Pimple Free Wedding: How to Clear up Your Skin Before Your Wedding


If your aim is to have a “pimple free wedding day” and vibrantly smooth skin, you’ve come to the right high-tech beauty blog written by a Top 10 Bloggers Team. But first, why do pimples commonly occur just before a big event? The answer is partially related to stress.

If you’re planning to get married, there’s typically a lot of wedding planning stress.

Unfortunately, stress can worsen your acne and increase your risks of pimples. To aim for a pimple free wedding, you’ll want to first find ways to decrease your stress levels. That might be doable by following a wedding planning guide, taking it one day at a time and not sweating the small stuff, and getting regular massages and movie breaks to keep your mind off the big day.


Stress and Pimples: How Stress and Acne Interact

There are several different internal processes that link stress levels to skin reactions. Stress impacts your skin health through physical interactions involving stress related hormones, as well as the fact that high stress levels often lead to poor eating habits and a lack of sleep.

So can you clear up your skin before your wedding to ensure a “Pimple Free Wedding”?

Whilst there’s no guarantee you will be pimple free on your wedding day, there’s a LOT you can do to deter pimples and ensure you have great looking skin on your big day.  Reducing stress and maintaining a healthy lifestyle (nutritious food and getting enough rest) is helpful; but tailored skin treatments can assist you in getting noticeable results.

Read our Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing team’s TOP TIPS for having a Pimple Free Wedding day.

pimple free wedding clear up your skin before wedding

Here’s what you can do to try to have a Pimple Free Wedding Day.

BEST ways to clear up your skin and prevent pimples on your wedding day:

  • The best approach to clearing up your skin is planning and consistency of skin care. 
  • For best results, allow at least 6 months of dedicated skin care regimes before the big day.
  • Some treatments you can do at home; but high-tech treatments for acne require specific equipment, clinical strength peels and professional application

Many people benefit most from a combination of “home work” and “in clinic” treatments to reduce their acne and periodic pimple breakouts.

Before we look into what can be done, we need to clarify the differences between occasional pimples or blackheads and severe forms of acne.

degrees of acne pimple free wedding day planning

To help you recognise how long it might take to help you get consistently clearer skin, we’ve listed Acne classification guidelines below.

A skin assessment at Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing will give you the best information on the degree of acne or pimples you actually have; and what can be done to help. A Dermal Clinician can also help you discover some contributing factors you may not be aware of, which may be changed to help you reduce your pimple breakout risks.

Some skin conditions can sometimes be remedied in just a few months time (typically 6 months for mild acne or occasional breakouts); but severe acne and other conditions are often best actively treated by a Dermal Clinician and home care for up to a year before moving into a ‘clear skin’ maintenance regime.

should i pop my pimples? Popping pimples.

Classifications of Acne: Pimples and Blackheads come in different levels of severity and this impacts how quickly you can clear up your skin

Acne is categorised into classifications or Grades of Acne.  If you have severe acne, then you MAY need additional skin care support with a medical intervention approach (ask us for details during a skin assessment). But medications for acne may be linked with a lot of potentially dangerous side effects, and are ideally avoided if you can treat the skin more holistically.

When you schedule a skin assessment with Hayley or Sarah, they’ll help you understand the severity of your acne AND help you to discover some contributing factors that you can change.

Most people with pimples and acne do the wrong things to their skin and make their acne worse

Professional help from a Dermal Clinician is invaluable; because otherwise people with acne tend to waste a lot of time and money using the wrong products. These often make the acne worse.

TGA approved muscle relaxant solution how do blackheads form?

During a skin care assessment, not only will you learn how to minimise your breakout risks, but you’ll find out how a professional Dermal Clinician can assist you to find ways to combat those frequent pimples, pustules and blackheads.

Acne can be classified in terms of severity from Mild Acne to Severe Acne.

  • Mild Acne: less than 10 pimples or comedones localised in one area on the face
  • Moderate Acne: 10 – 40 papules, pustules, comedones (on face and/or body)
  • Moderately to Severe Acne:  40 to 100 papules, pustules or comedones, sometimes very painful and highly inflamed (face and/or body)
  • Severe – Nodular, painful large legions and extremely reactive skin that is chronically inflamed

Ask us about Different Grades of Acne by sending in an enquiry form or scheduling a consultation with a Dermal Clinician by phoning (03) 8849 1444 today.

From Pre-Wedding Pimples to a Pimple Free Wedding: Tips for Getting Clearer Skin

If you want a Pimple Free Wedding, know that treating Severe Acne can take a year or more for most cases.

But perseverance and holistic approaches to fighting acne WILL help you get results if you follow through and do things properly. And even if you don’t have a year, our Dermal Clinicians can get you some relief from acne or help you disguise the breakouts and redness with special makeup suggestions for your wedding day.


Six months before your Wedding is usually best to treat persistent pimples or blackheads – so plan ahead

If you have mild to moderate acne, you would typically need at least 6 months to up to a year (or longer) of using an integrated system and clinical treatment approach. Severe acne can take 12 months or longer to remedy and some individuals may need additional support.

If you are treating just the occasional pimple, then at least 3 months of professional guidance can help you learn how to keep pimples at bay and get your skin looking fresher and “glowing” before your wedding day.


Where most people go wrong is they don’t factor in ALL of the contributing factors, from lifestyle to cleansing habits (or the lack thereof) to products that work versus products that make your acne worse.  And that includes contaminated makeup or used face washers that add bacteria to your already inflamed skin.

How Coco Ruby Systems Help People Fight Acne and Reduce Pimples for Clearer Skin

  • Treatment for acne and pimples always involves an initial skin assessment by a Dermal Clinician, including evaluating your skin with special lamps or imaging systems (Wood’s Lamps and/or Canfield Reveal).
  • You and your Dermal Clinician would continue to explore and eliminate lifestyle factors that may be worsening your breakouts.
  • We would develop a special skin care system with a custom program – and it would involve a multi-faceted approach. Simple homework skin care and in clinic treatments as well as lifestyle changes to help you fight inflammation and breakouts.

Many people have numerous causes to their acne, so it can take time to uncover which behaviour(s) and underlying factors are leading to your acne.


Key components of your pre-wedding skin treatments to reduce pimples and acne would be:

  • the right home care system using medical-grade products rather than over the counter products (e.g., use active ingredients found in Cosmeceutical products prescribed by Dermal Clinicians).
  • In clinic treatments – low level light therapy (Healite II), enzyme or acidic peels, lasers, Dermapen and other technologies to help clear up your skin.
  • Good nutrition and health habits including getting adequate relaxation and sleep (having a healthy balanced diet and avoiding soft drinks, limiting dairy; adding essential fatty acids and fish oil can sometimes help).pimple free wedding chocolate-and-acne avoid pimples at wedding

Good news for people with acne:  you won’t want a lot of chocolate but the data does not support that chocolate makes acne worse and in fact, there are some health benefits to dark chocolate.

However, your overall diet is an important factor.  Too MUCH chocolate could potentially throw your nutrition out of balance.

But what if I just have a few pimples – how can I optimise my chances of having a Pimple Free Wedding Day?

If you have breakouts that are not chronic or persistent (meaning on some days you might not have any pimples at all), your wedding day skin care aim would be to keep your skin clear and not get any pimples on the day.

You want your skin to look fresh and glowing.  This would typically take about 3 months (although six months is better for most people) and would involve:

dark skin sun protection

  • the right home based skin care regime – this may require trial and error but the products at Coco Ruby are evidence based to help reduce excess sebum without over stripping the skin to prevent acne and pimples
  • special Cosmeceutical products to help gently exfoliate the skin without stripping it of natural oils
  • Healite II treatments, enzyme peels or special laser treatments
  • DermaPen treatments if you have any prior acne scarring (this may require longer than 3 months)

Want to get started on clearing up your pimples before your wedding?

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