Cosmetic Injectables in Melbourne – Anti-Wrinkle Injections, Fillers & much more! 

  • Are you concerned about the lines and wrinkles on your skin? Our injectables and anti-ageing treatments can help.

Best quality injectables and anti-ageing treatments for reducing wrinkles. Anti-Ageing Injectables for Non-Surgical Facial and Skin Rejuvenation

Plus quality Dermal Volumisers (fillers) to help contour your lips, cheeks and face.

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Anti-Ageing Injectables for Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation

Our Team offers a number of treatments using high-quality, undiluted injectables, including:

  • Wrinkle reducers (line reducers)
  • Dermal Volumisers (fillers)
  • Lip Enhancements (natural-looking lip plumping)
  • Eyelid Anti-Ageing Treatments
  • Hyperhydrosis Treatments (injectables treatment for excessive sweating)
  • Tension Headache Injections – to relieve headaches

The use of injectables for best facial enhancement results requires FOUR key things:

  1. Qualified and highly-experienced injectors
  2. High quality products
  3. Clinicians who are dedicated to the art & science of facial enhancement using injectables (fillers or muscle relaxant products)
  4.  Honesty and Integrity regarding what they can achieve for you and when it’s time to try a surgical solution.

Are you a candidate for Injectables or Dermal Volumisers including Lip Enhancement products?

Our high-quality treatments offer excellent results which can last between 3 to 6 months (line reduction) to 6 to 10 months on average (volumisers or fillers). This can vary between patients and between treatment sessions.

injectables and anti-ageing treatments eyelid-rejuvenation-treatments-remove-wrinkles

We focus on realistic, natural-looking enhancements

We pride ourselves on the fine artistry of precise injection strategies so you can get the best results from your treatment sessions

We prioritise facial enhancement artistry and natural looking results.  We’re also honest and upfront about what will get you the best results for what you want to achieve. So we’ll let you know WHEN you can still improve your appearance with Injectables treatments and when that’s no longer the best option, or inappropriate for a natural looking outcome.  When surgical options become a better solution for your skin and facial ageing concerns, we’ll help you assess which procedure(s) will help.

Different types of injectable treatments and how to find the right Injector for facial rejuvenation

Anti-wrinkle injectables give you a good option to help slow down the visible ageing process. How? By minimising lines and wrinkles, Cosmetic Injections assist you to combat the effects of time, sun damage and sun damage on your face. The right injections in the right place by a highly skilled Cosmetic Injecting Clinician can help rejuvenate & refresh your skin, giving you a smoother finish and a natural looking, yet more-youthful looking, skin surface.

Injectables can be used to remove frown lines, crow’s feet, and forehead lines and to maintain facial expression for a naturally beautiful look.

Injectables can can also be used to remove tear troughs, replace lost volume, replace moisture (the new Skin Booster micro injections) and enhance key features such as jaw line, cheeks and lips.




Coco Ruby Skin Clinic’s are Melbourne’s premium facial rejuvenation team providing detailed facial analysis consultation prior to treatment.

The biggest advantage at Coco Ruby Clinics is that our Clinicians and their colleagues (Plastic Surgeons and Liposuction Surgeons) offer a complete range of facial and body rejuvenation techniques – everything from non-surgical peels, lasers and injectables right through to plastic cosmetic surgery such as Eyelid Lift Surgery, Facelift, Neck lift surgery, Body Contouring including Tummy Tucks or Liposuction or Breast Surgery.

We have much more than injectables.

We have a complete range of tools and techniques to deliver an amazing aesthetic facial result.

Experience for yourself why we have some of the top anti-ageing injections and Clinicians in Melbourne (and our locations are expanding).

In order to look great and get the best possible results from your anti-ageing efforts, you’ll want to book a facial consultation with our Cosmetic Medical Consultant, Dr Tina Purdon, our Senior Injecting Clinician Sandra, or one of our facial Plastic Surgeons.

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How Injectable Treatments Can Help You

Anti-wrinkle injections can help you look and more youthful and vibrant and give you:

  • Noticeable reductions in visible lines around your mouth or nose
  • Smoother skin with a more even complexion
  • Less wrinkling of the skin around your lips, eyes and forehead
  • Fuller, plumper lips or reduced crow’s feat
  • Younger looking eyes and lips

TGA approved muscle relaxant solution side effects

Injectable Muscle Relaxants can be used to Treat or Prevent Wrinkles and significantly reduce

  • Frown lines
  • Brow heaviness
  • Forehead lines
  • Crows feet repair
  • Chin Dimpling
  • Naso-labial folds

Injectables like Dermal Fillers can help you look and feel younger with

  • Smoother, younger looking skin
  • Brighter, attractive eyes
  • Healthy glowing cheeks
  • Fuller plump lips
  • A radiant smile

Skillful use of dermal fillers can return the plumpness, energy and vibrancy to your face.

If you restore facial volume and reduce wrinkles – you’ll look fresher, energetic and more alert.

TGA approved muscle relaxant solution cost

Natural-looking lip repair or lip enhancements can significantly improve

  • smoker’s lines around the lip
  • down turned lip corners
  • uneven lips
  • thin lips
  • the way lip makeup appears on your mouth
  • proportions of your smile – including remedying a ‘gummy’ smile

Additional Treatment Options using Injectables

  • Hyperhydrosis treatments for excessive sweating
  • Migraines
  • Teeth Grinding

Our Teams for Surgical and Non-surgical aesthetic procedures provide honest skin rejuvenation opinions and the latest cosmetic rejuvenation procedures to help you achieve natural and realistic results.


Do Cosmetic Injectables Hurt? What to know about Anti-Wrinkle Injections and Dermal Fillers

Dermal injections (cosmetic dermal fillers) and cosmetic injections to relax or reduce wrinkles are increasingly popular. But do cosmetic injections hurt?  Here’s what to know before you go.

  1. Most injecting clinicians can offer you numbing cream if required. It must be applied at least 45 minutes to 1 hour in advance, however – and using cling-wrap products can sometimes help to keep the cream in place.
  2. Some of the products have ‘built in’ local anaesthetic, which greatly reduces most discomfort.
  3. Some Clinicians use pain-blocking types of numbing solution injections prior to the injections – this works a treat!
  4. The needles or cannulas are micro-fine (super tiny) in diameter – meaning, cosmetic injections are less intrusive and LESS painful than nearly most other types of injections.
  5. Ice packs or cool packs can be held on the area immediately before the injection, and immediately afterwards, to ease any discomfort – you’ll be surprised how much this helps!
  6. The skill of your Cosmetic injector for dermal fillers and for cosmetic anti-wrinkle injections or lip plumping injections can make ALL the difference in how much pain you feel during the injections. Typically, with our Senior Injectors, it’s not much discomfort at all – and it’s over with in just a few seconds (it may sting very briefly but it’s usually less uncomfortable than, for example, laser hair removal or plucking).

young beautiful girl getting TGA approved muscle relaxant solution injection from a syringe


What is the normal Recovery downtime after Anti-Wrinkle Injections?

Occasionally there may be very small areas of bruising or swelling but generally there is very minimal “downtime” associated with treatment.

What are possible side effects after Anti-Wrinkle Injections?

Anti-wrinkle injections have been used for several decades for both cosmetic and reconstructive purposes.

Like any medication there is a risk of reactions but in general side effects are uncommon.

In the treatment of upper facial lines, the doses that are used are small. In most cases, any side effects are temporary, and are limited to where the treatment was injected.

Possible side effects include:

  • Bruising
  • Swelling or redness at injection site
  • Local muscle weakness including drooping of the eyelid or eyebrows
  • Tingling sensations
  • Itching or aching forehead
  • Headaches
  • Nausea and flu-like symptoms

Generally any side effects, such as minor redness and swelling, resolve after 24 hours.

When will I see results after Anti Wrinkle Injections?

Generally people start to see the results within 2-3 days of their treatment however it can take up to seven to ten days to see the final results.

How long will Anti Wrinkle Injections last?

The effects of anti wrinkle injections usually last up to up to 3 to 6 months and the longevity of the effect INCREASES with continued treatments. If you have regular treatments, the effects may last longer.

Ask our helpful Coco Ruby team for more information and a thorough facial consultation prior to treatment.

How do I maintain my results?

Regular anti wrinkle injections may help improve the longevity of the treatment’s effects.

In addition, regular treatment may help reduce static wrinkles that are present even when your face is at rest.

Our Nurse Injector can discuss a treatment plan for regular anti wrinkle injections for you.

What brand of Anti Wrinkle injections do Coco Ruby use?

Our skin rejuvenation team offers your choice of three top brands of high-quality muscle relaxants for reducing facial wrinkles and deep lines.

Ask about the leading Brand choices for injectables to reduce wrinkles during your Consultation.


How much do injectable Anti Wrinkle and Dermal Filler treatments cost?

This really depends on the type of injections or filler and how much you want.

It’s always best to start with less and add more at a later date if you feel you need it.

Ask our helpful CocoRuby team for more information and a thorough facial consultation prior to treatment.

How to find the right Injector to help with your Facial Rejuvenation

To help you find a qualified and experienced muscle relaxant injector for facial rejuvenation always check that your injector has the qualifications and experience to be performing any procedure on your body.

What questions should I ask?

  • Who will be doing the actual injecting and what are their qualifications?
  • How many clients has your injector treated?
  • What special training have they had?
  • Which brands of injectables do they use?
  • How sterile are their facilities?
  • Will there be onsite medical supervision and emergency support?
  • Do they provide adequate post-injection instructions for best results?
  • Can I view ‘Before and After’ images of patient they have worked with?
  • Do you feel they fully understand your aims and expectations?
  • What areas of the face does the injector focus on? Some sculpting treatments should be done by a practitioner with specific expertise in that technique.

Injectables checklist: Things to consider before you proceed

  • Choose a practitioner who is a qualified medical doctor, or supervised by one, to perform the procedure
  • Attend a consultation before committing to the injectables, and ask for a treatment plan to outline how much work you need and how often you’ll need to return
  • Consider the ongoing cost of keeping up with the treatments
  • Make sure you leave several days after attending your first consultation and before getting injectables to give you time to think about your decision

Tension Headache Injections to relieve the pain of chronic headache and migraines

Nearly everyone experiences headaches in some form, every now and then. However some people experience them a lot more frequently and intensely than others. While headaches are defined as pain ‘in any region of the head,’ the intensity of the pain, cause, duration and effects can vary drastically, depending on the type of headache.

10 Different Types of Headaches.

  1. allergy or sinus headaches
  2. hormone headaches
  3. tension headaches
  4. migraine headaches
  5. cluster headaches
  6. caffeine headaches
  7. exertion headaches
  8. hypertension headaches
  9. rebound headaches
  10. post-traumatic headaches

You can learn more about the different types of headaches by clicking here

Headaches can be an indication of a more serious health condition/s. Over the counter medicine and home rememies may only mask the problem. If you are having frequent headaches it is important to advise your GP and have them make sure there is not a more serious underlying problem.

Chronic Tension Headache: 15 Days a Month

If you suffer regular headaches and are constantly taking pain killers to ease the pain(either sharp or dull aches) you are aware of how debilitating it can be. Suffering from regular headaches can seriously affect your life. If you have a headache for at least 15 days per month, the medical profession considers this to be a Chronic Tension Headache. The good news is that there’s a possibility that you can get great results on relieving these headaches with injections.

dysport remove wrinkles injections for men

The injection treatments work on two fronts: reducing tension and minimising the bio-chemical responses that indicate PAIN to your brain and sensory systems.

For more information about injectables treatments for headaches, please send us an enquiry or phone our office during Clinic Hours (03) 8849 1400.

REFERENCE – Silberstein S, Mathew N, Saper J, Jenkins S. For the [Injectables Brand Name Omitted] Migraine Clinical Research Group. Headache. 2000;40:445-450.

Our Melbourne team’s most experienced practitioners for Dermal Fillers & Anti-Wrinkle Injectables

The Coco Ruby Difference – What you can expect at our Skin Clinic

  • We’ll take your detailed patient history
  • We will provide you with a comprehensive consultation
  • Together we’ll develop an ongoing plan for your facial revitalisation
  • We will tell what we are doing and what to expect (We value education)
  • You’ll receive active supervision by a highly trained Aesthetic Doctor or Plastic Surgeon
  • Talented injectors with unique artistic ability and talent
  • Medical Sterility – we are obsessed with injecting with sterile conditions
  • Minimise Pain – numbing creams, newer needles,
  • We offer a wide range of dermal filler products from the most popular brands.
  • We practice restraint – subtlety pays off – sometimes less filler is more result!


Typical facial problems we can solve:

  • Are you looking older than you feel?
  • Would you like to reduce your facial wrinkles?
  • Do you have too many deep lines and troughs?
  • Do you have baggy or sunken eyes?
  • Are your cheeks hollowing out from lost volume?
  • Is your face starting to sag and droop?
  • Are the edges of your mouth turning down and jowls developing?
  • Are your lips looking too thin and pursed?
  • Do you have an overly gummy smile?

Choose from our highly experienced injectors who use high-quality, undiluted injectable products.

The Coco Ruby Skin Team

To arrange a confidential injecting consultation with our highly-experienced senior Injecting Nurse Sandra Wallace or our Cosmetic Physician, Dr Tina Purdon with a combined 35+ years experience.  Just send Email or Phone 1300 599 990 to arrange an appointment.

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Senior Injecting Nurse

Sandra is a registered Division 1 nurse with over 20 years of experience in injectables and dermal fillers and non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments. Sandra has a long history of supporting Dr Rubinstein and other Plastic Surgeons and Facelift Surgeons to help patients receive a full-face rejuvenation effect, using anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers. Sandra has a long list of loyal clients and works closely with our Surgeons who perform Facial Rejuvenation Surgery, to get a natural-looking, long-lasting result.

Cosmetic Physician / GP

Dr Tina Purdon is a passionate and highly skilled cosmetic physician. She has a warm, caring manner along with an eye for detail. Dr Tina Purdon offers strategic facial enhancements using non-surgical modalities such as dermal filler, cheek filler, lip filler, chin augmentation and wrinkle relaxing injections to soften facial lines and rejuvenate the facial appearance.

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What Next?

Book today for an aesthetic facial consultation and start on an anti-ageing plan for your skin.

  • Email or Phone 1300 599 990 to arrange an appointment.
  • Book a consultation with Coco Ruby’s Aesthetic Physician, Nurse Injector or Dermal Clinicians.
  • Request more information about our facial rejuvenation procedures.

Download the Facial Rejuvenation Guide

This is your free 18 page guide to facial rejuvenation treatments to help with anti-ageing.

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