Skin Care Product Penetration – A key factor for the best skincare

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How Skin Penetration can help you find the BEST Skincare Products

Does size really matter? Yes, size matters, especially for skin care product penetration. How does the molecule size of your cosmeceutical product ingredients impact your skincare product penetration? The size of the molecules does, in fact, impact the effectiveness of what you’re using on your skin.  So whilst the hottest new trends in skincare products and anti-ageing serums often come with hefty price tags and big promises, you’ll want to know the scientific aspect of whether or not they’re worth it. And that means understanding  – at least a little bit – active ingredients and how they work to:

  • Reduce fine lines and also relax wrinkles
  • Rejuvenate your skin
  • Help you look younger
  • Clear up acne or mitigate blemishes
  • Even up skin pigmentation (blotches or melasma)


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Molecules and Skin Care Products: What defines skin penetration?

Skin penetration is an important property and must thus be present in a cosmetic ingredient if the product is really to deliver on the many fantastic promises that it may make.  A product will have the ability to penetrate the skin if it contains special active ingredients that can be absorbed from the surface of the skin (epidermis) thus get down into the lower layers of the skin’s cells.

scientific skin care molecule size and skin care products

When it comes to effective skincare and active ingredient penetrations, it’s all about the molecules, baby!

And this magical migration is all down to the molecule size of the active ingredients that are the right size to be readily absorbed and penetrated beneath the top layers into the skin, thus getting deep into the cells.

Why is skin penetration so crucial to how your products work?

When it comes to the types of results that you want to see when you come to see one of our licensed aesthetic plastic surgeons or dermal clinician, skin penetration is a must.

It is not necessary for all products and all procedures and treatments, but when it comes to improving or changing the look and feel of the skin, there is no substitute.


What are Cosmeceuticals? And are they good for different types of skin types?

Obagi® and Medik8® are a range of cosmeceuticals that are the physician’s choice for optimal skin penetration. They consist of a range of vitamin c, retinol, AHAs (Alpha-Hydroxy Acids), pro-collagen, and hydrators.

We use these products in our clinics and have definitely seen incredible results for patients who seek:

  • Lessen pigmentation (aged spots or brown spots as well as areas with noticeable “hyperpigmentation“)
  • Reduce and relax wrinkles and fine lines
  • Even up skin tone and help remedy pigmentation issues
  • Treat acne (pimples, blackheads and also breakouts)

There are many different types of skin – or rather, skin concerns or skin issues. Some skin problems are related to genetics and others to environment, but often your skin concerns will relate to the dynamic between both.

These concerns can range from skin that is prone to acne (pimples, blackheads/comedones and also redness), to skin suffering from severe dryness or lack of moisture (a skin concern associated with some medications, cancer treatments as well as menopause), or heavily pigmented skin that has been damaged from exposure to the sun (including melasma, read our blog here on ways to treat melasma).


How do the Obagi® and Medik8® cosmeceutical skincare ranges work?

By containing active ingredients with the right molecular size to penetrate the epidermis, these products work in 3 key stages:

First Stage:

By removing impurities and amending the pH balance of the ski so that the active ingredients can penetrate.

Second Stage:

Once penetrated by the skin, the Obagi® and Medik8 ®range of active ingredients, such as retinol and antioxidants, stimulate the skin’s natural production of essential collagen and elastin.

Third Stage:

Now that the cells are stimulated, the areas you want to be improved are targeted, and the rejuvenating aspects are promoted and the skin is transformed at a cellular level.

Thus the result is firmer, younger, clearer skin and a more radiant complexion! It may show up over time (usually about 3 months to see the best effects of most skincare regime changes) and whilst you can’t stop ageing, good skincare products will at least either slow it down or mitigate the visible effects.

Are these skincare products and molecule sizes potentially best for penetration?

Your skin is an organ, and whilst most products simply sit ABOVE the skin due to having a molecule size that the skin simply can’t absorb, some products DO have the proper molecular structure for deeper penetrations.

Deeper penetration of skincare products of course means more effectiveness at rejuvenation.  So, you’ll definitely want to be sure you know what you are getting – ask one of our knowledgeable Dermal Clinicians in Hawthorn East, Melbourne.

So the answer is YES, Obagi and Medik8 lines can be great skincare product options for women and men who want to treat their skin concerns using quality, active ingredients.

These products are also a great option if you are looking to transform your skin and target:

  • Skin ageing
  • Discolouration
  • Acne
  • Redness
  • Pigmentation
  • Wrinkles
  • Dry skin
  • Sun damage

To learn more about these products or to also book a consultation with our skincare and cosmeceutical products team, please complete a confidential enquiry form.

Alternatively, you can also phone and arrange to speak with one of our Patient Care Advisors or Dermal Clinicians by calling (03) 8849 1400 (during Clinic Hours, of course).

We offer many forms of skin treatments and many products that can help you get your skin looking it’s healthiest best!


Just let us know what we can help you overcome in terms of skin concerns.

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