Top 3 Cosmetic Injections for Men

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Top 3 Cosmetic Injections for Men

Part 2: The Latest Grooming Options to look your best include Wrinkle Injections

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Surgical and non-surgical treatments for men have become increasingly popular in the last decade. Anti-Wrinkle injections are one of the increasingly popular ways men are reducing facial lines and rejuvenating their facial features.

Women have been making use of them for decades, and it seems we men are finally catching on to how much cosmetic wrinkle injections and eye area wrinkle treatments can actually DO to help keep us looking your best – or at least nearly as young as our partners look after their own skin rejuvenation and injectables treatments.

In terms of procedures that appeal most to men, Liposuction, Eye lid lifts, Rhinoplasty and Male Breast Reduction/Gynaecomastia are popular surgery options (read our other blog on “Four Reasons Why Man Boobs are on the rise“).

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In the non-surgical arena, two types of Injectable Treatment procedures are becoming the most popular ‘rapid recovery’ in-clinic procedures for men. These are anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers:

  • muscle-relaxing injections to combat wrinkles, and

  • dermal fillers to replace lost volume, fill a facial scar or enhance a feature

  • Cosmetic Injections for Wrinkle Reductions or Crow’s Feet Reduction

The main advantages of anti wrinkle Injectables and facial filler procedures are that they can be very time-effective as well as more economical than some forms of surgery rejuvenation.

For cosmetic injections to relax wrinkles or fill an acne scar or tear trough area:

  • the treatment itself is relatively quick (15 minutes to 1 hour) once you’ve had treatment plan formulated after your medical history taking and full facial assessment
  • there is little to zero down time (no time off from work)
  • a skilled Injector using quality brand injectables solutions will typically know methods to help minimise redness and reduce post-injection bruising
  • it’s easy to use a lightly-tinted sun screen to cover up any evidence of having had injections (redness or bruising will usually disappear entirely in a few days, although every patient is different).

This is what makes injectables treatments so attractive to those of us who feel we don’t have time for more complex or lengthy surgical procedures.

Here are the top 3 most popular cosmetic injections that are particularly suitable for men who want to present their best.

There are other options as well, so if you have a particular skin concern, our Dermal Clinicians and Top Injectors would be happy to assist you in learning about your treatment options.

#1 Hyperhydrosis Treatments: No more sweaty underarms or sweaty hands


The same type of cosmetic injections that help reduce forehead lines are also quite useful for curing sweaty underarms.

Imagine being able to wear light-coloured shirts without worrying about underarm sweat marks showing through the fabric!

Muscle-Relaxing Injections are versatile and are used for other skin conditions – not just wrinkle reduction and not just for men.

Although injectable solutions that relax muscles and reduce the appearance of wrinkles are most popular for the face, you’ll find its used for many other conditions, such as reducing migraine headaches by releasing muscle tension across the temples OR even reducing excessive sweating.

Primarily a solution for excessive perspiration (super sweats), this can also help you if you have overly-sensitive underarms or develop allergic reactions to deodorants.

Injectables Treatments for Hyperhydrosis conditions can also help you reduce your constantly-sweaty palms. Read the blog on hyperhydrosis treatments. Or if you suffer from frequent tension headaches, injectables may be a helpful option to help you reduce them.

Injectables to reduce excess sweating under your armpits or on your palms

This injectables treatment procedure typically reduces excess sweating for six to eight or nine months. Even though it might sound a bit unusual to want to down-regulate your hydration system with injected solutions, the method is considered safe and can be very effective for you if your perspiration system is constantly in overdrive.

Best of all, it all takes as little as 15 minutes to treat both underarms.

#2 Eye Area Injections: Say Goodbye to tear troughs and under eye bags

male blepharoplasty patient

 After a certain point in your life, you are likely to notice your skin undergoing some highly-visible changes. The loss of plumpness around your eye area – or sagging upper eyelids – are common.

A lack of volume can happen due to low levels of an approved temporary-filler-solution. Some athletes also have such low body fat levels that they end up looking gaunt around their eye and eyelid areas.

Upper eyelids are sometimes better treated with eyelid surgery (described as an eyelid reduction, eye lid lift or Blepharoplasty procedure).

For example, the man in the image below would likely be far better suited for a surgical consultation with a Specialist Plastic Surgeon about getting an eyelid reduction surgery or Canthoplasty (for under eye bags and loose skin) rather than a non-surgical injectables treatment.  But he might look best if he had a combination of both!

However, if tear troughs and crow’s feet wrinkles are an issue for you more than very saggy, baggy eyelid skin, injectables may be your preferred option. A cosmetic injection using dermal fillers and injections of muscle relaxants strategically placed around your eye or eyelid area may be just what is needed to restore a more youthful looking eye area.

Every person is different, however, and just how often you’ll need to get anti-ageing injectables for facial rejuvenation maintenance can vary. Procedures such as these tend to need to be done approximately ever 6 to 12 months to keep up the youthful appearance of your skin.

Eye-area cosmetic injections take only 10 to 20 minutes of your time for most maintenance appointments, but because there are NO GO injecting zones to be aware of, choose only a highly experienced injector.

#3 Facial Wrinkles Reduction – Wrinkle-free in no time

Enzyme and Chemical Peels

Another use for cosmetic injections involves their well-known wrinkle-removing properties.

Wrinkle-removing cosmetic injections can be performed with either muscle-relaxing solutions or dermal fillers – a great injecting strategy often includes both.

It depends on you and your Injecting Clinician to determine which is suitable for your face, and where to strategically inject each solution, to best meet your facial enhancement needs.

A well-informed decision aided by the expert opinion of a top Injecting practitioner is always a great choice. That’s because not all injectors are equal in terms of expertise, experience and knowledge.

Because injection treatment results are so visible (they can’t be hidden under clothing), we recommend NOT opting for discount injection specials, as they might be cheaper due to using less-experienced injectors or cheaper injection solution brands (or diluted products) that won’t last as long or feel as natural to you as a quality injectables product delivered by a seasoned Practitioner such as the Coco Ruby Injecting Team of Dr Tina Purdon and Sandra Wallace.


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