Cosmedix Skincare Range at Coco Ruby Skin Clinic in Melbourne

We are proud to offer the Cosmedix Skin Care Range from Advanced Skin Technology at our Hawthorn East Clinic and Plastic Surgery Centre

Effective skincare requires extensive knowledge of anatomy & physiology of the skin, as well as understanding the interactions between the skin and topical ingredients and skin-rejuvenation preparations. Our Dermal Clinicians can help you get the most from your Cosmedix Skincare products.


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The COSMEDIX range and medical-grade Cosmeceutical Skin Care Products

  • Most over-the-counter skin care products are designed for the mass market. Store-bought products tend to have fewer active ingredients and hence, more limited effectiveness, than more potent formulations.
  • Medical-grade or cosmeceutical skin care products such as Cosmedix and our other ranges are more powerful than standard products – plus, you can get expert advice on what will suit your skin, and they can be returned if you try them but don’t like them.

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Our Most Popular Cosmedix and O Cosmetics Products include

  • Cosmedix Define
  • Cosmedix Elite Eye doctor
  • Cosmedix Elite Serum 24
  • Cosmedix Humidify
  • Cosmedix Benefit Clean
  • Cosmedix Simply Brilliant
  • Cosmedix Clarity serum
  • Cosmedix Clarity Foaming Cleanser
  • Cosmedix Defy
  • Cosmedix Purity Clean Cleanse
  • Cosmedix Purity Solution
  • Cosmedix Rescue Balm
  • Cosmedix Opti Crystal
  • Comedix Lumi Crystal Lip Hydrator
  • O Cosmetics Mineral Pro spf30+ non tinted and tinted

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Cosmeceutical Skin care products prescribed by a Cosmetic Physician, like Dr Tina Purdon contain active ingredients, such as:

  • Zinc / titanium  (as often found in high quality sunscreens or tints)
  • Niacinamide (Vitamin B) – improves the skin’s immunity and cellular metabolism
  • AHA/BHA (alpha-hydroxy acids/beta hydroxy acids) – helps exfoliate the skin for cellular renewal – removes dull, dead skin cells from the skin’s surface
  • Retinoids (exfoliating and rejuvenation properties)
  • Anti oxidant ingredients such as vitamin C – can help to reduce free radicals and sun damage or other environmental damage to the skin
  • ‘Growth Factors’ ingredients – relatively new in the market, growth factors can help repair or regenerate the skin

ACTIVE  Ingredients in the Cosmetix Skincare range can help with Skin Rejuvenation

  • High quality facial serums, active cleansers and deep-layer-moisturising creams such as found in the Cosmetix Skin Care product line often have advanced formulations that you won’t find in store bought brands.
  • They are called “cosmeceuticals” or medical-grade skin care products specifically because they contain higher levels of ACTIVE  ingredients and quality ingredients that aren’t typically used at significant levels – or even at all – in mass-manufactured product lines.
  • Active ingredients work in the deeper levels of the dermis (skin) to help stimulate cellular renewal, strengthen collagen and improve the skin’s revitalisation processes.

Cosmeceutical Cosmedix Skincare products contain active ingredients to help rejuvenate, renew, replenish & protect the skin.

Although many over-the-counter skin care products on the market claim to rejuvenate the skin, often these products do not have enough active ingredients to be effective for most people. Instead of helping the skin at deeper levels (cellular renewal), many just coat (or cover up) the skin.

Low-active ingredient products may lead to some short-term improvement in the appearance or texture of the skin, however, they may offer NO long-term benefits to the skin.

Cosmeceutical Skincare products, such as the Cosmedix range, are quite different – they are more effective and can target specific skin problems or skin appearance concerns, such as acne, redness, pigmentation (sun spots) or ageing.

Cosmedix Skincare products available at Coco Ruby Skin Clinic in Melbourne (Hawthorn East location)

CosMedix’s uses the science of nature to deliver maximum skin care results, and Cocoruby Skin Clinic offers a range of the superb CosMedix skin care products.

About the product: Since being founded in 1999, CosMedix has sourced the finest ingredients from all over the world. Using Nobel Prize-winning technologies and blending them with pure botanical ingredients to create skin care that affects real change. The CosMedix promise is simple: to give you the strongest, most effective tools to help your skin look and feel its very best.

CosMedix’s continued innovation and groundbreaking success comes from focused attention to our four pillars: smarter exfoliation, better botanical ingredients, skin matrix support and chiral correction for superior product performance. Here is how it works: Smarter Exfoliation by gently removing your dead and dull skin, the face appears brighter, pores are refined, and fine lines and wrinkles appear less pronounced. When exfoliation is added to your skin care regimen, it stimulates cell rejuvenation and aids in effective delivery of our active ingredients in our skin care. This means optimal penetration and maximum efficacy for unsurpassed results.

CosMedix is continuously on the search for the best in plant-derived ingredients and pure essential oils. We concentrate these ingredients for maximum effectiveness without the use of artificial colors or fillers. We continue to look to nature first to solve your skin care needs. Skin Matrix Support CosMedix has proven results because of Nobel award winning technology in pharmaceuticals including Spin Trap, Fullereness and Liquid Crystals, This refined skin matrix support helps to nourish the skin and provide the building blocks for cell rejuvenation and skin restoration.

Chirality refers to the right-handedness and left-handedness of the molecules in our bodies. CosMedix uses chirally correct ingredients that have been filtered to contain only molecules that positively interact with the skin. This reduces adverse reactions and allows for the highest concentrations of active ingredients for increased effectiveness. Think of chirally-corrected ingredients like the key that unlocks the skin’s best self. For more detailed information visit

Cosmeceutical-grade skin care products are best prescribed by a skin care expert to suit your specific concerns.

Be sure to visit either our Coco Ruby Skin Care Team (such as our Dermal Clinicians or Aesthetic Physician or Nurse Injectors) or, for some chronic Skin Conditions, a Dermatologist is needed.

Why a Professional Skin Assessment is Important for Better Looking Facial Skin

The skin is what protects our internal systems from bacterial infections and other environmental harms including pollutants.

The skin’s function is to protect other organs (internal organs) – Skin is the body’s number one BARRIER to prevent illnesses and disease

The Skin is a key protector from the sun’s rays – yet it pays the price for being frequently exposed to the sun and other environmental factors including pollution, smoke and bacteria.

Store-bought products in general often don’t penetrate the skin; in other words, they don’t always fully absorb – because your skin doesn’t allow just anything to pass its protective barrier and the ingredients and molecule sizes of products may prevent absorption

In order to deliver essential vitamins and minerals into the skin – and penetrate through the barrier – you often need expert skincare advice on which particular medical-grade skincare products (and which particular active ingredients) will best suit your skin and help soothe any skin concerns.

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