Treating Different Types of Wrinkles & Lines


Different Types of Wrinkles and How to treat Facial Ageing – Dynamic and Static Wrinkles

Not all wrinkles are the same – there are dynamic wrinkles and static wrinkles. Find out how these different types of wrinkles are treated with cosmetic injections.

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There are many different names for facial wrinkles and facial lines

Popular  descriptions used to describe facial wrinkles or facial lines include:

  • Elevens (11s) – two vertical lines between the brows (some people have one very strong vertical line or one line stronger than the other line)
  • Crow’s feet
    • Naso-labial line (Marionette lines that run from the outer edge of the nostrils to the outer edge of the lip
  • Frown Lines

Some wrinkles are best treated with dermal filler injections while other types of lines and wrinkles are better treated with muscle-relaxing injections

Find out more about which types of lines or wrinkles are best treated with filler and which are better off when injections help reduce skin movement around the areas prone to developing deep facial lines or facial wrinkles.

How faces get wrinkly



There are many types of wrinkles.  These include horizontal forehead wrinkles, vertical wrinkles above the nose between the eyebrows, and horizontal lines etched across the bridge of your nose or down the sides of the upper part of your nose.

Then there are the so-called ‘crows feet’ at the corners of the eye, the wrinkles of the lower eyelid.

It should be noted that these wrinkles occur in the upper face which is the most common area of complaint.

One notable exception is the down-sloping grooves at each corner of the mouth. This is due to over action or repeated action of muscles that depress the corners of the mouth in a downward direction.

Where do MEN get cosmetic injections the most?

  1. Chins – enhance a weak chin
  2. Forehead (frown lines) – between brows
  3. Eyes or eyebrow area including crow’s feet (sides of eyes/temples)
  4. Near the mouth or marionette lines between nose and corner of the mouth
  5. nose (nose bridge)

What causes facial wrinkles in the first place?

TGA approved muscle relaxant solution facial rejuvenation - skin health - laser skin -hair removal

  • Primarily, the muscles and skin of the face age over time.
  • Skin loses collagen and skin folds and lines form after decades of repeated facial expressions.
  • Getting too much sun also damages the skin, and leads to an increase in skin concerns such as pigmentation, deeper lines and wrinkles.

And it doesn’t even need to be said that smoking is one of the absolute worst things you can do for your skin.  So is having poor nutrition and inadequate water intake.

  • Sometimes the wrinkles you see on your face relates to a loss of skeletal volume.
  • That’s because bones deteriorate and atrophy over time and with ageing.
  • Volume can be replaced with Dermal Filler injections and the combined effect of anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers can be very rejuvenating and long-lasting.
  • In the image below, a patient is getting her cheekbones “re-volumised” after bone loss related to ageing.
  • This type of cheek augmentation – done properly using the right amounts of dermal filler – boosts the entire appearance of the face.

Natural ageing processes and sun damage causes volume loss of facial muscle, fat and tissue and the sagging & wrinkling of your overlying skin.

As your skin becomes lax and sags, lines and wrinkles form or deepen, and bone atrophy also creates a more ‘downward’ look to the entire face – somewhat of a reverse triangle that is common when you’re very young.

There are wrinkles, and then there are wrinkles!

  • Static wrinkles are those that occur as consequence of ageing of the skin.
  • Sleep wrinkles are caused by lying on the side of the face in bed. These form oblique lines across the cheeks.
  • Dynamic wrinkles are those caused by the repeated use of the muscles of facial expression.

There are many types of wrinkles including horizontal forehead wrinkles, the vertical wrinkles above the nose between the eyebrows, the horizontal wrinkles across the bridge of the nose and down the sides of the upper part of the nose, the so-called ‘crows feet’ at the corners of the eye, the wrinkles of the lower eyelid.

  • The upper face (eyes, forehead) is often the most frequent area of complaint in relation to ageing facial skin, followed by the lines or wrinkles around the mouth or sagging jawline skin.
  • The eyes and forehead age faster for most people because they are used to blink and to make facial expressions.
  • Anti-Wrinkle Injections can be used as a treatment or earlier in life in a preventative manner to reduce lines and wrinkles and leave the face looking more rested and youthful.

One notable exception to the eye area and forehead area being the facial location that often shows deeper wrinkles first is the down-sloping grooves at each corner of the mouth.

  • This is due to over action or repeated action of muscles that depress the corners of the mouth in a downward direction.
  • Drinking, eating, chewing and smoking can also make these lines appear deeper and more prominent.


Types of Wrinkles:  Dynamic Wrinkles & Static Wrinkles

What’s the difference between dynamic wrinkles and static wrinkles? You may have heard of two distinctive types of wrinkles:  dynamic wrinkles vs static wrinkles.

To refresh your memory of what these terms actually mean, here’s a brief overview of what these important anti-wrinkle injection treatment definitions actually mean –

Dynamic Wrinkles

Dynamic wrinkles are those wrinkles or skin folds that appear when you use your facial muscles to form certain expressions.

  • Smiling, blinking, frowning or concentrating all result in dynamic wrinkles.
  • Concentrating or squinting also means the vertical lines (the infamous ’11s’) are more noticeably deep between your eyebrows.

When we are young, our skin springs back to its original position after making these facial gestures, but as we get older these dynamic wrinkles stay on the skin. They are now called static wrinkles.

cosmetic injecting definitions: dynamic vs static wrinkles

Static Wrinkles

Static wrinkles are the folds and lines that are present when we’re not forming facial expressions. They happen because as we get older, the natural substances that provide the skin with structure and volume decrease. These precious substances include collagen, elastic, and hyaluronic acid. Some static wrinkles are great to have such as laugh lines.

To keep your face looking refreshed and full of life, use quality skincare topicals (retinol, sunscreen, and antioxidants) and consider getting regular monthly treatments at your derm’s office.

Some Types of Wrinkles are treatable with Muscle-Relaxing Substances administered using micro-fine needles or cannulas.

Are you wondering what types of wrinkles can be treated with cosmetic injectables and skincare lasers? Most facial appearance concerns – as well as lines and wrinkles – are treatable.  And most ageing-related skin concerns can be improved upon with the right combination of non-surgical and skin refinement treatments. But sometimes plastic surgery really is the best solution for facial rejuvenation – In other words, sometimes cosmetic injections won’t get you where you want to go.

Perhaps, instead, you’re better off with an eyelid lift or facelift surgery over anti-wrinkle injections and dermal filler injections (or a combination of both). Because injections work well on wrinkles and lines, but they can only go so far when there is excess, loose or sagging skin folds.  So it depends on just how LAX the skin is, and how much difference your injectable options can actually make.

In the interim, if you’re not yet ready for an eyelid lift or facelift (or a very deep chemical peel), cosmetic injections can go a long way to rejuvenate your facial appearance.


approved muscle relaxant solution ageing eyelids - what does the mirror show?

Facial Ageing isn’t just one thing – it’s a combination of many things.

Before we talk about how injections work to reduce wrinkles and lines, consider how they got there in the first place. And the 3 main things that lead to ageing facial appearances (skin strength/texture, skeletal loss and pigmentation). In terms of lines and wrinkles, it’s a combination of genetic and environmental factors that leads to fine lines and deepening skin folds over time.

Do you know that repeated facial expressions, along with loss of volume in the facial bones, contributes to lines and wrinkles?

  • Lost skeletal volume and muscle loss means the skin has less support structure (leads to facial sagging)
  • Sun damage leads to weakened skin and pigmentation unevenness.
  • Massive weight loss can also lead to excess saggy skin causing more wrinkles and lines
  • Time and hormonal changes lead to slower cellular renewal and increased skin laxity.

skin sagging, cosmetic injections definitions and non surgical treatment news

All of which leaves us looking older than we want to. Fortunately, cosmetic injections can help.

Cosmetic Injections, carefully administered over time, allows us to slow down the clock of our facial ageing.

  • We’ll still age, but we can look better, for longer, with the right approach.
  • The degree to which this can be done will vary from patient to patient and is reliant on numerous factors, including the skill and experience of the non-surgical treatment practitioner or Cosmetic Injector.

Cosmetic injections can temporarily restore and maintain the vibrant! more youthful look you’ve been missing.  People who get them, swear by them – as evidenced by how many come back for injectables top-up treatments.

And if our Injecting Clinicians think you’re wasting your time and effort on injections when you really need a facelift to get the results you’re wanting, they’ll gently let you know. And if so, they’ll refer you to one of Melbourne’s top Facelift Surgeons at Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery.

But Cosmetic Injections – especially when combined with other treatments – can achieve amazing things to help rejuvenate the face. They work for facial rejuvenation because they address several factors that lead to an aged appearance.

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The 4 biggest tell-tale signs of skin ageing are:

  1. Dryness/dullness of the skin (lack of moisture and hydration)
  2. Sagging skin that looks crepey or droops rather than sitting firm on underlying facial structures
  3. Wrinkles and Lines that worsen over time, or when making certain facial expressions
  4. Skin Discolouration (sun damage, liver spots/sun spots, melasma, uneven pigmentation)

The visible signs of ageing over time are depicted in this illustration.

Notice the changes in the cheekbone height and temples over time (lost volume).

ageing skin

This type of volume-loss, so prominent with ageing faces, can be treated with cosmetic injections of Dermal Fillers. Cosmetic injections of dermal fillers can help plump up the skin and restore certain features to help rejuvenate the facial appearance.

How do Cosmetic Injections and Non-Surgical Treatments work?

Injections and Treatment can help rejuvenate the face, hands or decolletage

  • By replacing lost volume
  • By minimising lines and wrinkles
  • By lifting the skin where it’s started to sag
  • By rejuvenating the cellular processes of the skin

cosmetic injections definitions anti-wrinkle dermal filler

But what if the problem is a combination of ageing factors? Does the non-surgical option on its own achieve enough of a rejuvenation effect?

  • When the skin texture, as well as the skin laxity (loss of elasticity and firmness), have deteriorated over time, then a combination of surgical, non-surgical or skin texture resurfacing treatments are likely to get the best overall effect.
  • To do one, and not the other, will offer some improvement.
  • But often, it’s the combined use of modern cosmetic medicine offerings that gives a patient the most suitable overall effect.


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