What is a Dermal Clinician?


If you’ve ever been in pursuit of better looking, healthier skin, you’ll know that there are different types of Medical Clinicians and Skin Care Clinicians that can help.

The top 4 Skin Clinicians you might see for any skin concern might be:

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Some people also see Beauty Therapists for certain skin concerns. However, our Clinics are highly focused on a more medical-based approach using the latest skin technologies including a wide range of effective lasers such as Laser, DOT Therapy, Laser Genesis, Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT such as Healite II), microneedling and medical-grade skin peels.  Our Dermal Clinicians work alongside leading Melbourne based Aesthetic Cosmetic Injecting Nurses and Aesthetic Physicians as well as the most experienced group of Plastic Surgeons in Australia.

So where does a Dermal Clinician fit in to getting your skin to look it’s best?

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What is a Dermal Clinician?

If you want YOUR skin to look it’s very best, send an enquiry or phone to book your Skin Consultation to see what we can do – working together with in-clinic and at home skin protocols – to help your skin.

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