Lycogel Medicated Makeup from Coco Ruby Skin Clinic Melbourne

Lycogel is a great skin care choice for skins that are recently treated or have conditions such as acne, dryness or rosacea.

Lyogel prides itself on having created a ‘breathable’ foundation. Their products also use powerful active ingredients designed to help improve the condition of your skin whilst giving you a smoother finish-look foundation coverage. They use Designer Gel Base technology and it’s perfect for wearing cover-up makeup after a Fraxel treatment, DOT therapy or other skin peel treatment (just wait the allotted time before applying).

Highly recommended as a beautiful coverage skin care option by our team of Dermal Clinicians and Senior Injecting Clinicians.

Order Lycogel and find out what suits your skin perfectly – excellent colour matching options available during a skin care consultation with a Dermal Clinician at Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing in Melbourne by appointment.

Find out more about this special medication-style Skin Care Range by booking in a personalised skin-care assessment, complete with a Canfield Imaging Session to assess your pigmentation and vascularity (be prepared to be confronted with sun damage).

Canfield Imaging system, DOT therapy equipment and Mona Lisa Touch equipment is available at our Hawthorn location.   

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