Should I pop my pimples?

should i pop pimples

Should I pop my pimples?  FAQ about Acne and Popping Pimples.

Dermal Clinicians Hayley Dean and Julia Langley discuss “popping pimples” and what to do about your acne.

One of the most common questions asked about ACNE and blemishes is whether or not you should pop your pimples.  The answer is: NO – if you can avoid it.  “Popping pimples is seemingly irresistible, but not a great idea,” says leading Dermal Clinician Hayley DeanJulia Langley, Sarah Tobin and the Team agree.

“If you don’t prep the skin properly first and extract a pimple correctly, you can end up spreading the inflammation and creating a scar.”

Best prevention to avoid pimples, blackheads and pimples.

Tips for fighting acne and pimples.

  • Keep skin cleansed using the RIGHT products that won’t irritate or worsen acne (many products over strip the skin and lead to MORE oil production and therefore more bacteria – resulting in MORE pimples) – this is why home skin care is so important
  • Keep skin properly hydrated using the proper cosmeceutical moisturiser so that the skin is sealed and the right amount of barrier is left on the skin so the skin doesn’t go into overdrive on oil production (which contributes to acne and blocked pores as well as a shiny looking skin).

should i pop my pimples - popping pimples - acne treatment melbourne;

  • Keep your hair OFF your face especially during exercise or in hot weather – Hair accumulates a LOT of bacteria, and most people don’t realise this,” says Hayley. “SO FRINGE and hair touching the face is a bad idea – keep it up or away from the face as much as possible.”
  • Change bed linens and face washers very frequently – linens and pillow cases should be changed every few days or more frequently, and EVERY time you wash your face, use a fresh, clean and bacteria-free face washer or disposable face cloth.

should i pop my pimples? Popping pimples.

  • Don’t touch your face a lot – this may seem impossible but you can break yourself of the habit.
  • Use disposable makeup applicators or clean your brushes and makeup sponges VERY frequently as they can easily host bacteria.
  • Use non-comedegenic makeup (and sometimes this is trial and error – ask about our special range of makeup and mineral makeup options for acne skin)

should i pop my pimples? Popping pimples.


Read more about ACNE and to know what TYPE of acne you have and how to best treat it, by Dermal Clinician Julia Langley.

Best sunscreens for people with acne.

  • Chemical sunscreens can flare up acne or make acne more inflamed.
  • Natural barrier sunscreens, especially those that include zinc as a main sun block ingredient, are better for acne prevention because zinc is a natural anti-bacterial and it also dries out pimples.
  • Try a sample first before you invest!

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