Great Skin After 50: Supermodel Skin Secrets

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Supermodel Skin Secrets – How to have Great Skin After 50 

In a tribute to fashion designer icon Donatella Versace. the Milan catwalk had several Supermodels over 50 years of age: Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell and Helena Christensen, to name a few.  All looking absolutely fabulous. The media had a frenzy about the over 50s SuperModels with articles in People magazine, Vogue,’s Entertainment section, USA Today and other top magazines and blogs.

These publications featured the 1990’s top Supermodels wearing leg-revealing, body-hugging vintage Versace to great applause. So why is all the Milan Fashion Show media attention focused on the 1990’s SUPERMODELS over 50? Even though it was a fashion show, the media frenzy wasn’t exactly about what they were wearing. It seems the attention was predominantly about redefining ageing – particularly their SKIN.

So how can you ensure you keep your skin looking great after 50?

  • There is a lot you CAN do to keep your skin and physique looking great as you age
  • We’re not saying it’s easy – and we’re not saying that your inherited traits don’t count
  • We’re alluding to the fact that you may have more control over how your skin looks over 50, than you might recognise

Looking like a supermodel is primarily a genetic outcome rather than what you choose to do with your skin. But how you treat your skin DOES count in how your skin ages

And what you DO over a lifetime, in terms of skincare, means a LOT about how you’ll actually age


Skin Secret 1 – Simple Tips to keep your skin looking its best at 50 or beyond

  • Start EARLY if you can
  • Choose your parents carefully as you might inherit their skin and ageing tendencies (okay, not an actual tip)
  • Don’t traumatise your skin with harsh products that are drying or likely to clog up your skin’s pores (mineral makeup is often a good idea)
  • Experiment with quality products to find the ones your skin likes best (remember, everyone’s skin is slightly different in terms of product sensitivity, sebum production, texture, colour and pore visibility)
  • Seek the opinions of qualified skin experts as early as you can, especially if you have any problems with your skin (acne, rosacea, melasma)
  • Avoid using harsh scrubbing agents on your skin (don’t dig your nails into your pimples or blackheads, either, or you’ll end up with acne scars)


Skin Secret 2 – Your makeup and your skincare regime both count when you’re taking proper care of your skin.

A lot of reactions to makeups are due to makeup products that use less than quality ingredients or colouring agents that can irritate sensitive skins. But all heavy makeup has potential to leave your skin worse off over time.  Find out more by talking with one of our skincare Clinicians at Coco Ruby by phoning (03) 8849 1400 and asking for a skincare assessment including Canfield Reveal (Hawthorn location). There’s a $50 skin assessment fee for most appointments but you’ll SAVE well beyond that amount by avoiding products that won’t work for your skin.

  • A great tip is to get good nutrition and drink plenty of water.
    • Your skin is your largest organ
    • Skin reflects what you eat and drink as well as what you expose it to on a regular basis (sun, pollution, bacterias on your pillowcase)
    • Whatever you do, DON’T smoke and don’t overindulge in other substances – because smoking and too much alcohol wreaks havoc on your skin and other organs (drink more water instead)

beauty tips of supermodels in milan on the catwalk for versace -

Skin Secret 3 – Quality Skincare Products really count on how your skin will look as it ages

  • Choose quality makeup and cosmeceutical skincare (which will have active ingredients and topical vitamin solutions)
  • Definitely AVOID the sun and use a physical sunblock when possible (ask our Coco Ruby team about which ingredients they recommend)
  • Injections should be used judiciously but they can help – wrinkle reducing injections work wonders for some patients in the early stages of ageing; just be careful NOT to overdo it and choose your Clinic carefully in view of sterilisation standards


Skin Secret 4 – Use an expert cosmetic injector especially if you’re using a dermal volumiser or Lip & dermal fillers

Lush lips and elevated cheekbones can make ANY face look just a bit better or even more youthful.

How cosmetic injections and lip fillers and cheek injections can help:

  • Lips thin as people age, so lip augmentation makes them look a bit lusher again
  • Cheekbones wither as the decades pass (the bones actually atrophy over time, meaning they reduce in size and shape as you get older)


So restoring lip and cheek volume using cosmetic filler injections can return the face to a more pleasing appearance, but DO understand this is a medical procedure and there are risks to cosmetic injections. Your Injecting Professional will go over these with you during a consultation for dermal filler or muscle-relaxing injections – be sure you understand them before you consent.

For most patients they can be safely applied by a skilled injector. However, there’s another risk of cosmetic injections such as dermal fillers – the risk of overdoing it and looking ‘over filled.’

Skin Secret 5 – Avoid too much filler – known as “over volumisation” of the lips, cheeks or entire face.

This means someone has engaged in too much of a good thing.

  • Be careful not to OVERDO the filler volume of lips or cheeks (avoid the Filler Over Use Syndrome or puffer-fish-lips)
  • DO choose temporary, approved dermal filler substances if you decide to augment your facial features and lips
  • Be SURE you choose a highly skilled, safety-minded injecting clinician who prioritises best-practice sterilisation methods
  • DON’T use permanent fillers under any circumstances – this is usually highly detrimental over the short and longer term
  • Find out which solutions will work best for different areas of the face – fillers are NOT all equal and some will feel and look more natural than others


“Over volumised” is a common FAIL for patients and injectors who don’t recognise when ‘enough’ becomes ‘too much’ with facial filler injections.

Fortunately, our Coco Ruby Team’s top cosmetic injectors are great at getting a natural looking result (but that doesn’t mean that some patients insist on more than enough but we do our best to educate patients on the necessities of maintaining FACIAL BALANCE even during enhancements with FILLERS).

Our Injecting team also has access to a wide range of Approved Filler Substances and Wrinkle Fighting Solutions.  

Our Skin Team can fully customise your cosmetic injecting treatments to refresh – or balance out – your features.

If you’re worried about falling prey to Filler Over Use Syndrome, read this great blog to help you keep your lip filler and dermal filler injections in check.


  • On a Quarterly basis, treat yourself to regular facials so you can exfoliate properly and improve your circulation
  • Every few months or years depending on your skin, try skin collagen stimulation methods such as Healite II or an enzyme peel
  • Laser Genesis is good for reducing sun damage ageing concerns and has very minimal downtime
  • Every 3 to 5 years or thereabouts, invest in a treatment such as DOT Therapy (CO2 Laser for facial skin) or Fraxel laser treatments, particularly if you have textural concerns or fine lines and wrinkles
  • If pregnancy gave you pigmentation problems such as Melasma, there’s a fantastic Dermamelan treatment that greatly helps reduce pigmentation and leaves your skin looking refreshed
  • DO adjust your skin care regime as you age – and if you start neglecting your skin when you get busy raising kids or running after grandchildren, build in some ME time to get a relaxing, cleansing facial and gentle exfoliation
  • Serums are not all equal, but a great serum can help render your face looking fresher and glowing as you age


If you start to get drooping eyelid skin or under eye bags, sagging jowls, wobbly-looking neck skin or a double chin appearance, Contact Us for assistance as you might benefit from a facial surgery consultation OR from the latest non-surgical treatments such as Double Chin Fat Reduction Injection Treatments or under eye-bag injection treatments.  Phone us on (03) 8849 1444 or send in an enquiry form, below. We look forward to seeing you at our Hawthorn location.


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