Cost for Coco Ruby Cosmetic treatments, cosmetic injections and facial laser treatments in Melbourne, as well as skin needling and Dermapen.

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Coco Ruby Treatment Menu – Spring 2018


Cost of Dermamelan peel

Intense chemical peel that focuses on Melasma, a hormone induced pigmentation condition.

Full Face

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Cost of Fraxel Rejuvenation

A fractional laser technology that targets deep wrinkles, sun-damaged skin & scarring.

Full Face – 1927nm | Full Face – 1550nm

*We also treat other areas. Ask us for details & pricing.

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Cost Fraxel for Scar Management

Abdominoplasty, Breast Reduction or Breast Augmentation Scarring

Small Scars

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Cost of Dot Therapy

CO2 fractional laser which reduces the appearance of wrinkles, pigmentation & acne scars.

Full Face

Full Face and Neck

*We also treat other areas. Ask us for details & pricing.

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Cost of IPL Photo Rejuvenation

Treatment of skin redness, tiny veins, brown spots and sun damage.



Face & Neck

Neck and Chest

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Skinpen Skin Needling Cost

A needling treatment which helps to increase collagen production, decrease fine lines and improve scarring. Leads to refined pores and more luminous skin.



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Cost of Laser Genesis

Treatment which activates collagen, improves fine lines/wrinkles & diminishes facial redness.

Full Face

Face and Neck

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Cost of Vascular Treatments

Treatment of broken capillaries, spider veins & cherry angiomas (red spots)

Telangiectasia Face/Body |
15 mins $150, 30 mins $250, 45 mins $350

Telangiectasia Legs
15 min $250, 30 min $450 

Angiomas | Hemangiomas | Venous Lake

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Cost of Diathermy

Treatment to destroy lesions such as moles, skin tags, warts & sebaceous hyperplasias.

5 Spots

10 Spots

20 Spots

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Cost of Chemical Peels

Regenerating & resurfacing treatments that help to induce collagen remodelling.

Deluxe 60 Minute Face Peels
$180 – 250

Express 30 Minute Face Peels
$90 – 200

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Cost Healite II low level light therapy

Enhances natural cellular recovery, speed up healing time & promote rejuvenated skin.

Healite Wound Healing

Healite Rejuvenation Facial

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Cost of a Skin Consultation

A 60 minute appointment to discuss concerns, analyse the skin and determine a treatment/home care plan to address these issues.

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Cost of  Vaginal Rejuvenation (Mona Lisa Touch) 

Package of 3 vaginal laser sessions for rejuvenation of vaginal skin including treating painful sex or vaginal dryness and lax skin after pregnancy or menopause.


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Non-Surgical Laser and Facial Treatment Costs and Prices – Compare Melbourne Prices

Note: more and more, cosmetic treatments of the non-surgical variety are able to address common skin complaints and accomplish amazing changes in your facial appearance and skin texture.

But that doesn’t mean that all treatments are equal or appropriate for your skin concerns. The best way to find out is to schedule a skin assessment – be sure to ask for a Canfield REVEAL session if desired – to see what can be done for your skin, in a medical skin-care clinic setting where qualified Dermal Therapists work alongside Cosmetic Doctor(s) and Plastic Surgeon(s) to help patients find holistic solutions to skin health/skin condition and skin appearance.

Find out what our Clinicians and Cosmetic Injectors in Melbourne can do for your skin by phoning 03 8849 1444 and arranging an assessment with a bonofide Dermal Clinician or ask for our Cosmetic Doctor or Injecting Clinician.

** Invasive treatments, lasers, and cosmetic injections DO carry risks and results can vary from patient to patient.**



Cost of Cosmetic Injections: Prices in Melbourne vs Sydney

Most cosmetic injection treatments using quality injection solutions by a trained professional, qualified and highly trained, are fairly competitive between Melbourne vs Sydney.

For Cosmetic Injections prices in Sydney, by a Specialist Plastic Surgeon, visit Dr Richard Sackelariou’s website.

For Cosmetic Injection prices in Melbourne, visit with Dr Tina Purdon for an assessment and quote for a “liquid facelift’ or other cosmetic injecting or dermal filler treatment.  After your initial suitability assessment by our Cosmetic Physician/GP, you may be able to have follow up cosmetic injecting sessions with one of our Senior Cosmetic Injectors or with our Cosmetic Doctor(s). Phone (03) 8849 1444 to schedule a consultation (our team has expertise and advanced training in strategic, natural-looking cosmetic injections as well as lip filler injections).

Why choose a skilled Cosmetic Injector vs Low-Cost Cosmetic Injections?

We suggest avoiding cheap cosmetic injections, low-cost dermal fillers and wrinkle injections as these offers MAY involve compromises in either:

  • the training and skill of the injector, which can lead to serious cosmetic injecting disasters  – or
  • serious differences and deficiencies in the type and amounts of fillers or wrinkle relaxing solutions being used – or
  • a lack of sanitation and sterilisation focus at some non-medical clinics or beauty parlours not part of a medical clinic

Not all dermal filler injections and wrinkle-relaxing solutions are EQUAL in effectiveness. And, sadly, NOT all Injectors are alike.

Some are highly trained and some are less so, and if you get a less-trained injector, you could end up with very serious consequences or permanent disfigurement.

Read more about the dangers of cheap or counterfeit injecting solutions.



Prices of Popular Cosmetic Treatments and Facials in Melbourne are being updated on a regular basis.

For procedure information, drop down the procedure page. This information is updated as of September 2018 but may be superseded by price changes or special VIP facial-package offers. Phone to verify a price before booking in for a treatment. Also, an assessment session for your suitability for an advanced procedure such as Fraxel lasers, IPL or other light-based facials and/or dermal fillers ($50 for facials, $150 for injections assessments) MAY be required before you can schedule an actual procedure.

  • This assessment helps evaluate your suitability for the procedure you’re wanting to have – and it includes taking your medial history – as a best-practice patient-safety measure before you have a treatment.

Find out more about Costs of Cosmetic treatments in Melbourne and the average recovery times by clicking on our cost pages (drop down the cost menu).  

VIP Facials, Skin Treatments and Laser Costs in Melbourne:

Coco Ruby Prices for Non-Surgical Facial Enhancements and Cosmetic Injections (average prices) – please contact us for an assessment and treatment plan quote.

Visit our ONLINE STORE to BUY Obagi skin care and serums, PCA skin products, DNA Renewal and Glo Mineral Makeup online – free shipping or next day delivery may be available on some orders. Conditions and terms apply.

FRAXEL Laser treatment

Cost of Fraxel in Melbourne (Facial treatments/Facial Laser Treatments Prices)

  • Fraxel dual laser treatments are one of the most popular laser treatments for facial skin rejuvenation.
  • There are other areas it can be used (back of hands and the decolletage, for example)

Cost of a Fraxel Treatment in Melbourne at Coco Ruby:  $950 (Full Face)

  • Fraxel laser prices for facial laser treatments in Melbourne at Coco Ruby Clinic start at $950 for one full facial treatment.
  • Packages available – phone our team for details but a skin assessment ($50) with a Dermal Clinician is your first step to assess if Fraxel is going to be one of your best skin rejuvenation options.

Benefits (snapshot) of Fraxel Rejuvenation: Treats Facial Wrinkles and Lines as well as Sun Damage

A fractional laser technology that targets deep wrinkles, sun-damaged skin & scarring can be an effective method to refresh the skin’s appearance or texture. If pigmentation is your main concern, there may be other recommended alternatives to assist you, such as Dermamalen or Laser Genesis.

*We also treat other areas such as hands or the decolletage. Ask us for details & pricing.


Read about Fraxel or Skin Needling scar treatments for Tummy Tuck surgery in Melbourne.

Melasma Dermamalen Mask

Dermamalen peel for Melasma (Prices)

Intense chemical peel that focuses on Melasma, a hormone induced pigmentation condition.

Dermamalen Skin Peel Facial to treat Melasma and other serious facial pigmentation



CO2 Therapy/DOT Laser Therapy – costs per treatment

Cost of DOT Therapy – the CO2 Facial Laser – in Melbourne (Facial treatments/Facial Laser)

cost-of-laser-treatment-average-prices melbourne vs sydney

  • DOT Therapy facial treatments using a CO2 laser are available singularly or in a package.
  • Typically, a series of CO2 laser treatments (DOT Therapy) are recommended for best results, but this can vary from patient to patient.
  • There are different settings to increase the laser treatment depth and intensity.
  • Results from DOT Therapy can take 3 to 6 months to become visible because it works at a deeper layer of the dermis than more superficial peels, meaning your DOT therapy skin rejuvenation results are likely to show up more slowly than peels, but may help you to achieve more significant and longer-lasting results than more superficial skin treatments.
  • Three sessions are best for results that rejuvenate and firm the appearance of the skin, smoothing the texture and stimulating cellular renewal and dermal strengthening.



Vaginal Skin Laser – cost per treatment session (recommended 3 sessions or more) 

Cost of Vaginal Laser Treatments in Melbourne (Mona Lisa Touch Vaginal Laser)


Costs of Laser Genesis Facial Treatments in Melbourne

Laser Genesis procedure information
  • Laser Genesis is a great solution for sun damage and other pigmentation concerns, but there’s also Dermamelan peel treatments (below).
  • How many Laser Genesis treatments you’ll need can vary.
  • Contact us for details on average costs of laser skin rejuvenation treatments for sun damage and pigmentation concerns.



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