Eliminating Excess Body Fat: How to reduce those stubborn pockets of body fat

Most of us over the age of 20 have at least some areas of stubborn fat which diet and exercise don’t seem to readily shift.  It can get worse as we age, or go through menopause or androgen deficiency.  This is called “the middle age spread” and whilst some people don’t seem to get it, most of us do!  Studies seem to indicate that our bodies become less efficient at burning fat as we age.  Fortunately, there are new methods for reducing excess body fat and for body contouring – including non-surgical methods as well as traditional Tummy Tuck or Belt Lipectomy Surgery options.


What makes us fat?

We gain excess fat due to numerous factors that interact or reinforce a sedentary, calorie-rich lifestyle.

Certainly events like sedentary jobs over long periods of time, raising children, eating fast foods, becoming obsessed with great tasting foods that certainly aren’t low in calories (what have shows like My Kitchen Rules and Master Chef DONE to our eating habits??!) can all slow down our metabolism.  Then there’s post-pregnancy weight gain and the metabolic effects of not getting enough sleep, or later in life there’s post-menopausal weight gain.  It DOES often get harder to stay fitter as we age, and partially as our fat stores increase and our muscle strength decreases, leaving us with a less healthy Body Mass Index (BMI) and a poor muscle-to-fat ratio.

Poor BMIs mean we have less muscle and more fat, meaning our metabolism is slower than it used to be.  It’s a vicious cycle for some of us, meaning the more weight we gain, the less active we tend to be.

The less active, the more our bodies complain when we try to bribe them into exercising more – often with a food reward. It can be a never-ending cycle…unless you get REALLY motivated to make a difference in your body.

There are new ways to manage fat reduction without surgery.

Surgical and non surgical body contouring treatments ARE available and they get better every decade; however, these methods are NOT a replacement or substitute for good nutrition and appropriate, regular exercise.  Where exercise fails, however, surgery such as Liposuction OR non-surgical fat reduction (fat cell elimination using temperature based equipment) can be an option for suitable candidates.  But the gadgets used to eliminate excess fat cells are not always predictable in terms of results and they can’t address sagging skin issues.

Facial fat: Double chin fat can be reduced with Cosmetic injections (designed to dissolve fat cells, offered at Coco Ruby by Dr Tina Purdon).

What’s new in fat reduction and body contouring options?

Motivation to lose fat and reshape your body

Until recent times, we had to rely purely on lifestyle methods to lose weight.

Over the last 30 years or so, evolving surgery procedures starting becoming an option for people who struggled to lose weight any other way – and were suffering the consequences of obesity.

New surgical methods for bariatric weight loss started to become available to patients, including Gastric Bypass, Gastric Sleeve or Gastric banding (known as bariatric surgery). Other procedures also started helping people re-contour their bodies, even if they were only mildly to moderately overweight.  For some people, it was the entire body that had too much fat to be healthy or look its best; but for many, it was certain areas of the body that weren’t cooperating with ‘ideal’ body contours – especially after pregnancy or weight change.


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