Sun Damaged Chest and Décolletage – How IPL can help


Sun Damaged Chest and Décolletage – IPL Treatments at Coco Ruby Melbourne

Décolletage is that area between your collar bones and nipples – and it is highly prone to sun damage. In fact, if you have lots of freckles or other skin pigmentation differences your sun-damaged chest area, it’s likely to be a visible sign of ageing in this area of your body. The same holds true with uneven pigmentation and freckles on your arms, shoulders and legs. Before we talk about how effective Limelight IPL treatments can be to reduce the sun damage you currently have in your Décolletage area (the skin above your bosom), here’s why so many of us are walking around with a much older-looking chest area (freckled, mottled and aged looking chest skin).


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Sun Damage across the Decolletage is one of the most common complaints from women living in Australia. Find out if Limelight IPL treatments can help YOUR decolletage by requesting a skincare consultation with a Dermal Clinician at our popular Melbourne Anti-Ageing Clinic.


Why does our sun-damaged chest or Décolletage area seem to age faster than our face?

  • Sun damage is ageing to the skin.
  • Decolletage sun damage (pigmentation and mottled-looking skin above the chest area) is very ageing to your entire appearance, especially when wearing revealing outfits in summer or v-neck clothing.

Most of us know that sun exposure ages us prematurely. And because we know this, many of us look after our facial skin with regular skincare and facial treatments including top-ranked facial serums and sunblocks (buy online/free shipping may be available for your favourite Obagi, PCA, DNA or GloMineral makeup products and sunblocks).

Chest vs Face Skin – Does your Decolletage look older than your face and neck?

So even though our facial skin and neck skin may STILL BELIE OUR AGE – thanks to our dedicated skincare regimes and recommended sunblock products (shop online for GloMinerals makeup, Obagi, PCA, DNA and other sunblocks and most popular medical-grade skincare product lines), our Décolletage is often subjected to a great degree of unprotected sun exposure.

And this sun exposure is exactly what causes our chest skin to look so old – often much older than we actually are!

  • It’s a combination effect
  • It results from the degree of sun exposure over a lifetime
  • And the fact we ‘forget’ or ‘neglect’ to cover this area with proper sunscreen/sunblocks.



Décolletage and Sun Exposure – Sun Damage leads to seriously ageing skin just below your neck.

Why does your chest area (decolletage) look so mottled and pigmented when your face may not?

  • You may wear sun protection and makeup on our face and – ideally – your neck.
  • But chances are, you’ve rarely put adequate sun protection or sunblock on our chest area and decolletage.

Of course, without sun protection, this area is subject to a great degree of sun damage.

  • The chest area/decolletage is frequently exposed to sun damaging rays whenever we wear a sports bra/sports top whilst jogging, a swimsuit, a low-cut top or v-neck blouse.
  • Clothing alone doesn’t tend to block the sun’s rays.
  • Even during winter, this area of our bodies gets damaging exposure from the sun (although scarves and button-up jumpers can help a bit).
  • The chest area of the body is also still highly prone to UVA/UVB SUN DAMAGE as you’re driving in the car. This is because that area of your body gets sun from the front windshield of your car as well as your car’s side windows/side angles.


Naturally, this sun exposure to our Decolletage area, over time, leads to mottled looking, highly freckled or pigment-varied skin on a sun-damaged chest.

  • Studies show that one of the most significant give away signs of our skin ageing processes – as well as our sun-drenched lifestyles – is having skin that reveals many different colours due to sun exposure.
  • The technical term for this is, of course, hyperpigmentation (or pigmentation problems), also known as ‘an uneven skin tone.”

Skin tone or skin pigmentation evenness is a KEY FACTOR in ageing perceptions.  This is especially true of the face, neck and hands or decolletage.

  • Fortunately IPL treatments – such as the LIMELIGHT IPL can reduce pigmentation and sun damage concerns for your chest area/decolletage.
  • In as little as 2 to 3 sessions, you can smooth out pigmentation problems and have visibly more even skin colour, as well as younger-looking dermal tissues across your decolletage.

Treating freckles and other pigmentation concerns on your sun-damaged chest or decolletage

Ask for a consultation to see if you’re a good candidate for LIMELIGHT IPL treatments for your decolletage.

Case study of the effectiveness of IPL Limelight treatments on the decolletage:

  • Patient age range: 40-50
  • Treatments: 2 LIMELIGHT IPL treatments
  • Time between treatments:  4 weeks
  • Typical treatment downtime: several days to several weeks of potential additional redness or temporarily darker pigmentation, swelling, occasional bruising.

Cost of IPL treatments/Limelight (Melbourne): Prices vary depending on what you need to be treated.

You could have ONE decolletage LIMELIGHT IPL treatment but you’ll need at least 2 to 3 treatments.  Ask for a consultation for details.

Cost of combined treatments, face and neck or neck and decolletage:  Click here for Laser Treatment Prices in Melbourne or phone us on (03) 8849 1400.

Prices are estimates only and they may also be subject to change. Also, remember that not everyone is suited for IPL treatments.


Ready to give LIMELIGHT IPL treatments a try?  Phone (03) 8849 1400 and request a skincare assessment ($50).

We can also look at your facial skin using Canfield’s REVEAL technology. Be sure you ask for this if you want your facial pigmentation assessed during a skincare consultation.

Read more on Reverse the Signs of Sun Damage for Healthier Skin.

Reverse the Signs of Sun Damage for Healthier Skin

Also –  this treatment is not usually advisable for people with skin that is above a Fitzpatrick IV and may best suit Fitzpatrick I-III.  Of course, results can vary. Most importantly, be sure you’ve read the preparation and post-treatment recommendations and the risks of IPL treatments.

Facial damage or pigmentation as well as Decolletage or sun-damaged chest?

  • Limelight IPL can also help with facial and neck area pigmentation.
  • Find out which options will suit you best by scheduling and attending a skin assessment with a Dermal Clinician at our Melbourne clinic.

Phone for a consultation with a Dermal Clinician (by appointment) – (03) 8849 1400.

Skincare assessments by a qualified Dermal Clinician cost $50 and will help you know which treatment(s) will serve your needs best. Plenty of nearby parking for up to 2 hours.


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