Healite II is a revolutionary and award-winning treatment that helps revitalise your skin.

Healite II Skin Rejuvenation Treatments: Low Level Light Therapy to aid in healing, reduce scars or improve the skin appearance

The relaxing low-level light therapy (LLLT) treatments at Coco Ruby use an award-winning technology. Healite II from Lutronics is top in the league of low level light therapy treatments. Getting Healite sessions can do a lot for your skin’s condition and help with your post-surgery healing processes.

This unique treatment can even help to minimise your post-operation bruising and facilitate your healing, whether from surgery or from the latest laser skin treatments including as DOT Therapy or Fraxel.

What you’ll love about Healite II Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) Treatments


Light based therapies have many proven benefits. They improve circulation and help bring internal nutrients to the particular areas that are being treated, and depending on the settings, they can even increase your skin’s collagen and resiliency and reduce scar formation.  Low level light therapy (LLLT) treatments are even used for sports injuries and post-op healing facilitation.

What’s it like to get a Healite II session?

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You can get a Healite II session as part of a facial or on its own.  When you get a Healite II low level light therapy (LLLT) treatment session, you’ll often find it relaxing as well as effective at increasing your skin’s cellular renewal processes and your circulation.

  • All with ZERO pain, ZERO downtime and very quickly seen results.
  • If you’re like the rest of us who have tried Healite II, you’ll simply love what this amazing treatment can do for your skin’s overall appearance and well-being.

Healite II Treatments can be performed on their own, or when you’re healing from a procedure or laser treatment.  Ask us which treatments are either:

  • best combined with Healite II or
  • sequentially followed by Healite II sessions

One of the most popular ways to get the most from a Healite II session is to combine it with a special facial or enzyme peel. 

Synopsis of LLLT (Low Level Light Therapy Treatments):

  • Light Based Treatment, non-invasive and non-surgical
  • Quick – Treatments can be completed in under 15 to 20 minutes – or slightly longer if combining with a facial
  • Tolerable
    • Absolutely painless and most people find it warm and relaxing
    • ZERO downtime (a bit of pinkness might follow but is easily covered with mineral makeup or goes away in just a few minutes)
  • Relaxing and soothing and GREAT in Winter when you miss the warmth of the sun (but without the sun’s radiation damage)
  • Strengthening: Effectively Stimulates Collagen to help revitalise skin
  • Heals: Healite II can help reduce bruising after your Surgery with the leading Plastic Surgeons  www.plasticsurgeons.com.au
  • Improves Circulation which brings nutrients and healing to the treated areas
    • Revitalises the appearance of the skin
    • Facilitate the body’s natural healing processes
    • With repeated treatments, you can make a noticeable difference in your facial skin appearance

Post-Healite II Recovery

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As noted above, one of the things that is FANTASTIC about Healite II is that there is little if any downtime with a Healite II treatment when performed on it’s own.

If you use it in conjunction with a separate treatment, the recovery time you need will be more related to the supplemental or separate treatment than to getting Healite II Therapy.

Immediately after Healite II Treatment (Low Level Light Therapy) – what to expect

  • Your skin may look a bit flushed after your treatment (certain skin types only)
  • This usually dissipates within just a few minutes to a few hours.
  • Whilst you will need to have all of your makeup removed before undertaking a Healite II Treatment, you can usually put on your high quality mineral makeup right after your treatment if you’re not having any other treatments that require abstaining from makeup for some time

Ask us for a copy of the HEALITE II Patient Information Sheet for more information about this award-winning skin treatment option, available at our Hawthorn East location.



Cost Healite II low level light therapy

Enhances natural cellular recovery, speed up healing time & promote rejuvenated skin.

Healite Rejuvenation Facial

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