Reverse the Signs of Sun Damage with 3 Simple Steps!

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Prevention of sun damage is always better than a cure.  But are there ways to reverse the signs of sun damage?

Here are our Top 3 Tips for repairing skin that’s been damaged by exposure to the sun

By Shawna & Maven

When you are sitting poolside, soaking up the warmth of the sun and getting that perfect tan, the last thing on your mind is the long-term effects of the ultraviolet (UV) rays that are beaming down onto your exposed skin. Our rich, golden glow may look fantastic now, but the wrinkles and age spots that we will develop in a few years will be less than appealing.

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While some sun is good for our health, such as helping with the body’s production and absorption of Vitamin D, TOO MUCH sun can be damaging or even life-threatening.

As on WebMD, excessive sun exposure can lead to the development of actinic keratosis (pre-cancerous lesions), freckles, wrinkles, benign tumors, elastosis (damage to the elasticity and collagen in the skin) and skin cancer.

You’ll definitely want to PREVENT rather than TREAT these skin conditions whenever possible.


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Hence, prevention is always the BEST way to avoid sun damage and premature skin ageing as well as hyper-pigmented skin.

Preventative measures include wearing a quality, highly-protective sunscreen or sunblock, covering up when outdoors, and avoiding the sun during the hours when it’s at it’s most highly damaging time range).

It is never too late to begin a skin care regiment that will both prevent further injury and repair and rejuvenate your skin. Let’s take a look at a few simple tips that can help you reverse the signs of sun damage:

Choose Medical Grade Skin Care Products

Not all skin care products are the same. In fact, all those serums and creams lining the shelves at the local market will not give you the protection and rejuvenation that your skin is needing.

When you take a look at the active ingredients in medical-grade, also known as cosmeceutical, skincare products, you will see a much longer list of youth-preserving elements such as:

  • Zinc – to protect skin from the sun
  • Vitamin B – to improve cell production
  • AHA/BHA – to exfoliate and renew the skin
  • Retinoids – to lighten dark spots and slow down the breakdown of collagen
  • Anti-oxidants – to help with environmental conditions
  • Growth factors – to help regenerate the skin
  • Other newly evolving formulations of highly active materials

There are also a number of excellent SERUMS that aim to help improve your skin’s cellular turnover and increase collagen whilst reducing wrinkles.


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Let A Skin Care Professional Assess the Condition of Your Skin and help you figure out what you need to get better skin

A medical skin care professional or Dermal Clinician can help you determine what products will suit your skin.

They can accurately help you choose the right active ingredient products for your specific skin care (or sun-damage) recovery needs.

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As previously mentioned, not all skin care products are the same, so you don’t want to randomly choose a product that is not suitable for your skin type or medical condition.

That’s what makes a professional skin care assessment so worthwhile!

After your assessment, you will know exactly what cleansers, creams or serums you will need to help regain a youthful, smoother and more evenly pigmented skin appearance.

Skin damage from the sun appears to be cumulative.

So it’s important to practice Serious Sun-Protection EVERY day!

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The best thing you can do to repair and guard your skin from the sun is simply to be diligent in protecting your skin from additional damaging rays.

  • Wear sunscreen even when it is cloudy, and stay out of the sun during the hottest part of the day
  • Wear a wide-brimmed hat and high quality, large sunglasses – as part of your daily routine
  • Be careful of how much sun exposure you are inadvertently getting when driving your car – it’s often far more than you would think!
  • No matter what your skin tone and how easily you can tan without burning, the sun will still damage your skin and increase your skin cancer risks – so wear sun protection whenever you go outside or drive a car.

Our Dermal Clinicians and Aesthetic Physician and Injectables Team offer the best in medical-grade skin care products.

These include the revolutionary DNA Renewal Skin Care Range, PCA Skin and Cosmedix Skin Care products.


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