Crepey Skin Under Eyes – Will Dermal Filler Help?


Do you have crepey skin under your eyes? Skin Booster Injection Treatments using Dermal Fillers can help improve your skin quality around and even under your eyes.

Yet many patients are unfamiliar with this innovative treatment to restore their under-eye skin to a more luminous, less crepey appearance.


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Here’s what’s important to know about Under Eye Dermal Filler via Skin Boosters or Tear Trough Injections using Dermal Fillers

Before we continue, be aware that injections are a non-surgical procedure but they are considered invasive as they involve penetration of the skin AND pharmaceutical schedule 4 prescription medications; all invasive procedures and pharmaceutical products carry risks. Results also vary from patient to patient. Understand your Dermal Filler risks before consenting to any injection procedures.  You will need an assessment from a Cosmetic Physician before pursuing any cosmetic injection treatments to ensure you’re a suitable candidate for dermal fillers.

Tip: Be sure to follow all preparation and post-injection treatment guidelines given to you by your Nurse Injector and/or Cosmetic Doctor (a link to tips for preparing for your next cosmetic injections is located towards the bottom of this blog). In general, common recommendations include do NOT fly after having dermal fillers; drink plenty of water after having fillers, and avoid hot saunas, alcohol, exercising and extreme temperatures for several days after having filler injections.

Fighting Crepey Skin or Crepey-looking Wrinkles Under Eyes: The Skin Booster Option

Crepey skin under eyes - Skin Booster Option or Dermal Fillers to tear trough area?

As part of a liquid facelift or on its own, under-eye skin booster injections can accomplish an improvement in the skin texture of this area of the face.  For suitable candidates, this can help reduce the crepey-looking under-eye skin.

Common reasons people seek Under Eye Cosmetic Injections – Skin Booster Injections under the eyes or Dermal Filler in the tear trough area:

  • The skin under your eyes is significant in how you look.
  • Darker eye circles, under-eye bags and lax skin around your eye area can leave you looking puffy or tired.
  • If your under-eye skin is crepey-looking, wrinkled, bulging or shadowy in appearance, it’ll also impact your overall facial appearance.
  • Skin boosters (distributed around the under-eye area) or dermal fillers (injected into the tear trough area under the eyes) can help improve your under-eye appearance, reducing crepey skin or reducing under eye shadows or eye bags here’s an option to improve your under-eye area through surgery.

If you want to explore Blepharoplasty Surgery, ask for an appointment with a facial expert like a Specialist Plastic Surgeon in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth or Brisbane/Gold Coast.

Surgical solutions for eyes – Plastic Surgery options if cosmetic injections are not the answer for your concerns.


Skin boosters can do so much, but sometimes you may have too much excess skin – along with weak orbital area muscles – that less invasive measures cannot help you with. In these scenarios, surgery may be worth exploring. Cases, where eyelid area skin folds or eyelid skin sagging has impeded your field of vision (where skin rests on eyelashes and/or partially covers your iris in one or both eyes), may require surgery.

So, too, in situations where excess skin has left you with rather prominent under-eye bulges or eyelid function issues (such as Ectropion or Entropion conditions) – as these may also require a surgical solution.

  • Upper Eyelid Surgery can enhance the upper lid and reveal your eyelid platform or help you ‘see your upper lashes’ again; for some patients, it improves their field of vision by reducing skin that obscures part of the iris/upper iris in one or both eyes.
  • Lower Eyelid Surgery may help reduce your under-eye bulges or saggy, droopy lower eyelid skin that leads to eye bags or shadows under your eyes – and to difficulty blinking properly, eye area irritations or infections from inward-turning eyelashes, or tear duct dysfunctions caused by drooping lower eyelids.
  • Entropion and Ectropion conditions can lead to dry eyes, tear duct problems and more; and corrective surgery by a skilled eyelid surgeon may help (but remember, all surgery has risks and results can vary from patient to patient).

Crepey Looking Under Eye Skin? There’s an alternative to laser or surgical approaches if you’re a suitable candidate for dermal filler injections.

Laser treatments or Surgery of the lower eyelids aren’t the only solutions to help reduce crepey-looking, sagging skin under the eyes.

The Liquid Facelift Option can help restore lost facial volume and improve your Under Eye Skin when it starts to look crepey.

  • The liquid facelift is a growing alternative to surgery as an anti-ageing solution for the face.
  • Enhancing the temples, cheeks, brow and/or under-eye area can do a lot to restore the lost facial volume that comes with ageing.
  • Indeed, it’s not just your skin that ages, but your actual skeletal foundation.
  • The combination of skin laxity, facial bone atrophy and diminishing fat pads leads to very saggy looking facial skin.
  • Dermal fillers essentially help ‘lift’ the skin by giving it a stronger internal structure upon which to rest, or improving circulation and collagen, depending on which cosmetic injection techniques for dermal fillers are used.
  • Read more about skin booster sessions or phone for a consultation for feature volumisation or augmentation.
  • Be sure you have read about dermal filler injection risks before you proceed with any treatment. Make sure that you understand these are Schedule 4 medication. Also, you should know that results can vary from patient to patient.

Skin Boosters can be used to plump, moisturise and firm the skin’s appearance to reduce crepey-looking skin under the eyes.

Skin boosters are a great way to refresh the entire facial appearance. They improve the skin in terms of textural appearance, pore visibility, circulation and firmness.

  • Skin boosters are often used over the entire face, including the eyes.
  • A full-face skin booster session costs around $950 – $1100 AUD.
  • However, a Cosmetic Doctor/Cosmetic Injector may employ dermal filler solutions or skin booster injections specifically under your eyes. This method is a targeted facial treatment to help reduce crepey skin texture under your eyes.
  • Skin boosters to the under-eye area alone cost around $450 AUD per treatment (includes both eyes).
  • There’s also under-eye tear trough dermal filler injections but not all patients may be suitable candidates for these procedures.
  • But dermal fillers in tear troughs are not the only answer to under-eye skin concerns.
  • Skin Booster Injecting solutions under the eyes can help with skin textural improvement under the eyes. These improvements include reducing crepey-looking under-eye skin.
  • Ask your Cosmetic Doctor for an assessment of your under-eye skin. Be sure that you understand the dermal filler injecting risks before proceeding, as well.

Cost of Skin Booster Treatments

Costs and prices of skin booster treatments at our Melbourne Clinic can vary depending on patient needs and variability.  Treatment recommendations can only be made only after an assessment of suitability for dermal fillers with a Cosmetic Doctor.

  • So be sure to ask for a customised quote (these prices are general only).
  • Generally, under-eye skin boosters cost $450 for each treatment. A full face skin booster injecting session costs somewhere between $950-$1,100 each treatment.

Related treatments for under-eye skin or shadows/dark circles under the eyes (suitable conditions only).

More about under-eye dermal filler injections.

Dermal filler cosmetic injecting strategies can help to reduce your under-eye bags. They can also alleviate certain types of under-eye shadows, darkness, or minor under-eye fat bulges.

  • The two strategies most commonly employed for dermal fillers injected under the eye area are tear trough injections and skin boosters.
  • They can help alleviate mild under-eye shadows, as well as crepey-looking skin in the area. This will improve the look and skin texture under the eyes.
  • If you have more noticeable or advanced under-eye skin concerns, then a surgical solution may be something worth researching further.
  • However, it should be noted that most anti-ageing patients start by asking about the less-invasive option of dermal fillers. They’re a non-surgical anti-ageing option with less downtime than facial or eyelid surgery.

More considerations about dermal filler injections:

Though dermal filler injections are less invasive than surgery excisions, they are invasive. This is because they DO involve penetration of the skin. Therefore, like all invasive procedures, they do involve risks.

Eyelid Surgery can help. But, dermal filler injections are another option worth exploring. They can be distributed in either skin booster format, or for tear trough reduction. Either format will improve the under-eye appearance of your face.

  • Sandra Wallace said: “I find that one of the areas that many people neglect when they have facial rejuvenation using dermal fillers or cosmetic wrinkle relaxing injections is the under-eye area.”
  • In fact, some Upper Blepharoplasty patients may consider under-eye skin boosters. They may be a good solution, after they heal and recover from upper or lower eyelid surgery, of course.

Be sure that you do NOT rush a treatment after surgery. Instead, ask your Surgeon or Cosmetic Doctor for about the requisite waiting period. They’ll be able to tell you how long you should wait between a cosmetic eyelid surgery and a dermal filler injection treatment.

Patient Care Coordinator, Michelle, said this of skin booster injections after recently having a series of them herself:

“I see this treatment as a way of moisturising your skin, from the inside.”

Non-Surgical Cosmetic Solution for crepey-looking under-eye skin: Procedure Details and Skin Booster Costs (Melbourne)

  • Skin Boosters – three (3) treatments of Skin Booster Injections (either full-face or just under eyes)
  • Full Face Details:
    • Volume (average/full face): 3 mls ~ $950-$1100 (full face includes skin under eyes) per treatment
    • Treatments have a cumulative impact
    • You’ll start to see significant improvements after each session has had time to show its effects. (If you’re a suitable candidate, of course!) You’ll notice that your skin looks more luminous and refined and that your pores are smaller and harder to see. And, you’ll notice that your skin looks and feels more smooth and plump.
    • Recommended for 3 individual sessions for best results
  • Under Eye area only
    • Volume (average/under eyes/both eyes): 1 ml $450 per treatment
    • Recommended for 3 sessions for best results
    • Treatments have a cumulative impact
  • Ideally, these cosmetic injecting sessions need to be spaced 2 to 4 weeks apart
  • Then, you’ll usually be asked to enter into a maintenance skin booster plan. These appointments can be made from one to four times per year. They involve one single “top-up booster” skin injecting treatment each.

When will you see results from under-eye injection treatments?

  • Results from under-eye skin booster injections take 2-4 weeks after each treatment to become visible.
  • The cumulative results of multiple treatments typically begin to appear a few months after your most recent treatment.
  • For special events be sure to begin your assessment and treatments about 6 months ahead of the event.
  • You can combine with other modalities and skin nutrients (can vary).

In summary, there’s no one treatment for the crepey skin look under your eye, that will suit every patient.

  • Anti-wrinkle injections don’t work well under the eyes. This is because the skin and muscle in that area is so thin. Therefore, anti-wrinkle injections under the eyes don’t provide good results.
  • Dermal fillers are more applicable to this area but only for suitable patients and specific skin concerns.
  • Sometimes popular with people with Asian heritage, who want to reduce under-eye shadowing, and younger patients.

Want to find out which type of under-eye treatments will suit your eye area skin concerns?

Schedule a no-obligation cosmetic injection patient assessment – phone (03) 8849 14oo  and ask for Sandra Wallace (RN) and Jessie Anderson (RN)

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