How to Prevent Acne – Avoid Popping Pimples

acne should i pop my pimples? acne treatment

How to Prevent Acne – Top Treatment Tips for pimples

We all know there’s nothing worse than an acne breakout before a big event, such as an interview, first or second date or a wedding or public speaking engagement. But of course, that seems to be just the time the pimples surface.  Some people also have recurring or chronic acne on their skin.  Often people think that acne cannot be treated (or cured) effectively, but that’s simply not the case for many patients. This article discusses acne and the curse of popping pimples.


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If your home care regime and clinic treatments are appropriately prescribed, you’ll be able to calm down the breakouts, get your skin’s oil production into better balance, deter bacteria and clogged pores and get your skin looking smooth again, even if it is a tad bit shiny at times. And sure, you’ve heard that skin oil is good and will prevent ageing, but having TOO much of it in your youth or early adulthood – or even later in life or during pregnancy – can drive you to distraction.

Should you ever be POPPING pimples?

should i pop my pimples - popping pimples - acne treatment melbourne;

A definite “NO” is the answer to popping pimples.  Yes, they sometimes benefit from extraction, but it’s best to know how to do it to avoid RISK of infection and scarring.  You can get some serious reactions to popping pimples the wrong way, including worse skin or a very bad infection that might go systemic.

Popping Pimples Can lead to Skin Infections, Systemic Infections and Long-Term Scarring.

You’ve seen the scars that acne can lead to, when it’s not being treated properly or when the fingernails or other objects are used to pop pimples in an unsterile, non-clinical manner.

It’s best to let a professional perform the extraction in a sterile environment using special tools and healing techniques such as Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT) Healite II or acne-peels and cosmeceutical acne cleansers.

So if a pimple is driving you to distracting, get a professional Dermal Clinician or Medically Qualified Skin Expert to assist you to avoid spreading bacteria or getting a systemic infection – as well as scars.  (If it’s a bit late and you have acne scars, ask our Dermal Clinicians about CO2 laser treatments,”DOT Therapy“, Dermapen, peels or Fraxel treatments to smooth the skin. It’s an intensive treatment, but can reduce scars.)

Types of acne pimples, should I pop my pimples? Popping pimples YES or NO

Are pimples typically the same – or are all pimples different?  There are different TYPES of acne and pimples or blemishes.

Acne and breakouts are typically divided into 4 MAIN classes or “types of acne”:

  • Acne Type 1: blackheads and comedones present (look like dark spots or indentations in the skin – sometimes called “clogged pores”)
  • Acne Type 2: Same as acne type one, but with the addition of papules
  • Acne Type 3: same as acne type two, but with pustules as well
  • Acne Type 4: severe cystic, nodular acne (often very inflamed and ‘angry looking’ acne)

should i pop my pimples? Popping pimples. Types of acne. Different types of acne.

What Causes Acne Breakouts?

Everyone is different and sometimes it’s not easy to tell what causes or aggravates a person’s acne.

However, in general, acne is caused by interactive factors that may include:

  • Inflammation
  • Increases in sebaceous secretion (sometimes hormonal and sometimes because the wrong products are being used on the skin, and it gets ‘out of balance’ re its natural oil levels or moisture levels and Ph factors)
  • Decreased ability for the skin cells to turnover naturally, leading to clogged pores and Propionibacterium acnes bacteria (if you are not looking after your nutrition and your organs – including your skin – are not functioning at their optimal healthiest levels, you will certainly be more prone to skin problems such as acne or dull-looking skin – and smoking deters your skin’s ability to heal properly, including from Plastic or Cosmetic Surgery such as Breast Augmentation)

should i pop pimples

You do not want to pop pimples as this can lead to the spreading of more bacteria underneath the skin as well as increased inflammation which could lead to the development of more acne.

Only a trained therapist should be extracting pimple breakouts from your skin, using a proper technique and disinfecting procedures.

A Dermal Clinician not only knows how to best extract the pimple and prep the skin for healing, they also know WHICH LESIONS should be left alone and which shouldn’t and therefore should be treated by other modalities


TOP TIPS for Treating ACNE

Acne can be treated with many different modalities depending on your skin:

These can include:

  • Healite treatments and peels: to control the inflammation and induce wound healing as well as helping to improve cellular turnover and deep cleanse the pores. A series of treatments are usually recommended and peels are modified to suit the client’s skin.

acne, popping pimples, should i pop mypimples, healite-ii-skin-treatment

  • Dermapen/ Dermapen with peels: To allow the deeper penetration of active ingredients whilst also helping to improve any deep underlying congestion and aid the discolouration often left after having breakouts. A number of treatments are needed again and tailored to suit the client’s skin.
  • Proper cosmeceutical homecare is advised to get the skin functioning healthily and improving the aesthetic view of the acne lesions.
  • Acne can also be due to internal issues such as hormones or stress so ensuring the body is functional healthily internally will also help to address any underlying issues. So it is important to remember what we put onto our skin is just as important as what we put into our bodies

FAQ about Acne and Popping Pimples.

One of the most common questions asked about ACNE and blemishes is whether or not you should pop your pimples.  The answer is: NO – if you can avoid it.

Popping pimples is seemingly irresistible, but not a great idea,” says leading our Dermal Clinician Team.

“If you don’t prep the skin properly first and extract a pimple correctly, you can end up spreading the inflammation and creating a scar.”

Prevention is best to avoid acne, blackheads and pimples.

Tips for fighting acne and pimples.

  • Keep skin cleansed using the RIGHT products that won’t irritate or worsen acne (many products over strip the skin and lead to MORE oil production and therefore more bacteria – resulting in MORE pimples) – this is why home skincare is so important
  • Keep skin properly hydrated using the proper cosmeceutical moisturiser so that the skin is sealed and the right amount of barrier is left on the skin so the skin doesn’t go into overdrive on oil production (which contributes to acne and blocked pores as well as a shiny looking skin).
  • Keep your hair OFF your face especially during exercise or in hot weather – Hair accumulates a LOT of bacteria, and most people don’t realise this. SO FRINGE and hair touching the face is a bad idea – keep it up or away from the face as much as possible.”
  • Change bed linens and face washers very frequently – linens and pillowcases should be changed every few days or more frequently, and EVERY time you wash your face, use a fresh, clean and bacteria-free face washer or disposable face cloth.
  • Don’t touch your face a lot – this may seem impossible but you can break yourself of the habit.
  • Use disposable makeup applicators or clean your brushes and makeup sponges VERY frequently as they can easily host bacteria.
  • Use non-comedogenic makeup (and sometimes this is trial and error – ask about our special range of makeup and mineral makeup options for acne skin)

should i pop my pimples? Popping pimples.


Read more about ACNE and to know what type of acne you have and how to best treat it, by Dermal Clinician Julia Langley.

Best sunscreens for people with acne.

  • Chemical sunscreens can flare up acne or make acne more inflamed.
  • Natural barrier sunscreens, especially those that include zinc as the main sunblock ingredient, are better for acne prevention because zinc is a natural anti-bacterial and it also dries out pimples.
  • Try a sample first before you invest!

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