Declutter and Update Your Wardrobe after Surgery

spring clean your wardrobe

Declutter and Update your wardrobe after Surgery to celebrate your new post-surgery lifestyle

Updating and Cleaning your wardrobe is always inspirational – so it’s time for a seasonal reminder. Post Surgery you are ready for a new life. Finally you can put away the heavier, darker clothing choices that seem to dominate your past clothes and you can start thinking of colour, lighter fabrics and the brightness of a new life.  Decluttering your wardrobe is often called “Spring Cleaning” and it has benefits to not only your wardrobe hanging space – but often to your psyche.


Falcon Fabrics designs by Cliff Howard (silk scarves)

This is also the time that you might feel the urge to start shopping again – for the delightful new styles that are so beguiling in every store window or online shopping site. But wardrobe clutter can build up easily.  So with every new item, it can help to throw something out (toss it, donate it or give it to someone who would love a pre-loved item).   Before you start reaching for your credit card, however, there’s an important step that you need to address – and that’s to do a thorough clean-up and inventory of your existing wardrobe and life-style.  Spring is definitely one of the best times to take stock of your wardrobe – and cull!

FOUR top tips to declutter and update your wardrobe collection

Update Your Wardrobe Tip 1 – Start by doing a clothing inventory

  • Take everything out of your cupboards – this is a good exercise as you’ll probably find things that you didn’t even remember that you had, and you’ll also see just how many clothes you already possess! Set aside a good couple of hours, as you’ll want to get through everything once you have your clothes out in piles.
  • Separate all your clothes into ‘discard’, ‘must wear’ and’ not sure’ piles. You’ll probably have a range of emotions from “why don’t I wear this anymore?” to “what was I thinking”? With the latter, immediately put the item in the ‘discard pile’.
  • The discards can find their way into a friend’s wardrobe, a charity shop, or can be sold – that’s up to you. The important pile is the ‘not sure’ one. Hold onto this pile until ‘consider your lifestyle’ (point 2) before making a final decision.
  • A temporary pile could be those clothes that you want to keep but that need work. If you haven’t worn something because you’ve been meaning to fix the zip, sew a button back on, or re-do the hem, fix it now! Then you can return the item to your wardrobe. If you put it back as is, you can rest assured that it will probably spend another season in the state it’s in.
  • A good rule of thumb is that if you haven’t worn something the entire previous season (i.e. last summer) why would you start now? The only exception would be those ‘occasion clothes’ that are reserved for specific functions that don’t roll around every day.

Update Your Wardrobe Tip 2 – Consider your lifestyle and how you want your clothes to define you

  • When you know your lifestyle and how you want to express yourself through your clothes, it’ll really help you to streamline what you keep and buy. Try to describe your lifestyle and the type of person you are in a few words, and consider the clothes that would project this.
  • You’ll already have an idea of this if you find that wearing a certain item of clothing makes you feel good. Your bright yellow top or special jacket, for example, might always make you feel happy, while your more formal business wear helps you feel influential in meetings.
  • We use clothes to define ourselves and to send messages to the world, so be conscious of this important dimension while you’re evaluating your clothes.

spring wardrobe cleaning, new fashions for spring 2016

Everything you wear affects you on some level.

  • Clothes are much more than the latest fashion or simply something you throw on in the morning.
  • You even react to different colours, whether you’re aware of it or not.
  • Once you become conscious of who you are and what you hope to convey through your clothing, you’ll be much more aware of how to spring clean your wardrobe.
  • Once you’re truly aware of the clothes that suit your lifestyle, that project the right image, and are really flattering, you’ll have a much better idea of how to deal with your ‘not sure’ pile.

Update Your Wardrobe Tip 3 – Shop ‘in’ your wardrobe

  • Before you start bringing in endless packets of new clothes that you simply ‘had to have’, you need to do some basic organisation and planning.

Hold the spending spree!  If you haven’t looked at your summer clothes for the past six months, you might have forgotten what you already have.

  • It’s only when you have a clear idea of the basic essentials already in your wardrobe that you’ll know what you need to complement them.
  • In order to have a workable ‘core wardrobe’ you need to ensure that you have certain items in a range of basic colours, such as black, white, khaki, or charcoal, so that you have plenty to work with to start combining outfits. You need about four times as many ‘tops’ as you do ‘bottoms’. The reason for this is that most people notice the top part of your clothes, particularly if they’re colourful. When you’re looking through your wardrobe, assemble basic pieces such as jackets, jerseys/jumpers and skirts and trousers in these classic colours.

Falcon Fabrics designs by Cliff Howard (silk scarves)

  • What you don’t have can go on your shopping list.
  • Note that you’re going to be shopping consciously rather than just indulging in some impulse buying.
  • This is when you can start to shop ‘in’ your wardrobe.

What this means is that you should look with a fresh eye at all the different ways that you can put together various outfits.

If you always wear those charcoal trousers with a coral shirt and the scarf that picks up both colours, what other combinations can you put together?

Look at all your clothes in a new and inventive way – be playful, be creative. You’re bound to come up with outfits you never would have considered until you took the time to look thoroughly at what you already have.

  • A good suggestion is to take pictures of each new outfit you create so that you don’t fall back into your old tried and true habits of always wearing your clothes in the same way with the same accessories.
  • Once you’ve completed this exercise, you’ll have a much better idea of what is missing in your wardrobe. And you might be surprised by how little extra you actually have to shop for!

  • Having a core wardrobe of timeless clothes gives you’re the luxury to splurge on seasonal trends that are perfect for your lifestyle. Once you have an idea of your basics, you can start indulging in buying those statement clothes that will keep you bang on trend and will bring you up-to-date for the new season.

Update Your Wardrobe Tip 4 – Get organised

  • Once you’ve put together your outfits and have decided on what you need to buy to complete your core wardrobe, now’s the time to put things back in a way that will make your clothes easy to find. By throwing out the clothes that don’t suit you and that you hardly ever wear, you’ll have made more space in your wardrobe. Be disciplined and don’t bring in any new item of clothes without getting rid of an existing item, otherwise you’ll be back to jam-packed cupboards and you won’t be able to find anything

Invest in lightweight hangers and try to hang only one item of clothing on each hanger. This way your clothes won’t constantly need ironing and you’ll be able to see your whole wardrobe at a glance. The minute you start hiding an item of clothing under another, you’ll start forgetting what you actually have to wear.

  • Consider getting containers for t-shirts, jerseys, and shoes. Separating these into well-ordered compartments makes finding things and putting outfits together much easier. Putting your belts, scarves, and accessories together in an easy-to-find way will help tremendously.
  • If possible, have enough space in your wardrobe so that your clothes, even on separate hangers, aren’t squashed together. Having air around your clothes will keep them in better condition.

The moment you start having to push against hangers to get to something in or out, you probably have too many clothes.

Go back to point 1 and see if there’s anything else you really should be getting rid of. The idea is to have fewer clothes, but to wear them all – and feel happier in them as well as lighter whenever you look in your wardrobe or closet.

If you follow these simple but important steps, you’ll find that you’ll get better use of your clothes and you probably won’t need to spend a fortune on new clothes for the season.

Instead, you’ll utilise what you have in new and innovative ways – it’s the secret to many a successful person’s style!

Never again will you have a wardrobe full of clothes, but nothing to wear.  Declutter your wardrobe and get ready for a new life!

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