Neck & Fat Reduction: How can you reduce a Double Chin without Surgery?

The new Injection Treatment in Melbourne for reducing Under Chin/Double Chin Fat

Studies have shown that a “double-chin” appearance or a ‘”fatty looking neck” are common concerns for people who want to rejuvenate their facial appearance.  Excess fat (sub-mental neck fat), once only treatable by surgical procedures such as a neck lift or liposuction, can now be treated with a cosmetic injecting procedure.  There’s now an effective solution that reduces actual fat cells in the sub-mental area (fat under the chin, near the upper neck), that leads to a ‘double chin’ appearance.  Or, if your concern is a recessed chin (retruded chin), the solution for a weak chin or recessed jawline may be chin augmentation. Read more about chin implant surgery by clicking here.

The double chin fat reduction injection treatment, formerly available only in the USA, was approved for use in Australia in early 2017. Requests for double-chin injections treatments continue to grow as people realise what it can do to rejuvenate the face – all without surgery.

Patients who are unhappy with their ‘double chins’ or ‘fatty looking jawlines’ are keen to learn more about this amazing new non-surgical cosmetic treatment.

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Double Chin Injections: The Neck Fat Reduction Injection Treatment Sweeping Australia

Please note that this double-chin injection treatment works best on suitable candidates with mild to moderate sub-mental fat under the chin and with good skin elasticity and no contraindications. Not all patients may be suitable for this treatment.

The “diagonal neck line” versus a “refined chin and jawline” makes a big difference in how you look

The reason the double chin injectables treatment is so popular is that most people wish their face and neckline was more defined in terms of contours.

  • The trouble with ageing and weight changes is that it can leave you with a diagonal neck line, which seems to run from your chin to your lower neck .
  • From the front, this can look like the infamous – and dreaded – “double” chin.

From the side…well…it looks like a diagonal neck line which obscures your jawline and leaves you looking either older or heavier than you actually are (or likely, both heavier and older than you look).

double chin


How double chin injections and neck fat reduction works to reduce that double chin appearance.

New to Australia, the under-chin or neck area injectables treatment has proven to be effective for selected patients who have excess jaw-area fat but good skin resiliency.  Ask us if you’re a candidate by phoning for a consultation on (03) 8849 1444.

If you decide to try this innovative, non-surgical approach to reducing a double-chin appearance, here’s what’s good to know.

  • The treatment needs to be performed by a qualified, well-trained professional who understands the product, injecting strategies, anatomy, sterilisation and cosmetic injecting risks.
  • You’ll be given assistance with comfort management to reduce uncomfortable sensations during treatment (up to one hour before the treatment).
  • Comfort management strategies may include ice packs, topical numbing agents and/or local anaesthetic injections.
  • The injectables treatment solution is then prepared by your Physician or Cosmetic Injector.



  • The numbing agents are then removed and the area is thoroughly cleansed.
  • A injecting GRID (dotted outline of where to inject) is over-layed onto the treated area.
  • The treatment solution is then carefully administered, using micro-fine injections made into the sub-mental fat below the chin

An Aesthetic Physician, performs double-chin injection treatments using a fat cell reduction solution. The under chin-fat reduction treatment aims to reduce fat stores and help restore a more distinguished chin and jawline appearance.

Double Chin Injection Treatment for Fat Reduction – more information about the Double Chin Injectables Solution now available in Australia: Does it hurt?

This treatment can be very uncomfortable unless comfort management strategies are used, including local numbing agents or injections.

  • For patient comfort, ICE packs can be applied BEFORE, DURING and AFTER the injection treatment.
  • Ice can be combined with other solutions to make the ice pack “slushy” and mold-able to the under-chin area.


  • Injections are made very carefully in the designated treated area, using the dotted grid as an injecting guideline.

At each session, the number of injections is likely reduced.

  • That’s because prior treatments will have resulted in less fat in the sub-mental treatment area.
  • The more treatments undertaken, the less fat in that area; and the fewer the injections needed at each treatment session.

How often will you need injections in your under-chin area in order to reduce your double-chin fat?

  • After your first session, the under neck injection procedure is repeated at approximately 6 weeks to 8 weeks for at least 2 more treatments for most patients (sometimes more).
  • Your Doctor will advise you of the recommended times between sessions as there may be some variability.

Most patients require a minimum of 3 or more treatments to get a good result in under-chin fat reduction.

  • However, every patient is unique.
  • Our cosmetic injection treatments are fully customised.

BEFORE and AFTER Photos of Double Chin treatment using Cosmetic injections for reduction in under chin fat


What it’s like to have the Double Chin Injection Treatment? What’s normal?

  • The treatment gets excellent results for suitable candidates, but it can be uncomfortable.
  • So you’ll want to be prepared, but everyone is different and the second treatment is usually less uncomfortable than the first.
  • Initially, there is redness, a sensation of heat and swelling, which can last for several weeks as the treatment takes effect.
  • The swelling can look significant at the first treatment but tends to wane for most patients in a few days or weeks, and is typically less the second or third treatment.
  • Over time, you will notice a smoother, firmer contour to the tissues under the chin.
  • You’ll want to follow the post-treatment advice from your Doctor precisely and keep in close communication with your injector if you notice any symptoms of concern.
  • Phone us on (03) 8849 1444 and ask for a consultation for under-chin fat injections OR for a facelift or neck lift option.

Shown below: Patient’s BEFORE image of double-chin reduction injections.



BEFORE Double Chin Injections (PHOTO).
Contact us for the AFTER photo series and more information.

Do under-chin injections work as well as a necklift?

  • When it comes to choosing a non-surgical option vs a face surgery option, such as a neck lift, it really depends on the patient’s BMI, neck skin laxity vs collagen levels, fat distribution and overall health.
  • Surgery can often create a more dramatic differences than a non-surgical option, but involves more complex procedures and a longer healing and recovery time.
  • But even with this excellent non-surgical option to reduce a double chin, you may notice good effects on your profile (front and side).

Commonly, after you heal from your double-chin reduction injections, you will hear this comment: “you look like you’ve lost weight” simply as the double chin appearance is reduced and the jawline contours have more clarity.

For more information, phone our COCO RUBY SKIN & ANTI-AGEING CLINIC Patient Care Advisors on (03) 8849 1444 and ask for a consultation.