Benefits of Dermal Filler Injections

Cosmetic Dermal Filler Injection Treatments can be beneficial in helping to:

  • reduce facial wrinkles
  • plump up your lips or even out a lopsided or overly-gummy smile
  • restore volume at the temples for a more youthful appearance
  • add more volume to larger facial areas – like your cheeks or jawline to improve facial contours
  • reshape some of your nose or nasal bridge with a liquid rhinoplasty (patient dependent)
  • augment the chin to enhance the chin and jawline and remedy a recessed, weak looking chin


What are Dermal Filler injections?

Dermal filler injections are solutions that are temporary in nature, and are a form of acid not overly different to what the body naturally produces. The dermal injection treatment procedures can help restore facial volume where skeletal volume loss has occurred, including plumping up cheeks and reducing deep lines or folds within the skin.  They are often best used in combination with muscle-relaxing anti-ageing injection treatments.  Be sure to choose a highly skilled injector who understands facial anatomy and vascularity in the face to maximise your chances of getting a good result. Results from dermal filler injections can be long-lasting but the procedures tend to require repeat treatments around 6 to 12 month intervals. This procedure does involve some risks and be sure you understand these and choose a skilled injector before consenting.

dermal filler injections and risks; lip injections

  • Permanent dermal filler is NOT recommended.
  • You are strongly advised to avoid the use of any permanent facial fillers due to risks and complications.

What does a Dermal Filler Injection treatment involve?


Dermal filler injections are non-surgical procedures that involves our doctor or nurse injector injecting a gel-based solution under your skin.

  • A good injecting Clinic will offer a wide range of different brands of dermal fillers
  • They will also have numerous types of filler products within the major brands, as some types are better for certain areas of the face or lips than other fillers – a great injector knows how to choose the right filler and to place it in the right location to get a pleasing result
  • The first step to a dermal filler appointment is a medical history and facial assessment
  • Then your Clinician can work to assess the best cosmetic injections treatment approaches that are most likely to get you the feature enhancement or facial rejuvenation results you’re wanting.

Be sure you don’t have unrealistic expectations and understand the need for additional treatments over time (but many patients love the results, and even though they will continue to age, they can even look younger over time because of the right injecting strategy). Remember, while dermal fillers are a great solution for some patients, they are not a miracle solution.

What happens during a Cosmetic Injecting Procedure:

  • A micro-fine needle or cannula may be used to move the solution to the dermal layers of the skin; this is determined by your Injecting Clinician.
  • The smooth injectable gel is injected below the skin’s surface to “fill-in” wrinkles, “plump-up” small areas such as the lips, and “re-volumise” large areas like the cheeks.
  • For increased comfort during a cosmetic injecting procedure using dermal fillers, some products are specifically formulated with local anaesthetic.
  • Numbing may be performed before, during or after the treatment including using cool ice blocks or topical solutions as well as anaesthetic within the injectables solution itself (or via other injections to numb insertion points).
  • The procedure usually takes 15-30 minutes with results that can be seen immediately, although they will continue to become enhances as the filler gels with your existing tissues (allow a few weeks or months to see the full effects of fillers and don’t try to get too much done at once)
  • Most people can resume normal activities immediately after the procedure.


How long do dermal filler injections last?

The results of dermal filler injections can last between 6 to 8 months up to 18 months. It depends partially on the solution used, the injection strategy and the person’s physique and dermal filler responses.

Plan to get a top up with dermal fillers, on average, between the 6 to 10/12 month mark.

What are the possible side effects of Dermal Filler injections?

  • Dermal fillers and cosmetic injections have been used for many years.
  • Clinical trials have shown that fillers are well tolerated by most patients.
  • There are some risks and you will be provided with this information during a consultation, where you’ll be encouraged to ask any and all questions you have.
  • Be sure to be fully honest with your Clinician about your health history, medical history, lifestyle habits and other factors that might influence your responses and results from a dermal filler injection session.


Reported dermal filler side effects can vary and may include:

  • Redness to injection site
  • Pain
  • Firmness
  • Swelling
  • Lumps and bumps
  • Bruising
  • Itching
  • Discolouration

In most cases, these side effects are temporary and should resolve within a week. In rare cases, a patient may have a serious complication, so our bloggers think it makes sense to choose a clinic run by Surgeons or Doctors as a safety measure, rather than a store shopping centre or pharmacy ‘pop up’ shop for dermal injections.

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