What age for Facial Filler Injections?


How old do you have to be to have Filler? – What is the Minimum Age for Filler?

Social Media is now a HUGE part of our lives. The Kardashians rule Celebrity-Style Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. They wield a LOT of social influence, including increasing the appeal of Cosmetic Treatments to younger generations . But while Facial Fillers, Lip Fillers and Anti-Wrinkle Injections are increasingly popular among adults, there’s a growing concern that younger individuals are jumping on the beauty injection trends a bit too soon.  As a parent, what should YOU do if YOUR teenager has gone from self-obsessed to SELFIE obsessed and is suddenly asking for lip filler or cheek filler facial injections?  What age can you have facial fillers? How Young IS TOO YOUNG to get Facial Filler Injections?


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Filler may be less Permanent than Tattoos but Facial Fillers are A Medically Prescribed Treatment

Personal expression, cosmetic procedures and grooming habits are changing.

This is largely due to:

  • advances in cosmetic surgery and non surgical options
  • skin care technologies including new lasers (the vaginal rejuvenation laser, for example)
  • the fact that we’re far more comfortable today to enhance our looks by whatever means are available
  • the ability of facial filler injections to provide better feature sculpting options than ever before

So they now include non-surgical treatments or minimally invasive treatments such as filler injections. But an INJECTION is a medical procedure and hence, should not be taken lightly at any age.

While less permanent than Tattoos or Cosmetic Surgery, temporary Dermal Filler injections are still a medical treatment.

There are different types of solutions used in cosmetic injections, and some of them are similar to naturally occurring substances in the body. But that doesn’t mean that they are good at any age. Using filler too soon – or in the wrong place – can lead to detrimental consequences.

So there are good reasons to contemplate the right age for cosmetic injections as a Parent or Young Adult

Opinions in cosmetic circles vary on when it is “okay” to start enhancing lips or cheeks with facial filler injections. Such disparity between injectors is not uncommon, and often it relates to the fact that every patient is unique. Some patients may warrant injections for corrective facial sculpting (or surgical options) at early adult ages.  Others are best to wait until they have progressed further in their physical and emotional maturity.


Not all Injecting Clinicians Agree on the answers to How Young Is Too Young to Get Facial Filler Injections.

Some injectors say anytime over the age of 18 years or after the typical late teens’ growth spurts.

Others Cosmetic Medicine Practitioners believe it shouldn’t be tried until later in life (the mid-twenties at a minimum or after 30 depending on what you’re wanting done).

The only agreement is that there should be a good reason for the early use of filler treatments if and when that decision is made. In general, one solution approach will never fit all individuals; but it might be best to avoid over use and early age use of fillers when feasible.

Above all, facial filler injections are a medical treatment and should not be taken lightly.

Despite numerous appearance benefits, they can lead to certain risks. So although teenagers have some authority over certain medical or dental decisions over the age of 16, and although the legal age for consent to medical or dental procedures is 18 years of age (the age one is considered an adult), our Injecting Clinicians advise CAUTION to younger patients who want to go for Dermal Fillers at too young an age.  And for most patients, that would cover their early twenties as well as teenage years.

Most individuals should NOT have facial filler injections until they have at least reached their mid-twenties if not later.

  • He acknowledges that an exception might apply if there is serious facial asymmetry, imbalance or deformity that might be helped with dermal fillers (or other compelling reasons for early age use).
  • Smile corrections might be one of the exceptions; but be sure you understand the procedure and what’s being used.


how young is too young for facial filler injections or beast implant surgery?

  • In general,  it’s wiser to wait until you are AT LEAST in your mid-twenties – or older – before you start getting facial filler injections.

In a recent Interview,  younger patients were cautioned NOT to follow injecting trends for the sake of adding facial volume. The best approach is custom facial feature enhancements – not ‘over filling.’

“What the Kardashians are doing cosmetically might not suit YOUR face or YOUR lips. Plus, chances are that the younger you are when you first start getting cosmetic injections, the more likely it is that you might regret it over time.”   Just like those colourful tattoos you’re considering investing in (or already have). They are very difficult to remove and the process is often excruciating painful.  Opt for henna, instead?

Are anti-wrinkle injections okay at early ages?

TGA approved muscle relaxant solution injections for sweating

Getting injections for Hyperhydrosis treatment (excessive sweating) at an early age is one thing (see photo above). This treatment uses anti-wrinkle solutions and these have been safely injected for decades to treat a variety of health conditions.

Sometimes facial imbalances can also be corrected with injected muscle relaxers.  

  • But such Facial treatments need to be used with caution, especially on younger patients.
  • And facial fillers, especially modern product ranges, are an entirely different matter.

Whilst Facial Fillers can work wonders to reduce ageing if the right substance is used by a highly skilled Injector, they have been known to increase the appearance of ageing if used in the wrong amounts OR on a younger patient.

“If you are younger than your mid-20s, be careful not to follow medical fads – or even tattoos,” warns Dr Rubinstein.

“It can be SO tempting to do what your friends or the Kardashians are doing. But even temporary fillers used when a patient is too young (or used inappropriately by the Injector) can have long term, potentially detrimental consequences.”

But what about the age of consent for Medical Treatments such as Facial Filler Injections being the age of 18 years?

Technically speaking, how Young IS too young to get facial filler injections? “What’s legal and what’s medically clever can be too different things,” affirms Dr Craig.

“Legally you can have dermal fillers at age 18, but in the wrong hands or used in the wrong amounts for an extended period of time, fillers can leave you with problems you’re better off avoiding.”

Long term or inappropriate use of fillers can also have detrimental consequences – especially if you go somewhere offering Cheap Cosmetic Injections or Facial Fillers.

xeomin facial rejuvenation cosmeceutical skincare

Our Coco Ruby Team always advises choosing quality over price. They highlight that with injection treatments, you often end up getting what you’re paying for. Cheap injecting offers may NOT use highly skilled Injecting Teams or may dilute their products. Worse yet, there are some back-room and at-home operations that use non-approved substances or permanent fillers, which can lead to  serious disasters in the wrong hands.

It’s even MORE important to choose a SKILLED Injector and a REPUTABLE Clinic if you’re young.

It’s always important to choose a skilled and experienced Injecting Clinician. It is recommended that, if you’re young, it’s even more important to choose someone who’s an expert in facial filler injections.

Why is that the case?

  • Your entire life’s appearance is at stake.
  • Plus, there is likely to be less validity to adding volume to a younger face (other than for corrective purposes) whereas if you’re doing it to reduce ageing later in life, there is a defined aim and purpose.

Again, he cautions against indiscriminate use of dermal filler before the mid-twenties.  More than that, he cautions patients of ANY age to avoid the “over-volumised” facial appearance of having too much filler.

“So many people walk around with over inflated cheeks or lips.”

Overfilling: The team concurs – Over volumised faces not only look unappealing, they can readily border on grotesque.

“A little goes a long way,” affirm Injector Sandra.

Future Focused – what will it look like in 10 years time?

The answer to How Old should you be for Fillers also depends on other factors including:

  • Your anatomy
  • Your health
  • Understanding how your facial features can balance each other in a way that looks natural
  • Precisely where a bit of added facial volume might help your overall facial appearance
  • How Facial Fillers can be injected in a way that doesn’t harm your overall facial balance or natural cheek apex OR lead to long term problems

In Summary, How Young is considered too young for facial filler injections – CAN vary from person to person. Different injectors may also have different views. But overall you should think about how you will look NOT ONLY TODAY, but in 5 to 10 years’ time.

ACNE treatments melbourne skin -best-reasons-dermal-clinician-.jp

As a parent, teenager or young adult discussing cosmetic injections or cheek and lip augmentation, you should remind yourselves that:

  • Technically, as long as an individual is at an age where they can legally make their own medical decisions, they can choose to have this cosmetic procedure.
  • But being an adult and being savvy about what you’re getting in a cosmetic procedure are NOT always the same thing.
  • It’s better to err on the side of caution if you’re under 25 years of age or even 30.

Remember, not everyone’s features have reached maturity by the time they are 20 or 25.

  • Bones can keep growing and you should let your features and skin mature appropriately before seeking any changes.
  • If you do go ahead with fillers when you’re young, be extra cautious to know what you’re getting AND find out what your injector’s training and experience is.  As NOT ALL substances are alike – and not all injecting clinicians are equal in their skill levels.

And remember, even if facial fillers are technically considered temporary, there are still long term impacts of overuse of facial fillers.

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