Facials, Skin Care & Cosmetic Injections for Facial Rejuvenation and Non-Surgical Augmentation of Lips, Cheeks, Brows, Temples, Noses & Chins

Heard about our high tech skin care and the latest Face Treatments in Melbourne?

The latest in skin rejuvenation and anti-ageing Face Treatments for healthier, smoother looking skin

With the latest technologies for skin and facial rejuvenation including Healite II treatment options, our Coco Ruby Team can assist you to have:

  • smoother, even-toned skin
  • less visible lines and wrinkles
  • more radiant skin
  • reduced scar visibility (scar minimisation)
  • reduced pigmentation such as reduced Melasma
  • fewer acne breakouts and clearer skin

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How long after a skin treatment before you see results?

Each person and each treatment varies in terms of effects and visibility of these effects. Ask your Clinician for details so you know what to expect, and how to care for your skin immediately BEFORE and AFTER a skin treatment such as SkinPen, DermaPen skin needling, Fraxel Lasers or DOT Therapy.

  • For Acne, it can take 3 months to up to a year to get clearer skin.
  • But with the right products and at-home approaches, if you follow your Dermal Clinician’s suggestions carefully, you’ll end up with less reactive skin.

For treatments such as Melasma, results are usually visible in a few weeks time – you’ll look fresher right away but you’ll have some downtime with Dermamalen.

Skin Changes after facial treatments or laser treatments tend to occur cumulatively – your skin care regime can be adapted to seasonal effects and appearance concerns.

  • But many of these facial treatments and skin care regimes, including DOT Therapy (CO2 laser therapy), Fraxel or even Obagi home care systems, the results are cumulative.
  • Some treatments also require a few repeated sessions for optimal results.

So you may notice a fresher-looking skin appearance in just a few weeks, but the overall results take up to 3 months to a year to see, because the skin will be rejuvenating itself over time.

Dermal Fillers, Lip Fillers and Anti-Wrinkle Injections

  • Lip fillers usually give results you can see, somewhat immediately.
  • But cheek filler injections and other injections (double chin injections, for example), can take several weeks to a few months to see the full effects.
  • It relates to the binding effects of the cosmetic injections using dermal fillers.

Who performs Our Skin Care Treatments including Injectables, Fillers (Dermal Volumisers)

Meet our team – our Cosmetic Physician is Tina Purdon and our Injecting Nurse is Sandra Wallace; and our Dermal Clinicians include Hayley, Julia and Sarah.

How to Book your Initial Consultation for Facial Treatments, Lasers, Cosmetic Injections or Skin Care

Send us a confidential enquiry OR phone (03) 8849 1400 to arrange your Confidential Consultation with one of our Coco Ruby team.  Skin care assessments cost $50.00 and may include special imaging or other assessments of pigmentation, moisture vs dryness and sun exposure/skin damage.

Cosmetic Injection Assessments – first time patients

Request female GP and Cosmetic Physician Dr Tina Purdon.

Read the helpful BLOG on cosmetic injections and the latest news on non-surgical treatments.

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