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New Under Chin Injection Treatment to Reduce the appearance of a Double Chin

Want to learn more about the new injection treatments for under-chin fat (Submental Fat Reduction) that can help restore a more youthful contour to the jawline and neck? Find out more about Double Chin Injection Treatment for under chin fat reduction and jawline refinement by attending one of our FREE Coco Ruby Events.

Send an enquiry form today or contact our Patient Care Advisors and ask when our next COCO RUBY event is, by phoning on 03) 8849 1444.

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Other cosmetic injecting services that Sandra can provide include:

Laser Skin care options and peels are also available from our Coco Ruby Team in Hawthorn East.

In addition to under-chin injections to refine the jawline and reduce submental fat along the jawline or neckline, body fat reduction using Liposuction and Liposculpture for body contouring can also be performed.

“Not all patients are suitable for under chin injection treatments,” notes Sandra, who can help assess your under chin area, jawline, face and neck skin to determine if this new injection treatment is right for you.

Double Chin Injections Treatments might be a good solution for your chin, neck area or jawline if:

  • you have only mild to moderate submental fat
  • you are healthy
  • you’re weight is stable and your BMI is also at an ideal ratio and stable
  • you are willing to undertake the treatment series and you understand/accept the potential risks
  • your skin is fairly firm or resilient and you don’t have overly visible platysma bands (neck bands)

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Snapshot of Cosmetic Injections including Costs for Double Chin Reduction Treatments

  1. Cost of Double Chin Solution Injections:  $750 per vial (2 vials are needed per treatment)
  2. Treatment time:  Each session takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes on average, up to 1 hour.
  3. Number of treatments for best results:  For suitable candidates, from 2 to 3 or more treatments may be required.
  4. Pain level: Uncomfortable – however, numbing agents and ice may be used between injections.

BEFORE and AFTER Double Chin Injections

Photos supplied by a supplier company – not a patient of Coco Ruby.

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We welcome your enquiry and look forward to helping you understand what these new treatments can do for your skin, including if other options might be more suitable.  Please note that patient results can vary from patient to patient.

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