included treatments related to:

What causes facial wrinkles in the first place?

TGA approved muscle relaxant solution facial rejuvenation - skin health - laser skin -hair removal

  • Primarily, the muscles and skin of the face age over time.
  • Skin looses collagen and skin folds and lines form after decades of repeated facial expressions.
  • Getting too much sun also damages the skin, and leads to an increase in skin concerns such as pigmentation, deeper lines and wrinkles.

And it doesn’t even need to be said that smoking is one of the absolute WORST things you can do for your skin.  So is having poor nutrition and inadequate water intake.

  • Sometimes the wrinkles you see on your face relate to a loss of skeletal volume.
  • That’s because bones deteriorate and atrophy over time and with ageing.
  • Volume can be replaced with Dermal Filler injections and the combined effect of anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers can be very rejuvenating and long lasting.
  • In the image below, a patient is getting her cheek bones “re-volumised” after bone loss related to ageing.
  • This type of cheek augmentation – done properly using the right amounts of dermal filler – boosts the entire appearance of the face.

The key to getting a natural looking result with Dermal Fillers and Anti-Wrinkle Injections is to choose a strategic, highly experienced cosmetic Injector.

Find out more about our highly skilled Cosmetic Injecting Team in Melbourne: Dr Tina Purdon & Sandra Wallace.

Phone (03) 8849 1444 today.


Why choose our Cosmetic Injecting Team?

  • We offer a many brands of popular anti-ageing cosmetic treatments, including cosmetic injectables and anti-wrinkle solutions.
  • Each individual treatment is tailored to your specific needs.
  • We are very careful with sterility and we take precautionary patient selection measures for injection sessions – patient-safety standards and sterile injecting protocols remain our top priorities.
  • We understand facial anatomy and individual differences – this helps reduce the risks you might experience if you chose a less trained clinician or a cheap injecting clinic, or home injecting by an unknown clinician; as some discount offers on injectables use individuals who have NOT had decades of cosmetic injecting experience
  • Read more about our Melbourne Cosmetic Injecting Clinicians

What are Anti-Wrinkle Injections using, exactly?

Lip Filler Disasters with lip Augmentation - secrets-to-lip-augmentation-injections

Anti-wrinkle injections treat lines and wrinkles in the skin by relaxing and temporarily disabling certain facial muscles. The effects wear offer after a period of several months.

Multiple treatments may be needed if your wrinkles are very ingrained and deep; and sometimes injections are best off when combined with skin resurfacing such as Dermapen/Micro-needling, DOT therapy, peels or skin laser treatments.

Anti-Wrinkle Solutions and Dermal Fillers: Top Brands that are reputable are usually better tolerated than unknown formulas that may be used by cheap injection clinics

  • The active ingredient for the muscle relaxant injection solutions are derived from bacteria in sterile laboratory conditions. This product has a variety of medical and cosmetic uses and has been used effectively for several decades, with a long history of efficacy and patient-safety and complications reporting.
  • All injection treatments carry risks, however.  They ARE considered to be a Schedule 4 Pharmaceutical product and are invasive as they involve skin penetration. Be sure you understand your risks.
  • Depending on what you’re choosing, your injector may use a muscle relaxer pharmaceutical product or a dermal filler of varying consistency.
  • We only use reputable, well proven dermal filler brands and wrinkle relaxing solutions at Coco Ruby.
  • Essentially, these solutions are injected in to the area to relax wrinkle causing muscles, creating a refreshed look.

Anti-wrinkle injection is a prescription-only medicine so the treatment is performed by a qualified medical professional.

How do Anti-Wrinkle Injections work on lines and wrinkles?

Bullhorn lip injection effect, flip lip, lip flip injections, filler

Anti-wrinkle injections work by relaxing the dynamic muscles that are responsible for wrinkle formation. Small amounts are injected in to the skin, superficially, and this results in relaxation of the muscle movement.

When will I see results from cosmetic injections for wrinkles – and how long does it last?

  • Generally, some people will begin to see the results of cosmetic injections within a few days of their treatment, but it typically takes 7 to 10 – even up to 2 to 3 weeks – to see the actual final results.
  • Remember, these are temporary – and ask your Clinician how to care for your skin after having injections (don’t do strenuous exercise right away either).

The effects of anti-wrinkle injections usually last up to up to 3 to 4 months and the longevity of the effect INCREASES with continued treatments.

If you have regular treatments, over time, the effects may last longer and the skin will look better.

How do I maintain the results of my muscle-relaxing injections or anti-wrinkle cosmetic injection treatments?

  • Regular anti-wrinkle injections may help improve the longevity of the treatment’s effects.
  • In addition, recurring cosmetic injection treatments may help reduce static wrinkles (these are wrinkles that are present even when your face is at rest).
  • Some patients notice they can typically wait longer between injection sessions over time; for some patients, it may be the reverse – it really depends on a variety of factors including muscles, anatomy, skin health and lifestyle as well as what solution is used and how much is used.
  • Our Aesthetic Doctor or Nurse Injector can discuss a treatment plan for regular anti-wrinkle injections for you.

What are possible side effects of anti-wrinkle injections, double chin submental fat reduction injections or dermal filler injections?

  • In the treatment of upper facial lines, the doses that are used are small.
  • In most cases, any side effects or unwanted effects are usually temporary, and are limited to where the treatment was injected.
  • In the treatment of neck fat/under chin fat accumulation using under chin fat reduction injection treatments to reduce a double chin, your Injecting Clinician will give you detailed information about the potential side effects, risks or contraindications.
  • In some unlucky situations, there could be a more serious complication; which is why you need to choose your injector very carefully.

Possible side effects of cosmetic injections including Muscle-Relaxing Anti-Wrinkle Injections, Dermal Fillers or Double Chin Injection Treatments include:

  • Bruising
  • Discomfort in the treated areas
  • Marks where the needle or cannula was inserted
  • Swelling or redness at injection site
  • Local muscle weakness including drooping of the eyelid or eyebrows
  • Tingling sensations
  • Itching or aching forehead
  • Sensations or sensitivity in the treated areas
  • Headaches
  • Nausea and flu-like symptoms
  • Other risks associated with dermal fillers or cosmetic injections (which may be minimised by good sterilisation procedures and a highly skilled injecting strategy implemented by an experienced Cosmetic Injector)

Most side effects from cosmetic injections last only a few days – but some people with sensitivities may experience these for a longer period.
Discuss this in detail with your clinician before proceeding, and DO be sure you understand ALL risks from cosmetic injection treatments.

Remember, too, that individual results can vary.

If you’re thinking about fillers, be sure you know about the Filler Danger Zones, why you shouldn’t fly just after facial fillers and other important tips for cosmetic injections including Muscle Relaxing Injections and Lip Fillers.

Can Anti-Wrinkle Injection treatments be combined with other products and procedures?


Many people combine anti-wrinkle injection treatments with other cosmetic procedures such as dermal filler injections and skin treatments that help improve skin tone, texture and quality.

Our clinicians can discuss an individual treatment plan to help you reach your facial enhancement and rejuvenation goals.

Muscle Relaxing Injections and Dermal Fillers Combined


Cosmetic Treatments for Facial Rejuvenation with or without surgery

Anti-Wrinkle, muscle-relaxing injections are often also combined with Dermal Filler injections and lip filler treatments. These combined injecting strategies help patients achieve restoration of lost facial volume, which rejuvenates the facial appearance.

Injections to enhance your features can be made in the cheek area, jawline, crow’s feet area around the eyes, the temples, and more. They can also be used to augment the lips by replacing lost lip volume.

This helps rejuvenate the entire facial appearance.

But read about how to avoid LIP FILLER DISASTERS such as over-volumised lips after lip injections.

Combining Dermal Fillers with Anti-Wrinkle Injections for Full Facial Rejuvenation Benefits – cheeks, lips, jawlines, chin area, crow’s feet, brows, temples and foreheads being the most popular injection areas.

We also perform Under Chin Injection Treatments to reduce the appearance of a double chin.

Shown below is a cheek augmentation injecting procedure performed on a patient who wanted more pronounced yet natural-looking cheek augmentation using dermal filler injections.

She had both anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers for a full-face rejuvenation effect.


Top 5 Facial Augmentation Procedures using Cosmetic Injectables, Lip Plumping Fillers and Dermal Fillers include:

  • Cheek augmentation using dermal filler injections
  • Lip Augmentation using Lip Fillers and Lip Injections
  • Temple volume restoration
  • Tear Trough Reduction Injections
  • Double Chin injection treatment for a firmer, more youthful looking neckline or jawline (under chin injections to reduce a ‘double chin’)

We also now offer Double Chin Injection Treatment for lower face rejuvenation including reduction of submental fat in the neckline or jawline area (reducing the appearance of a double chin).  Ask Dr Tina Purdon for more information on that popular “non-surgical neck lift” procedure.