Chin Injections: Chin Augmentation Using Dermal Fillers


Chin Injections: Non Surgical Chin Enhancement

The chin is an important feature, and it impacts your smile and lower face – but also your overall appearance. The chin and jawline impact your appearance from all angles – the front, the 3/4 side angle and the side profile. Weak looking chins can leave some people feeling self-conscious about their looks, but there are two effective solutions to remedy a retruded or recessed chin.

A Weak looking chins and jawline can be treated in two key ways (or with facial surgery such as a facelift, neck lift or double chin fat reduction injections).

If you have sagging skin, however, you may need additional treatments such as surgical facial procedures. But if your primary concern is a retruded, recessed chin or weak looking jawline, dermal fillers MAY be a good solution – ask us for details by booking in an assessment with our team’s Senior Injecting Clinicians including Senior Injecting Nurse & Clinician Sandra Wallace or our Cosmetic Physician.

By enhancing the chin with dermal fillers or an implant:

  • the jawline can look firmer or more defined (sharpened)
  • the profile of the face can be better balanced
  • the smile usually looks better and the face more proportional

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Chin Injections or a Chin Implant: Which is better?


There’s never any cosmetic treatment option that will suit all patients.

Every patient is unique and an assessment is the only true way to understand our options. However, phone our Patient Care Team on (03) 8849 1444 and if you’d like to send photographs, they may be able to guide you on who to visit with at either our Coco Ruby Injecting Clinic in Melbourne, or the Plastic Surgery clinic in Hawthorn East.

If we believe you may be better served by meeting with a Plastic Surgeon, we’ll recommend that you see Dr Richard Sackelariou, our team’s “Chinplant” Plastic Surgeon for Chin Augmentation with chin implants via surgical means (but no visible scars).

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