Uses of Healite II in Modern Health Care


Healite II in Modern Health Care


Healite ll™, also known as Low-Level-Light Therapy (LLLT) is a highly diverse and innovative phototherapy treatment.

Most recently, this fab treatment has been honed by aesthetic medical practitioners to increase healing after a surgical or cosmetic procedure.

You may be recommended for Healite ll™ by your Plastic Surgeon not long after your procedure (or possibly before and after a procedure)  in order to:

  • Increase circulation to the area being treated
  • Help optimize your healing in advance of surgery
  • Enhance your healing after surgery
  • Relieve pain
  • Eradicate joint stiffness as a stand-alone or post-surgical enhancement
  • Reduce muscle joint discomfort as a stand-alone or post-surgical option
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How Healite works – Healite ll™ is added to aesthetic treatments in order to optimise recovery.

  • It works by using Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT) to turbo boost the body’s cellular function in a chosen area.
  • It uses particular wavelengths (usually 830 nm light) in the form of a yellow light via Light Emitting Diode (LED).
  • Your aesthetic physician expert has been trained to use this light via the Healite ll™ in a concentrated format.
  • Using this light in such a way “photomodulates” the function of the cells in the area being treated, without any causing any physical or thermal harm to the skin or body.

Healite ll™ therapy can also be used to effectively treat.

dysport cellular renewal, skin minerals, vitamins, zinc

  • Wounds – by encouraging faster healing
  • Pain – by helping pain management through cell regeneration
  • Increasing blood flow to wound – thereby also helping to promote more effective healing
  • Minimising bruising – the cell regeneration helps skin renewal
  • Decreasing wrinkles and increasing the tightness of the skin
  • Cutting down recovery time by literally helping the body heal itself faster

Why Healite ll™ can be helpful for you

This form of LLLT is wonderful as it is a convenient, painless, risk-free and non-harmful addition to your pre or post-operative care plan. It is safe for all skin types, unlike laser treatment, which can be harmful to some types of skin.

Example: How LLLT can be used for a Boob Job


Perhaps you have had – or are about to have – a boob job – and need to speed up your recovery time?

Your Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon may encourage you to have some Healite ll™ therapy before surgery in order to encourage cell regeneration of the breast tissue, and after surgery to promote greater healing and shrink the amount of recovery time needed, as well as decreasing pain.

It does this by stimulating:

  • Blood flow to the surrounding tissue of the area treated
  • The production of collagen (one of the crucial building blocks of skin)
  • Cellular function
  • Hydration within the skin
  • Serotonin production in the brain – happy patients feel less pain and heal faster!


Cost Healite II low level light therapy

Enhances natural cellular recovery, speed up healing time & promote rejuvenated skin.

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Depending on your unique health situation and a number of factors to be evaluated, your Plastic Surgeon will be able to assess how to best incorporate Healite II into your treatment plan.

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