Supplements You Need to AVOID before getting Cosmetic Injections and Anti-Wrinkle Injections

supplements to take before injections - what NOT to take

Supplements You Need to AVOID before getting Cosmetic Injections and Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Wish to look magically younger without committing to an invasive procedure? Face fillers and botox such as Botox, Juvederm, and Restylane are household names. They give you instant results, making you look years younger than your actual age. The best part is that these treatments have little to no recovery time. However, there are some precautions you need to take before and after the treatment to ensure you get the best results possible. Supplements and cosmetic injections can interact with each other.

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Supplements CAN Impact your Cosmetic Injections & Facial Filler Treatments

Surprisingly, supplements CAN impact how your body responds to cosmetic injectables treatments.  Some supplements can increase your propensity to either bruise or bleed, or both, so are best avoided.

Here’s what supplements you’ll ideally need to STOP taking for the week before you get Cosmetic Injections (Facial Filler Injections).

  • fish oil
  • vitamin e supplements
  • anti-inflammatory medications such as Nurofen

How else can you make sure you get a good experience or great result after your cosmetic injections (fillers or anti-wrinkle injections treatments)?

  • Ensure you are fit and well
  • If you are feeling unwell, call and reschedule your appointment
    • You really don’t want to have a cough, cold or sinus issue or cold sores when you get injections
    • It’s also important to reschedule your injectables appointment if you have a chest infection or other infection
      • If you have an infection, it is not safe to be injected
      • An infection can increase your risks of adverse complications from your treatment
  • Come in with clean / make up free skin
  • Allow adequate cool-down time between your workouts and your injectables appointments
    • If you come to your appointment straight from the gym – ensure you are well hydrated, showered and cooled.
    • There is increased risk of bruising when you are hot and flushed at the time you get injectables

dermal fillers cosmetic fillers - melbourne - don't exercise just before your appointment

  • Eat and Drink Water
    • Make sure you have had a stable healthy breakfast/lunch
    • Be sure you are also well hydrated – WATER, not coffee or soft drinks

Are you the Right Candidate for Cosmetic Injectables?

You are the right candidate for cosmetic injectables if you:

  • Are in an overall healthy physical state with no serious physical ailments and health conditions
  • Wish to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles without undergoing the knife or any invasive treatment
  • Want to enhance volume to your lips, cheeks or want a non-surgical nose job
  • Have realistic expectations from the treatment
  • Do not smoke or drink or can quit them for the specified time
  • Understand that it takes a few weeks to see the final results
  • Realize that cosmetic injectables require constant upkeep and maintenance

Benefits of Cosmetic Injectable

  • The firstbenefit of cosmetic injectable is that it is a non-surgical solution to your worries. Whether you wish to get rid of your wrinkles, fine lines, plump up your lips, it involves no cuts and tucks, no recovery time which means that you don’t have to take time off work and go through all the jazz that comes with surgery.
  • It is a no-brainer that cosmetic injectable comes with the benefit of minimal discomfort. Cosmetic injectable such as dermalfillers involves the use of a very fine, tiny needle.  This causes minimal discomfort and pain. You can’t even feel it due to the application of numbing cream.
  • Quick recovery times are a highlight of gettingcosmetic injectable instead of Botox. There is a reason it is called a lunchtime procedure. You can get it done during your lunch break and within 2 to 3 days, you will be completely recovered. However, follow the post-treatment instructions to avoid any complications.
  • This one can seem like a benefit of a flaw depending on how you look at it. The effects of the treatment are not permanent. If you don’t like the results, you don’thave to keep doing it. We’ve all watched botched surgery videos. Luckily with cosmetic injectables you can reverse the effects and go back to your look. However, if you do like the results, you’ll have to consistently stick to the treatment.

Cosmetic Benefits of Cosmetic Injectables

  • You can transform your look completely in a matter of few days. Unlike surgery, which comes with the struggles of bandages, blood, swelling, intense bruising, and waiting game, you can see the results in a matter of few days.
  • If you are a fan of makeup, you’ll be glad to know that you can wear makeup one day after the treatment and in some cases, immediately after the treatment. Just make sure you are not putting excessive pressure on the treatment sites.

Tips for First Time Fillers Cosmetic Injections Appointments:

  • If you have any concerns or confusion, come with your questions written down so that you feel comfortable before treatment.
  • Consider taking a painkiller to reduce ANY pain. However, avoid blood-thinning pain killers.
  • Always ask your skin specialist to give you a list of post-treatment care instructions.

Tips: What to expect from dermal filler treatments:

  • For starters, it is important to know that the treatment is performed in a doctor’s office or a clinic. The appointment will last anywhere between 10 to 20 minutes.
  • Initially, the doctor might use some numbing cream on the treatment site to minimize pain and discomfort.
  • A very tiny needle is used for injecting Botox or filler which will eliminate fine lines and wrinkles.
  • The number of injections used can vary from person to person depending on the treatment area and required results.


Post-Dermal Filler Treatments – What to expect after Facial Fillers (Cosmetic Injections)

  • It’s normal to experience some tenderness/ redness or swelling during the first 24- 48 hours
  • Use Bepanthen as advised by your Clinician
  • Use cool compresses to reduce any swelling or bruising. Do not put ice directly on your skin. Always wrap it up in a towel.
  • Keep your skin clean
  • We suggest not use makeup. However, if you must apply makeup, using quality mineral makeup is OKAY starting the day AFTER your treatment unless you experience any unusual reactions from it.

Best Practice – What to do AFTER your Dermal Filler Injection Treatment

  • Drink plenty of water. Make sure to keep your body hydrated by drinking at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day.
  • Avoid alcohol for at least 24 hours or one week as recommended by your doctor. Alcohol increases your risk of bruising and that is not why you got dermal injections in the first place.
  • Do NOT engage in any strenuous exercises for 72 hours (3 days) as it can dehydrate your skin and might reduce the longevity of filler
  • Experts suggest no flying for 2 weeksas the pressure change on long flights can affect the overall results of the filler and cause a puffy appearance. Having a puffy face is a very unsettling look and nobody wants that.
  • Do not go for non-ablative laser treatmentsfor 4 weeks.
  • Keep your head alleviated and avoid lying on your face down. It is preferred to lay down straight to avoid putting any strain on your face.
  • Use an icepack in the treated area to minimize swelling. Moreover, it also helps constrict blood vessels and minimizes the likelihood of bruising. Make sure that you are not putting ice directly on your face. Always wrap it in a towel and then do so.
  • Avoid consuming alcohol, caffeine, niacin, high sodium foods, high sugar foods, carbohydrates, spicy foods, and cigarettes for a period of 24 to 48 hours after the treatment.

Beauty and Hygiene After Dermal Filler Injection Treatment

  • Don’t use spas or saunas for 6 weeks – as these dehydrate the skin and will possibly reduce the efficacy/ longevity of the injected products.
  • Use Sunscreen of SPF 50+ at all times regardless of the weather outside.
  • Avoid extremes in temperatures – hot or cold – for at least 48 hours
  • Do not go for non-ablative laser treatments for 4 weeks.
  • DO NOT get any facials or chemical peels for 2 weeks. You can always enhance your skin when fillers are settled in.
  • Don’t use active ingredients on your skin (like Vitamin A or retinoid products) for at least 1 week after your injections as they can do more harm than good. Always follow your skin specialist’s instructions on when and how you should start introducing it back into your routine.

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Avoid massaging any lumps in the treated area for 24 hours. Once the swelling has settled, any lumps or bumps under the skin can be gently massaged.

Typically, your follow-up appointment will be set for 2-3 weeks after your first injection treatment.

Any concerns at all after your Cosmetic Injections, please be sure to call your Clinician.

These reactions are very rare, but it’ll be good for you to know about them.

If you have any of these rare reactions, you must contact your Clinician immediately:

  • Pain at injection site that is persistent, throbbing or appears to be getting worse
  • Heat, redness or an ‘angry’ appearance at or near the injection sites
  • Tingling, numbness, or an altered sensation in any part for more than 8 hours after the injection must be addressed immediately.
  • Discolouration of the skin. Some redness is common but if your skin starts to go black, it is time to immediately call your clinician.
  • Tell your doctor right away if you have any changes in vision.

It’s important to note that these are very rare, but if they do occur you want to get immediate assistance.  So call your Clinician or medical practitioner immediately if you have any of the above reactions.

How long does it take to see results?

Some differences in your face are apparent immediately after injection.  Most people can see complete results within a few days when the swelling goes down. However, it can take days to a week to see the complete effect of the results. The results of cosmetic injectables will last anywhere between 3 to 6 months. One requires constant upkeep to maintain results.

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Do you know which supplements you should AVOID before getting Cosmetic Injections such as Dermal Fillers?

Let’s face it, most of us take supplements these days. The jury’s out about how much they can help our health- but cumulative data is supporting taking Vitamin D supplements and several other vitamins.

Supplements CAN Impact your Cosmetic Injections & Facial Filler Treatments

Supplements CAN impact how your body responds to cosmetic injectables treatments.

There are some supplements you should avoid because they can increase your propensity to bruise, bleed, or both.

Here’s what supplements you’ll ideally need to STOP taking for the week before you get Cosmetic Injections (Facial Filler Injections):

  • Vitamin E, Ginger, Garlic, Cayenne Pepper, Billberry, Fish Oil- You must avoid these supplements because they act as blood thinners and make bruising more likely.
  • Vitamin A – It can irritate your skin and cause flaking and swelling.
  • Anti-inflammatory medications such as Nurofen- These medications are blood thinners. While they are great for your heart’s health. They can cause intense bruising.
  • Ginko Biloba- People take this supplement to enhance their memory, but it can cause excessive bleeding while getting fillers.
  • Hence, it is better to avoid it a week both before and after surgery.
  • Weight Loss Supplements- Avoid taking any weight loss supplements for a few weeks before and after getting dermal fillers.

Tips About Wellness Before Injections:

  • You should be in great health before getting injections.
  • If you are feeling unwell, call and reschedule your appointment. It is not worth getting injections when your health is not in optimal condition.
  • You don’t want to have a cough, cold or sinus issue, or cold sores when you get injections. It’s also important to reschedule your injectables appointment if you have a chest infection or other infection.
  • You should not get injections if you have an infection. Infection can increase your risks of adverse complications from your treatment.
  • Come into the appointment with clean / make up free skin.

Fitness and Diet Practices Before Injections:

  • Allow adequate cool-down time between your workouts and your injectables appointments. We recommend avoiding exercise altogether a few days both before and after the treatment.
  • You should stay well hydrated, take a shower and cool down if you plan to come to your appointment directly from the gym.
  • There is an increased risk of bruising when you are hot and flushed at the time you get injectables, dermal fillers cosmetic fillers -Melbourne – don’t exercise just before your appointment.
  • Eat healthy meals and drink plenty of water before and after the surgery. An overall great lifestyle will always help you.
  • Make sure you have had a stable healthy breakfast/lunch.
  • You should stay well hydrated. Drink WATER, not coffee or soft drinks.


Sandra Wallace is a Senior Injecting Nurse (RN Division 1) with over 20 years of experience providing Cosmetic Injections including Anti-Wrinkle Injections and Fillers for Cheeks, Lips, Chins and other areas of the face.

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