Dr Prav Kumar, Cosmetic Injecting and Liposuction (Aesthetic Medicine)

Top Locations: Melbourne & Berwick

Dr-Prav-Kumar-SurgicalSupport-3007_CMDr Prav Kumar graduated from The  University  of  Melbourne  with a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery and Bachelor of Medical Science.   He has since obtained postgraduate qualifications in Surgical Anatomy and is completing his Masters of Surgery. Dr Kumar’s dedication to ongoing training and education allows him to ensure his patients receive the most advanced treatments in a safe and controlled environment.

Liposuction, Double Chin Reduction Treatment and wide range of quality Cosmetic Injections

In addition to his work within Coco Ruby as a highly skilled Cosmetic Injector, Dr Kumar  is also a Surgical Assistant to the team of Plastic Surgeons at Cosmetic Surgery for Women & Men.

The patients of the surgical team benefit from Dr Prav’s broad knowledge of surgical and non-surgical options offered at our top Melbourne Clinic locations.

Drawing on his years of experience as not only in Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetic Injecting, but also as a Surgical Assistant, his approach to patient care is warm, compassionate and meticulous.

Lip Augmentation and Cheek Augmentation, Cosmetic Injections & Wrinkle Reduction Treatments

If you are interested in liposuction, under-chin fat removal via an approved Cosmetic injections, or facial rejuvenation including cheek filler or lip filler/lip augmentation using dermal volumiser injections known as “dermal fillers,” contact the team today and ask to visit with Dr Prav Kumar.

How to book for an Cosmetic Injecting Session or a Liposuction Consult with Dr Prav.

Phone (03) 8849 1444 to book a no-obligation assessment to review your suitability for these top cosmetic non-surgical medical treatments and aesthetic surgery procedures.