Christmas Stress: Seven Rules for “Staying Sane” This Christmas

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Christmas Stress: Seven Simple Rules for Staying Calm at Christmas

The holidays are often portrayed as a relaxing time away from work or studies. But that’s not always the case, and Christmas stress (Holiday Stress) is relatively common.  So, too, is holiday-generated weight gain.  If you want to maintain your pre-summer weight loss results – or start bringing your body back from it’s winter weight gain to its “lesser” summer season contours, you’ll often need to work diligently to avoid weight gain over the holidays and travel periods. This means knowing which Christmas foods  and highly caloric cocktails are best avoided (including the fantastic Mocktail options, which may have less calories but still have more than you’d like).

It’s just a bit more challenging this time of year to NOT indulge in your favorite foods, or to feel that Christmas stress is taking over your holiday relaxation period.  To avoid needing a holiday to recovery from your holiday, and to keep fit, calm, cool and healthy over the season, read our brief tips guide below, our Staying Calm and On Budget over Christmas blog, or click on our fuller article for managing holiday stress.  (Managing holiday stress has some excellent ideas for surviving the season).

Seven Simple Rules for Staying Calm this Christmas

Sailing through the Holiday Season & Summer?  If that sounds like what you’re wanting to accomplish, follow these seven simple tips. You can even post them on your mirror as ‘self care rules’.  If you follow just these basic tenants of self-care, you can make your holidays just a bit more relaxing – and less damaging to your mind, body, scale and purse!

They are:

  1. Stay healthy – eat, sleep, exercise regularly (or increase your exercise or yoga classes). You’ll feel better for it AND avoid typical holiday weight gain. Your scale, your mind and your body will thank you instead of complain.
  2. Limit your intake of alcohol and fatty foods.  The better you feel, the more stress you can cope with, and the less weight you will gain over the holiday period.
  3. Drink more water so you stay well hydrated, especially in summer (good water intake will also help you avoid overly-indulging in high calorie drinks, such as high calorie cocktails, and may also help prevent some hangovers).
  4. Meditate.  Take a short 20 minute break at least once a day, ideally twice a day, and sit in a comfortable chair – set a timer, but close your eyes and tune out other sounds (you may need someone to help swap child care responsibilities or otherwise manage to create the time and space you’ll need to find reprieve from the typical holiday madness). Meditation can help reduce your blood pressure, lead to creative gift giving thoughts, and give you a much needed break!
  5. Make a BUDGET for GIFTS – and stick with it. If you have already gone over, cull WAY back and consider hand made gifts, second hand items or offering to baby sit, dog sit or run an errand.
  6. Don’t expect perfection.  Don’t expect to find (or demand to get) perfect gifts or perfect meals – you will only drive yourself and those closest to you mad with your stress levels. It’s far better to be happy, chilled and relaxed than to spend what’s supposed to be a relaxing time, worrying about what is or isn’t precisely how you’d like it to be.
  7. Practice Appreciation and Gratitude.  Having a sense of gratitude for all you have in life can bring balance to your perspective, and really turn your experiences around.  So practice gratitude daily and don’t focus on the past, things you can’t change and anything that leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth – such as who’s turn it is to host or who’s supposed to pick up Nanna.

Beware the risk of Christmas Stress: make sure to have a relaxing break during your holidays.

As we approach the holiday times, some of us are giddily happy – and some of us become riddled with gift choosing stress or other holiday related anxiety. It’s often about who we’ll see, how we’ll get there, what we’ll give people (or get), what we’ll eat or not eat – and how well we’ll manage having the children at home for such a long period of time before school starts up again. For some of us, it’s also making decisions about schools (which schools?) or University programs (which courses to enroll in this year?).  And for others, it’s about selling and moving house – always a stressful time.

So how do you overcome or manage Christmas Stress – and is there any joy in just escaping?



Christmas Shopping Stress is an all-too-common phenomenon that can take the joy and relaxation RIGHT out of your holiday break period.   

Staying Calm and On Budget for Holiday Gift Giving (click to read this blog).

Christmas Stress and Managing Holiday Stress (click to read this longer blog).

Some of the tips covered in the BLOG include:

  • Shopping on a budget
  • Shopping without struggling to find a parking place
  • Shopping with a one-stop mentality – online
  • Staying healthy by eating well and not over-indulging
  • Making sure you get your down time – escaping for a few minutes to a few hours – or even going away and ‘skipping’ the whole Christmas experience – are all options worthy to consider!

And of course you can always schedule a relaxing post-Christmas or post-New Years Eve HEALITE II session (low level light therapy). It’s rejuvenation for your skin AND relaxing and will likely help you get a 20 minute break from the madness of the holiday shopping period (although you’ll want to book in NOW for early January, as we reopen on 3rd January and this popular treatment gets filled up quickly).



Mental Health at Holiday Times

If you are experiencing unusually high levels of stress these holidays, be sure to consult with your GP, health professional, friends and others who may be able to offer you support – you might also want to connect with free community support options, including Life Line Australia who are reachable on 13 11 14.  Self-care during stressful periods of time is crucial, and it might require you considering reaching out for help – from a friend, family member or counselling professional – to help you manage the stress or changes you’re going through.

Holiday closures

Our office will close on 23rd December and re-open on Tuesday, the 3rd of January 2017.

So if you need a treatment or gift certificate, phone us now on (03) 8849 1400 to arrange the certificate or visit the Clinic during normal office hours (phone first).

PS: If you are needing a GIFT VOUCHER or your own RELAXING HEALITE II treatment or other type of FACIAL or cosmetic injection top-up or skin enhancement, or even non-surgical fat reduction to fit into your swimsuit after Christmas, give our Coco Ruby team a call on (03) 8849 1400.  Ask about our wide range of facial treatments, rejuvenating cosmetic injections and EnCurve body contouring.

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