There are new ways to manage fat reduction without surgery. One of these is the new enCurve RF treatment option, which can help you reduce unsightly bulges in specific areas of the body including upper arms, abdomen and hips and thighs.

EnCurve RF Non-Surgical Fat Reduction Treatments

Surgical and non surgical body contouring treatments ARE available and they get better every decade; however, these methods are NOT a replacement or substitute for good nutrition and appropriate, regular exercise.  Where exercise fails, however, surgery such as Liposuction OR non-surgical fat reduction (fat cell elimination using high-tech equipment such as EnCurve RF treatments) can be a good option for suitable candidates.   These days, even double chin fat can be reduced with Double Chin injections (offered at Coco Ruby by Dr Prav Kumar).

What’s new in fat reduction and body contouring options?  EnCurve RF.


Motivation to lose fat and reshape your body: the EnCurve RF option

  • Until recent times, we had to rely purely on lifestyle methods to lose weight.
  • Over the last 30 years or so, evolving surgery procedures starting becoming an option for people who struggled to lose weight any other way – and were suffering the consequences of obesity.
  • New surgical methods for weight loss started to become available to patients, including Gastric Bypass, Sleeve or banding (known as bariatric surgery).

Other procedures also started helping people improve the contours of their bodies, even if they were only mildly to moderately overweight.  For some people, it was the entire body that had too much fat to be healthy or look its best; but for many, it was certain areas of the body that weren’t cooperating with ‘ideal’ body contours – especially after pregnancy or weight change.

Surgical Skin Reduction and Fat Reduction vs Reducing Fat Cells using Non-Surgical Methods (EnCurve RF)

Initial body contouring procedures often relied on surgical methods such as liposuction or Tummy Tuck, which are still considered gold standards for body contouring. That’s because Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) and Liposuction offer well proven effectiveness, control and predictability. Plus, with surgical incision methods of body contouring and body fat reduction, the excess skin is also removed. That’s important, because technologies like EnCurve and other fat reduction that isn’t surgical, typically do NOT have much effect on skin laxity or loose skin.

So a Tummy Tuck option may be best because most women and men with excess tummy fat ALSO have redundant skin (sagging skin that needs tightening). And EnCurve RF can reduce some areas where fat has accumulated, however it cannot achieve the tighter skin that people crave. So if you’re wanting tighter skin, visit the Plastic Surgeons website or Tummy Tuck procedure page.


If there is excess skin on your abdomen or if your tummy skin has lost its elasticity, it’s usually best to REDUCE the skin AND excess body fat using a SURGICAL (incision-based) method rather than liposuction or non-surgical fat elimination (such as EnCurve) alone.

Tummy Tuck Surgery and Liposuction are gold standards for most surgeons who help people get a flatter looking tummy. No method is entirely predictable, however.

And for some of us, you may not feel that surgery is a viable option – either in terms of downtime or cost, or both.

Or maybe you’re just afraid of having Tummy Tuck or Liposuction surgery even when it’s primarily proven to be safe for suitable candidates who are good at following pre-op and post-op recovery instructions.

That’s where enCurve RF treatments come into play. It can help reduce fat cells although it won’t, per se, tighten your skin.

It can’t work miracles but it is an amazing treatment for the right patients.

If you have a lot of excess body fat, you’ll likely need to lose weight first before trying enCurve on those pesky areas, although it can be of assistance in certain areas of the body.

But the best way to get a good body is to exercise and eat healthily, and use enCurve for those parts of the body that don’t respond to the healthy dietary and exercise changes you’ve made.

encurve reduce fat

Why choose EnCurve RF for fat reduction or body contouring WITHOUT surgery?

You may want a non-surgical option for a flatter tummy or you may be concerned, for example, about undergoing an operation that requires general (‘going under’) Anaesthetic in a hospital. Or you might not be able to take enough time out at the moment, from work, childcare or parent minding to undergo a surgery procedure with a few week’s of down time. 

Or you may want to refine your curves a bit and even out uneven fat deposits on your thighs, arms, abdomen or flanks and hips using EnCurve RF after you heal from a Liposuction or a Tummy Tuck procedure.

In the past, non-surgical fat reduction methods were about promises and not results.

These days, even though every patient is different and results will vary, there are many new options for non-surgical body sculpting and body contouring and fat reduction.

Fortunately, recent years have seen innovative, non-surgical fat cell reduction technologies developed.

Non Surgical Fat Reduction for Body Contouring: Freezing, Heating, Zapping or RadioFrequency Methods of Slimming Down Your Bulky Bits

Our Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing practice is excited to announce that we now offer one of the latest, fast growing methods for NON-Surgical fat reduction, fat cell removal and body contouring (arm fat reduction, stomach fat reduction and other areas of the hips, buttocks, thighs, belly, back and body).

encurve fat removal cellulite treatment

This is called EnCurve RF.

An exciting, pain free and NO down time method for fat removal, it can work in just a few treatments to reduce fat in problem areas such as upper arms, thighs, stomach and back fat.  Depending on your body and the area being treated, you may require more treatments over an extended period of time (with treatments required approximately 1 to 2 weeks apart on an extended basis).

EnCurve RF Fat Reduction in Australia (Melbourne)

Find out how EnCurve Fat Reduction and non-surgical body sculpting works by sending us an enquiry form or coming in for a complimentary consultation.

How EnCurve Fat Reduction works without surgery to remove excess fat

Apoptosis induced by RadioFrequency

What sets Encurve RF technology apart from other non-surgical fat destroying methods, according to people in the know, is the following.

  • USES AN FREQUENCY TO DESTROY ADIPOCYTE CELLS (FAT CELLS) – a very particular frequency that can get good fat-reduction results without surgery
  • AIR COOLING MODE INCREASES COMFORT AND SAFETY  – other methods can be quite uncomfortable, especially the FREEZING ones or fat-pinching types of machines
  • PATENTED PISA (TM) TECHNOLOGY – EnCurve has invested in top technology to help us help YOU to reduce unwanted stubborn fat – including from that pesky upper arm area (bingo arms or bat wings) – however, excessive fat in these areas often involves sagging skin and those scenarios are often best remedied by surgery to reduce the redundant skin as well as fat
  • Ergonomic articulating arm and air flow that conforms to most BODY types
  • MORE PREDICTABLE OUTCOMES than some other non-surgical methods which can cause indents (divets) or unwanted distributions


EnCurve is an easy, comfortable way to get CIRCUMFERENTIAL REDUCTION of fat from your arms or selected other areas of your body.

The EnCurve is the easy and comfortable way to reduce adipocytes through apoptosis-inducing radiofrequency.

Working through controlled delivery of energy deep into the adipocytes, EnCurve utilizes a specialized frequency (27.12 MHz) to selectively target and heat adipocytes to the optimal temperature to cause denaturation of cells, leading to adipocyte’s death.

COMFORTABLE CONVENIENCE whilst reducing upper arm fat – bye bye Tuck Shop Arms, Bingo Arms and Bat Wings

What better way to provide fat reduction than with a technology that is NON surgical and NOT painful?

All with relatively ZERO down time.

What it’s like to have enCurve RF treatments to reduce fat:

  • You may feel a bit of tingling sensation in the treated area at first, or a bit tender afterwards, for up to a few days or a week or so – but it’s usually not that noticeable AND it’s a lot more comfortable than the ‘cool’ methods for fat reduction.
  • Plus, it may be more controllable for certain parts of the body, as some of the other methods – if used improperly or healing is compromised – can produce unwanted indents or uneven distribution.
  • But the main benefit over other methods of fat reduction technology is the comfort and safety of EnCurve – and the fact that it’s easy to schedule in sessions – because there’s no down time required afterwards.
  • You’ll simply need to re-attend for regular appointments (ask your Coco Ruby Clinician for a custom EnCurve fat reduction treatment plan).

The fact that there’s little to no down time is important for busy Mums and Dads and Professionals who lead very busy lives, but who want to sculpt or slightly re-contour their bodies.


Again, EnCurve is NOT a replacement for exercise, nutrition and a health lifestyle. It works best on individuals who are at a stable BMI and stable, healthy desirable weight they are able to maintain, and who can attend regular appointments PLUS follow the post-treatment protocols provided by our Coco Ruby team.

HOW ENCURVE technology actually WORKS for non-surgical elimination of fat cells (Targeted Fat Reduction for Body Contouring)

  • The apoptosis-inducing radio-frequency penetrates deep into the tissue, targeting the adipocytes.
  • The adipocytes are super excited and oscillate rapidly causing frictional heat.
  • The frictional heat raises the adipocyte temperature to 45 degrees – at this temperature point, the cells denaturize.
  • This denaturation causes changes in the integrity of the adipocyte membrane, which leads to apoptosis (fat cell death), with expulsion of the intracellular lipid.

That’s when your body’s natural removal process (elimination) takes over, removing the damaged [fat] cells, and essentially helping you reduce your current fat cell count.

Less fat cells, less fat stores can help you to help YOUR body look it’s best shape.