Tips for First Time Lip Fillers or Injections

first time lip injections

Lip Filler 101: Tips for First Timer Lip Fillers or Injections

So you’re thinking about injectables and you’ve read some patient experiences of what it was like to get them? Here is part one of our series for top tips for first timer lip injectables and fillers (Insider tips for improving comfort and safety for optimal outcomes).

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Top Tips for Lips (Fillers and Injections)

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Lip Injections? One of the quickest facial enhancements you’ll get, with very little down time.

One of the most popular procedures for injectables is Lip Enhancements with fillers made of an approved temporary-filler-solution based solutions.  They are natural, soft and long lasting when the quality brands are used by an experienced injector.

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In the wrong hands or the wrong products in the wrong places (or too much of the right product), they can lead to lip disasters (Read our blog on Filler Overuse Syndrome, Lip Fillers Gone Wrong, Less is More and the Top Five Injection Danger Zones).

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Lip injections: First Timer Tips

First timer lip injections.  What is it really like?

As a first time patient, we understand you will have thoughts, comments, questions and concerns about achieving your desirable lip look result. We understand you may be nervous, so we have put together a list of our most popular discussions within our treatment rooms:

Do lip injections hurt? Do we use products to prevent pain?

  • Comfort is crucial! We have options:
  • A topical numbing cream that sets superficially on your lips (or surrounding your lip area) for up to 20 to 40 minutes (sometimes enhanced by plastic wrap for better penetration)
  • Ice packs (wrapped) just before and just after an injection works wonders for patient comfort!
  • We can also inject a numbing agent into your lip area prior to your lip fillers (or WITH the filler itself if appropriate).

Our aim is to help you to be as comfortable as possible for us to have the best environment to work with, but most patients report the discomfort is minimal and very quickly passing.

How long will I stay numb?

  • Some numbness is common after injections, but it is NOT the type of numbness that you would normally get when you visit a dentist – in fact, it’s quite different. Your lips and mouth should still function quite normally although you might have tingling sensations and a bit of swelling.
  • Very minor bleeding (usually tiny drops) or redness at the injection point might occur during or after your injections.
  • Most clients regain full feeling in their lips approximately 6 hours after their appointment (or earlier).
  • Sometimes your lips may feel tender for a few days following the procedure but it’s usually noticeable but not uncomfortable to where you’ll be distracted from your normal day to day activities.

How long do I need to wait for injection side effects to calm down?

  • Slight swelling of the lips after lip filler injections can last from a few hours to a few days
  • With our natural-looking results, even the swelling period tends to look natural and pleasing, not over-done or fake
  • Our clients see their post treatment results in 2 to 3 days after any treatment-related swelling subsides
  • The appearance of the lips can even improve over time as the solution fully takes effects in the lips
  • The results can last for several months to nearly a year for some patients – we usually see an average of 6 months to 12 months duration for lip enhancement injections

insider tips for better lips

What should I avoid before or after lip injections?

  • An After Care plan or post-injection advice will be discussed in detail prior to your treatment.
  • Ask questions! We can answer!
  • Some patients and injectors mention that some patients find it helpful to avoid heavily salted foods or extreme friction on the lips as well as excessive sun exposure (excessive sun exposure is a no-no all the time because the sun causes so much skin damage and because sun exposure can also lead to skin cancer or melanoma).
  • Some injectors prefer you not to wear makeup just afterwards and others don’t mind if you do – your lips will look better than before, even without makeup, so just ask your Injector for their opinion

We want you to get the most out of your time with us and to feel comfortable with your treatment plan.

We will discuss the specific solution and brand we’ll use on your lips, as well as the injecting strategy, so you can know what to expect before your treatment.  Experience also counts for optimal patient comfort and safety.   Knowing our Injectors are all Senior Injectors with Div. 1 RN or Physician qualifications means you’ll be able to relax knowing you’ll be in very experienced hands – our Senior Nurse Injectors have 20 years experience in the industry and really know how to use the best quality brands to help you get the most pleasing lip shaping results.


Here are a few more tips for your First Timer Lip injections.

Be prepared for your Appointment with your Injector
  1. Ask questions to your injection team about what to do before your appointment
  2. Be sure you have a full facial assessment and medical history taking
  3. Let your Injector know if you are taking any medications, including medications that lower your blood pressure or might interfere with proper healing.
  4. If you are prone to cold sores on your lips or take anti-viral suppressants for lip infections, ask your Medical Injector or GP what’s best before injections.
  5. Keep in mind we do inject solutions into the tissue of your lips; in the event you need special care, or have a muscular condition that impacts your ability to move your lips or to smile, please let us know ahead of time so we can be accommodate your needs.

Questions to Ask About Medications:

  1. Ask if you need to stop taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications prior to your treatment.
  2. Some over-the -counter pharmacy medications can also thin blood or leave you more prone to bleeding; others may increase swelling; so discuss your supplements and medications with your injector.
  3. Certain pain reliving medications or low dose aspirin can affect healing process so be sure to ask or let your Injector know all medications you are taking currently or plan to take just after your injections.

lips shapes

Do your research to learn what lip shape enhancement you might be aiming for – then discuss this with your top Injecting Clinician.

  1. Use photos of individuals you find attractive as great guidelines for potential lip enhancement procedures.
  2. While looking at photos for inspiration for your new lip look, try to find individuals with similar features to yours, such as:
    • Before photos of lips similar to yours
    • After photos of the lips are looking like now
    • skin tone
    • hair color
    • eye color
  3. Know that NOT all lip shapes will benefit or complement your facial anatomy or overall facial look – the key is what will look best on YOUR face – and a top injector like or Sandra or Jessie – can help you understand what will best suit your overall facial anatomy and still look natural!
  4. While we can make the best suggestions for proper technique and desired outcome, you should arrive prepared with an idea so we can make a successful augmentation.
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Make the lip boosting investment part of an overall facial rejuvenation plan

    • You can improve your skin with a Healite II facial or an enzyme peel before or after your injection treatments (for some treatments you may want to wait a few weeks between treatments)!
    • When you begin the subtle enhancements of adding a slight pout to your lips – or adding a different shape or significantly more volume – we highly recommend to go slowly and be prepared to see us more than once.
      • We find most patients prefer natural-looking enhancement increases in lip sizes rather than overdoing it – be sure you don’t fall prey to the ‘more is more’ ‘over-filled syndrome’ by wanting to go larger with your lips far too quickly
    • Repeated visits allow the chance to adjust your lip size and shape (this gives more control; plus, filler is typically charged in relation to volume of the filler used, so extra appointments won’t necessarily increase your investment it just allows more control of the volume over time rather than a lot at once).
    • Keep in mind the lip area involves facial and lip-moving muscles, which can take time to heal for some patients. But, our excellent injectors know how to minimise post-injection skin trauma. There is a HUGE difference between injectors and your comfort levels and results.

Other Considerations:

Everyone has a different experience and different ideas of what makes great lips. We want to make your experience the best one possible and get you the lips YOU want. And we want to leave you with long-lasting and natural looking results.

That noted, they are temporary. This allows for reversal of the filler if required (very rarely). But the filler may need to be repeated within 6 to 12 months for more fullness over time.

Tips Before Your Lip Injections

  • Arrive on time. Get to your appointment 10 minutes beforehand and be sure all your paperwork is filled out ahead of time.
  • Have your lunch or breakfast at least 30 minutes BEFORE your lip injections
  • Relax – you are in great hands!


Lastly, it’s okay to be excited!

Enhancing beauty is a wonderful aspect of being human with cosmetic options to change our looks to suit our tastes.

Most patients who enhance their lips with fillers report they appreciate having a better platform to wear lip makeup on. They say they like having slightly poutier lips with better shape and volume, as well.

Read one patient’s first time injecting experience at Coco Ruby.


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