Obagi Skin Care Products

When it comes to cosmeceutical, medical grade skin care, you can’t go past Obagi

Obagi has top quality products that can help people who seek to have a healthy, younger-looking appearance.  Obagi takes a scientific and proven approach to the  improvement of  common skin concerns :Obagi skin care special for acne, dry skin, rosacea, melasma

There are also Obagi’s IN CLINIC skin treatments, including the popular Obagi BLUE PEEL (RADIANCE Peel).

The Obagi Blue Peel (RADIANCE PEEL) is excellent at treating sun damage and pigmentation concerns.

How do you know which of the products in the Obagi skin care range will best suit YOUR skin?

The first step is to book a skin assessment with one of our top Dermal Clinicians. They’ll look at your skin (often using the Canfield Reveal system) to determine any underlying skin issues, such as sun damage, dryness, acne or pigmentation, that may be contributing to your skin concerns.


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Obagi C Cleansing Gel Special Price - Anti-Wrinkle InjectionsAgeing Skin – Obagi for Renewal and Rejuvenation

If you have wrinkles, you may want to investigate the skin-rejuvenating Obagi-C line.





Acne or Oily Skin – Obagi for Normalisation and Prevention

If you have Acne, you may want to try Obagi range for problematic or oily skin, called Nu-Derm(R) .


Obagi Nu_Derm Gel Special Price - Anti-Wrinkle Injections


If you want to preserve and protect young, healthy looking skin, you might ask your Dermal Clinician about the Obagi-C skin care system system.

Obagi has many different product lines.

OBAGI RX-system Obagi-skincare-range

To explore what the Obagi skin care range can do for YOUR skin concerns, phone us today on (03) 8849 1400.

Hayley or Sarah are happy to assist you to find the best at-home cosmeceutical grade skin cleansers and other skin care products to help you get YOUR skin looking its healthiest best.

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